VIDEO: Psalmist Susan~ Singing to YESHUA & teaching on being a Bride of Messiah~ Union with Holy Spirit

Received 6 August 2016. Spontaneous Love Song of HOLY DESIRE to YESHUA, Beloved Son of the Most High God & teaching /sharing how to be a Bride of Messiah.

Our Espousal/ Betrothal to Lord Yeshua / Jesus Christ is about a Mutual, Holy Desire… Longing, Faithfulness and True Love

Yeshua is the Lover of our souls and the soul that loves God is Beautiful.These are His Bride, called from the begining to be “Holy untoYHWH” and as they ADORE Him they are being ADORNED with the inner Beauty, Graces and Virtues of His Holiness and Righteousness. 1 Pet.3:3-4 & Gal. 5:16-25

By beholding and loving Him we are being “changed into the same image from glory even as by the Spirit of the Lord” 2Cor.3:18

Let us seek His Beautiful Likeness and Love.


Blessings from Susan. Australia…



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