VIDEO: THE SHAKING~ Is birth pangs of Messiah~ Restoration work of Holy Spirit in Israel and the Remnant Bride~ Ezek.37 Vision


Including all Christians and Jews. May many repent and ask for discernment.


(This is an outline of the video message)

The increasing SHAKING in the world, Israel and the Churches is ‘birth pangs’ of Messiah as the Holy Spirit is working to restore / mature the bride for Yeshua’s coming. Bringing forth a faithful remnant. Elect will be chosen and caught away. Parable of 10 virgins (Math.25) Only half of professing Christianity will be taken. Half wise, half foolish! God’s bringing everything together. Birth pains /labor pains. Increasing signs of His coming.

Declare the dead bones are coming together. Yeshua is building His sacred assembly (Church)and “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. Ezekiel breathed on dry bones and prophesied to them. They came together. Rose up in God’s power. Symbolizes houses of Judah and Israel coming together in Messiah as one body. Divine order. Have to be speaking same things so God’s will is done. Heretics don’t speak same things as bride. Some focus on dreams, visions and silly things. It must be by Spirit of prophecy, in accord with Word of God. Must witness to our hearts and be sensible! Holy Spirit guides bride by inner voice. Listen to Him. Ask Him to breath upon us. Revive me, restore me.

Shaking is happening to bring us together. Building up body of messiah in Love.Submit to one another. There’s a strengthening and maturity in the faith. Heretics are weak/ immature. Don’t build anyone up. Let go of childish things and traditions of men. Come out of harlot church, false religion of Babylon. NWO people will promote human need for ‘spirituality’ but will lead to worship of Lucifer.

Build each other up in our most holy faith. Pray for God’s will for Israel.Ishmael trying to assurp authority of YAHWEH’s chosen people.

If feeling shaken in your faith, don’t worry. Keep close to the Lord. Keep reading His Word. Keep praying in the spirit. Trust in Him to bring you into that restoration so you are standing on solid rock and not being shaken around any more. World will get worse. We’ll get better.

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2 responses to “VIDEO: THE SHAKING~ Is birth pangs of Messiah~ Restoration work of Holy Spirit in Israel and the Remnant Bride~ Ezek.37 Vision

  1. Thank you so much for your comment Lisa… let us keep pressing on into our High and Holy calling. When we are at last gathered to Yeshua it will all be worth it. May He give you ways to share with others and help prepare His Bride. (Could you share the website as much as possible on chat rooms etc? Stay in contact. Maybe email me too? Love from Susan.


  2. Thank you beautiful sister for this encouraging word from the Holy Spirit of God. The Lord has opened my spiritual eyes and revealed that there are very few on YouTube who proclaim to be the Bride of our Christ who truly are. There is a lack of the Holy Word. There is no hunger or thirst for the Holy Living Scriptures which washes us. God bless you dear one. Love in Christ Jesus our King. Lisa

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