PROPHECY~ “A HOLY REMNANT from Jew & Gentile…a Holy Temple for My Glory”

Re blogging this with a VIDEO

Bride of Messiah

The Spirit of Prophecy flowed on after I prayed this…

Blessed are you Oh Lord God of Israel… who has brought us out of darkness into the Kingdom of your dear Son Yeshua…
I magnify your Holy Name YAHVEH… giver of all things that pertain unto life and Godliness…



This is a day to be aware that the Most High is requiring a level of Holiness in His people… a level of Holiness that will surprise and humble some… for the Lord your God is Holy and those who worship Him MUST do so in a Holy Way.

The works of the flesh and the programs of man are not acceptable to Him in this day and age… for the Temple worship was done away with under the Old Covenant when it was still standing but NOW I have taken unto myself a Holy remnant from Jew and Gentile…

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