Bride of Messiah- Waiting, Sanctification, Salvation, Kingdom of God, Holy Spirit, Overcoming failure & dissapointments



The Holy Spirit said recently in my heart… >>there are 3 things to know. Where you have been, where you are going and where you are right now<< I realized that where I am going is not where I am right now so that was quite comforting! (Is it for you too?) We are “stuck” in the limitations of this material world and dimension of space, time and place but God is not. In His Presence there is a sense of that Oneness, Timelessness and Being Still where nothing else matters. In times of holy communion, worship and prayer with the Holy Spirit’s comfort and help, is where we are refreshed and given Wisdom of the reality beyond all this… and the power to be patient and carry on.


I notice I’ve been waiting… but also questioning and going through urges to “feel” disappointed, disheartened, despondent and all those other negative “D” words… because boredom was setting in and nothing seemed to be happening after YEARS OF WAITING AND EXPECTING!!!! (expecting anything often leads to “D”ispair, “D”issapointment and “D”epression… more negative “D” words) I keep wondering what is next? I have done everything I can think of to make myself do more, change more, accomplish more but to no avail. So I am constantly feeling stuck with my own failings, faults and weakness which can be very “D”istressing, painful and fearful to the natural mind and soul… which just does NOT have the spiritual knowledge of how to rise up and overcome. This creates more anxiety, struggling, effort to solve one’s “problems” and even panic attacks as if one’s life is in danger (how is that, when some times I have felt like I am so strong I can do anything?)


Yes at these times… when praying seems so hard and ineffective… (but which will not last forever because everything keeps changing!) we have to sometimes just let it all be… stop the mind games and pretenses… laying everything down… laying in the Father’s Great Hands… just finding contentment in being very “normal” and average instead of what we “imagine” is being “spiritual” or “religious”. (content to be a nobody instead of a somebody which is what the false self drives us to be?) It is a time to get real with ourselves and God… that is to stop so that we may be able, by His enabling Grace, to start again. Our selfish, ego, self-centered, natural mind, body and life is just like a wisp of air or a blade of grass. Here today and gone tomorrow. It is far wiser to accept that and be humble in spirit, willingly taking the “lower place” before others rather than making a fuss and demanding one’s rights as so many do. Again this lets the soul “rest” and be in Spiritual Peace. Without our Creator the Father of Heaven and earth… we are nothing at all. Just a worm, a crumb, a speck, a blade of grass. here one day and gone the next. It is good to be reminded of this now and again. God IS OUR LIFE… “in Him we live and move and have our being.”


Life is about finding, entering and experiencing the Kingdom of God… through the sanctifying process of salvation. This is what Paul meant by “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling”. He didn’t mean save yourself by self efforts and trying to obey the laws and being good in every thought word and deed but by the inner communion with the Spirit of God one can LEARN to overcome the incessant human nature which resists God and His way of love… It’s looking AWAY from oneself and seeking the Lord Himself and AWAKENING to His Righteousness which miraculously manifests within our own heart and mind. We are chosen in the furnace of affliction. Diamonds develop under great pressure. We come forth after a process. The great potter does know what He’s doing. Just be WILLING to WAIT. Don’t let “feelings” and emotions from the natural mind and soul rule and control you. Listen to your heart / spirit. Yield everything to the Father for His guidance and blessings on your life. As always I am finding the answer and victory is ALWAYS in letting go, giving up, admitting my human inability to do what I want to do (because of the law of sin and death that still works within me, as in Romans 6 & 7) and being humble, grateful and teachable in attitude. It’s as if God is still saying what I recently found I’d written once on a scrap of paper and I keep reading and meditating on because it is so true…

This is my battle – BE STILL and call upon my Name to battle for you – “You, stand still and see what God will do” CALL upon His Name and DECLARE His Word –

It is then and only then when I STOP everything and wait (when I am willing to be still and admit that I have failed in loving and serving Him and others enough) that God does reveal His peaceful and confident ability to work for me and through me… It’s like a transfer or exchange of my weakness and inability for His strength and ability… enabling me to do what I want to do but often find so humanly IMPOSSIBLE! Maturity and the fruit of “self control” is to be able live and minister to others as we want to for His Glory. No more pretending or struggling to carry the “heavy yoke” of the law and high expectations from self or others. When things become unbearable we have to admit it! We are human and we are weak and God knows it! THIS IS THE SPIRITUAL WAY OF REAL CHANGE… to dare to say “I can’t” and really mean it without any more of the soul agonizing “but I should, must and need to”s… WHEN THE SELF CONDEMNATION AND STRUGGLING STOPS… THIS IS WHEN YESHUA GIVES US HIS EASY YOKE TO CARRY…  I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.Phil. 4:13 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Math.11:28-30


THE OVERCOMING BELIEVER/ BRIDE OF MESSIAH IS LEARNING TO ABIDE IN THE BELOVED AND WALK IN DEPENDENCE ON THE INDWELLING HOLY SPIRIT… not giving regard to their natural “old man” of the flesh but living by their awakened spirits and the voice of their conscience in Holy Communion with Yeshua. (please read that again!) God’s ways are not our ways… they are higher… and His timing is perfect We need to put the Heavenly Father and obedience to His will as our own top priority. He desires our love and worship in spirit and Truth. The Holy Spirit desires our fellowship and attention to His teaching and leading. knowing you are known and loved and being taught wonderful things by such an AMAZING being of Love and Light from the Spiritual Realm… who wants the best for you and knows how to bring you into maturity and holiness as His son or daughter, should be all we need. Yeshua said this is what the Father is seeking! John 4.

We need to encourage each other in these things… because we all have battles with personal issues at times, even just coping with daily life and need God’s Grace and strength to live for His Glory. God knows we are made of dust but we are of great value to Him. He has invested so much into redeeming our souls from the fowler to be His own Spiritual Family, a Holy Nation. The more we relax and humble ourselves, depending on God’s help, the more we can rise up and do. RELAX!

Please let me know if this blessed you… SHALOM peace and love from Psalmist Susan (Australia)


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4 responses to “Bride of Messiah- Waiting, Sanctification, Salvation, Kingdom of God, Holy Spirit, Overcoming failure & dissapointments

  1. Praise the Lord… and thank you for Debbie… good to hear from you too! blessings from SUsan.


  2. Thank you, dear Susan, for encouraging us to confess and lean on Him! He is so faithful and able to do all things! Good to sit here with you again, listening to His message through you! God bless you as you wait and worship!

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  3. Thanks so much for your comment Alicia. Yes we all have battles with personal issues at times, even just coping with daily life and need God’s Grace and strength to live for His Glory. The more we humble ourselves the more we can rise up and do! Love in Yeshua Susan.


  4. alicia ayers

    I’ve learn to wait on the great potter till he mold his beauty in me. I too have my failures but his holy spirit within me helps me to overcome. We can’t do it in ourselves but he can and will live his life through us. Let’s just wait on him.


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