THIS IS A RECORD PAGE OF INTERESTING LAST DAYS INFORMATION WEBSITES I COME ACROSS and have found helpful or encouraging… I will keep adding. Send me feedback and Links to places you want to suggest too.

NOTE: THE BIBLE… the “WORD of GOD”… comes first! But not as the “letter of the Law” that kills but by the Spirit who quickens it and makes it real to us! So Wisdom, Counsel, Discernment and Revelation Knowledge by the Gift of Prophecy comes second and men and women’s mental opinions come third. Searching and reading is good, as long it is in balance with prayer and Bible study. Otherwise pride or confusion can result. There is no one website I have found after many years of searching… that I can recommend as “PERFECT”. One may have one thing right but something else quite wrong… at least according to my opinion. It is like a big Jig Saw puzzle. No one person has all knowledge and understanding of the Truth of YAHWEH and His will and Word. There are many things yet to be “REVEALED”… as Daniel, John and Paul weren’t allowed to disclose… so be open and teachable whilst testing against the Word and the Witness of the Holy Spirit within.

I HAVEN’T READ ALL THESE SITES RIGHT THROUGH… there may have just been one article I liked…  SO I DON’T NECESSARILY AGREE WITH EVERYTHING EACH ONE SAYS. I can’t read and vouch for everything… it takes so long… please do your own research, prayers and discerning of Truth and error.

THERE ARE MANY DIFFERING DOCTRINES  & OPINIONS… enough to drive one crazy… especially about Israel & the Church, timings of the Rapture and Second Coming, Law and Grace, Sacred Names, and the Godhead / “Trinity” issues. So stay in your heart not your head… “GLEAN” what you want and leave the rest to others… ENJOY!

Love from Psalmist Susan.

MUST SEE – MUST SEE THIS!!!!! Check out the free colored CHARTS and TIMELINES by Luis Vega... Lunar Tetrads, the Temple, 70 year Generation, all sorts of very interesting things here. THERE ARE MANY COINCIDENCES THAT SEEM TO TALLY AND SHOW HIDDEN MESSAGES IN REAL LIFE & TIME! Haven’t had time to look far yet. The charts can be downloaded for study, sharing, teaching. Especially see the one of Solar Eclipse Patterns from 2008 -2020. The days are getting VERY short if 2011-2018 is going to be the last week / 7 years of Daniel’s prophecy in chapter 9. As the Palestinians and Arabs have been pushing Obama and the UN since 20th Sept. 2011 for support to form a Palestinian State… which would mean a definite formal agreement / Covenant with Israel… we also had Comet Elenin on 25 -28th September 2011 on Feast of Trumpets which crossed earth’s path on 16th October during Tabernacles. After much speculation and fear it didn’t cause the darkness and huge earthquake as described in the 6th Seal or Rev. 6! Still it was one of the “signs in the sun and moon and stars” as Yeshua / Jesus spoke of, so very prophetic for those who are WATCHING for His return! Every Christian MUST see what’s coming in this 2011 -2018 time span. Amazing that God has planned all these signs to be announced in the sun, moon and stars. Please spread this info… & keep on WATCHING & PRAYING

THE WATCHMANS CRY….  False pastors, bank failures, watching, warning and preparing etc. 

A POST RE: GOD’S JUDGEMENTS ON AMERICA… details about the encroaching moral decline. QUOTE…serious warnings by authors John McTernan and Bill Koenig of how “GOD’S FINAL WARNING TO AMERICA”, is now upon us.  Genesis 12:3 says, “I will bless them that bless thee (Israel), and curse him that curseth thee (Israel).”  For the past two decades, at least, these authors prove that whenever the United States would make a decision that went against Israel, within a matter of a few hours, a disaster would strike our country. This site is a bit out of date unfortunately. If you know any sites that give later dates as well please tell me (I DO NOT agree that Obama is the anti-Christ but is probably of the same vain spirit and preparing the way for the man of sin who will claim to be Messiah / Christ on earth.)

FIRE EARTH… this is not a Christian site but is very informative in detailing earthquakes and the incredible number of catastrophes and declared mega – disasters happening all around the world on a daily basis. They are warning and pointing out how this is leading to mass die offs and eventual collapse of many cities and infrastructure… QUOTE: >>The collapse would be caused by a combination of failing ecosystems, human-enhanced environmental catastrophes; failing infrastructure; food, water and fuel shortages; infectious disease; war, civil conflict and other dynamics. Following the first phase of collapse, massive waves of human migration from the affected areas create a domino effect that causes the collapse of the remaining population centers shortly after<<  You will be SHOCKED how many millions of people and animals are dying and people left homeless,  destitute and starving. This is just the list for September 2011! (refresh the page for the latest)   Rice and other food crops are being damaged en mass especially with floods. Cattle are drowned of starved too. It is a living nightmare for people caught up in these things… and often there’s no real help or possibility of recovery. The site points out that by Oct. 2011 things are already 6 times worse than in 2010. This is truly the last days.   (we are experiencing a domino effect as things get worse and countries are going broke, in debt to the mega banks! The aim of the Satanists at the top of the big brother “Pyramid” is to rule the earth and they need humanity to be in chaos, war, poverty and helplessness. Only then will humans be willing to give up their freedom for help and accept a One world Global Totalitarian Government. according to the Bible they will have a few years to try but IT’S ONLY the LORD GOD our Creator who can restore this earth again when Messiah comes. He will smash their New World Order  and rule from Jerusalem with mercy and justice,  teaching men not to make war any more.)

STAN DEYO… ex FBI.  and involved with US Government trying to make UFO type vehicles! Author. Committed Christian man and wife. So many up to date Last Days news items, covers the weather, NWO, earthquakes, disaster preparedness, the monster Monsanto GMO takeover destroying food production, health issues, etc. etc. CHECK THE BLUE TABS called Earth Changes and Prophecy and all sorts of other things from hundreds of news reports!

Pastor Begley’s YouTube channel. He is pretty up to date on all sorts of info re Bible prophecy and the latest daily news WHHAAAAATTTTT?????

RE THE INCREASING DAILY EARTHQUAKES & TREMORS AROUND THE WORLD WHICH THE MEDIA DOESN’T EVEN BOTHER MENTIONING ANY MORE>>>> PRAY FOR DISCERNMENT about this matter and do NOT fear for we know that Satan is trying to put all things into place to bring in his kingdom on earth. He wants to rule from the Temple the Jews are going to re-build in Jerusalem!  I believe there will come a release of demonic beings on earth, stinging humans (who don’t have the Holy spirit of the Lord) upon contact with pain that takes 5 months to heal. Also that after the Bride of Messiah is raptured out of earth all hell will break loose. The fallen angels will cause CHAOS, fear and panic from a fake “show” with Blue Beam technology etc. and UFO activity and or attack, versus “good” extra terrestrial aliens coming to help humanity etc. The New Agers talk a lot about good and bad spirits, angels and aliens. (Whereas those they work with are all bad and deceptive) Many Hollywood films and the TV series “V” have entertained and prepared the public for years about alien contact… “War of the Worlds” etc. President Reagan said how an outside alien attack would “UNITE” the world! How this will all play out we know not yet… but the upsurge in earthquakes may be partly caused by the sinister atmospheric H.A.R.P. weather modification project and or by underwater explosions planted on the fault lines. Governments ARE experimenting with such things as forms of “warfare” against other countries. Perhaps they are practicing? The earthquake in Washington and the East Coast of America a few years ago did NOT register any pre rumbles like a normal earthquake and people in China videoed strange Aurora type lights in the sky before the earthquake hit them some years back. (It’s on YouTube)…. SORRY… I have put up LINKS to earthquake centres on MY LINKS PAGE on Tabs.)

So I’m starting to wonder if the filthy rich Satanic powers that be… who can buy anyone and anything they want… may be  creating at least  “some” of these earthquakes and unusual weather patterns with H.A.A.R.P. to make people panic? Death of millions is nothing to them. That’s what they plan.. to cut the world population down by 80% (search out the Georgia Stones). They are evil, war making, ruthless liars… committed servants of Satan who get their instructions directly from him.

See videos on YouTube with interviews of Roger Morneau about Spiritualism and Satanism… who explains how it works! The elite meet for teachings from “the spirits” whom they worship and serve in leadership roles on earth. You just never know if your minister, banker, lawyer, member of Government is one of them do you? As on this page… there are many vids… 

RAISING GOD’S ARMY…. our spiritual battle…   and his YouTube channel…

The Bride of Christ as the Barley Loaf… haven’t read yet… looks VERY insightful?

Many VERY interesting topics …on Marianne’s WordPress…

A free PDF file Book… scriptures on the timing of rapture etc. (I haven’t read yet)

Lots of stuff ?????

Updates about daily world news and Bible Prophecy… (can get free emails)

Interesting website… would take weeks to read everything!

Restoration of the Tabernacle of David… teaching / charts etc.

Teachings of Jack Kelley… (just found this site and he confirms what the Holy Spirit has taught me  this month, August 2011, that the Bride will be taken / raptured to the New Jerusalem, the City of God / place/ mansions Yeshua is preparing for us… and when we come back with Jesus / Yeshua  to earth… (and he touches Mt. Zion and there is an earthquake etc. and sets up the 1,000 year reign of Godon earth)  we / the Bride will NOT live on the earth for the 1,000 years “Millenial Reign”…but in the Heavenly New Jerusalem somewhere above… until such time as it says in Revelation… “Comes down from God out of Heaven onto the earth as a bride adorned for her husband” after He makes the New Heaven and Earth. There is NO verse that says we / the bride of Messiah will live on earth during the Millenium yet that is what I was taught and most believe, from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Baptists! Revelation just says Satan is bound for 1,000 years so he cannot deceive the nations and  “after the 1,000 years Satan is let out of his prison” and goes out to make the nations fight against the LORD!The Lord showed me the ones who are alive at His BIG Second Coming to save Israel and the ones who died as martyrs during the Great Tribulation and Wrath of God time…  (who weren’t taken with the bride at the resurrection / rapture because they weren’t ready) are the ones who will rule and reign with Him on the earth during that 1,000 years. See what Jack says about it. He says the Light from the Golden City will lighten Jerusalem on earth during that time. He also mentions something else that came to me in a prophecy years ago… much to my shock… that there would be animal sacrifices on earth again during that time!  See what you think.

Trumpet Ministries website…. Shows the astounding prophecies of the exact dates fulfilled in our “generation”… QUOTE: “Let us look at how God’s word provides us with the date May 14, 1948. In Ezekiel 4, God instructed Ezekiel to lay on his side for 430 days, representing 430 years of iniquity upon Israel. But He also promised that He will gather Israel “out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land” (Ezekiel 36:24.) True to prophecy, the people were taken captive by Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, in 606 B.C. (Daniel 1.) The Babylonian Captivity lasted 70 years as prophesied in Jeremiah 25:11, ending in 536 B.C. (Ezra 1.) At the conclusion of the Babylonian Captivity, 360 years remained of the 430 years prophesied by Ezekiel. But Israel did not repent of its sin. Indeed only 50,000 people returned at the end of the 70 years (Ezra 2:64-65.) Most of Israel choose not to return with Zerubbabel at that time. In Leviticus 26:18, God warned Israel that if Israel continued in sin after punishment, the punishment would be multiplied 7 times. When the remaining 360 years is multiplied by 7, the punishment extends to 2,520 years. God’s prophetic year is based upon a 360 day year (see Genesis 7:11, 7:24 and 8:5; Revelation 12:6 and 12:14, as examples). 2,520 years of 360 days is 907,200 days. Based upon our solar calendar, this is 2483 years, 9 months and 21 days. Adding this period to the date of the decree of King Cyrus discussed in Ezra 1 (see above), we come to what is most probably May 14, 1948 (do not forget that there is no year 0 A.D.) God’s Word & Jerusalem: June 7, 1967 The exact same calculation can also apply to the captivity of Jerusalem. When the people were taken into captivity in 606 B.C., the city of Jerusalem was not then destroyed. However, in 587 B.C., Jerusalem was taken and the temple destroyed (II Kings 25.) 70 years later, in 517 B.C., the temple was reconstructed (Ezra 6:15.) When we add 2483 years, 9 months and 21 days to this date, we come to what is most probably June 7, 1967. What is special about this date? June 7, 1967 is the concluding day of the “6-Day War,” in which Israel, for the first time since 517 B.C., regained Jerusalem. God’s keen interest in Israel clearly continues into this century ” From

A Prophecy I found… and very true… people want a nice little God of Love and kindness… and He is like that with those who come to Him for salvation… and even  more tender and intimate with those who love and worship Him with their whole heart, mind, soul and strength. However YAHVEH is HOLY and RIGHTEOUS beyond our worldly concepts and most have no idea  how angry He is about their un-confessed and un-repented from sins. The wickedness of mankind as a whole is far overdue for the Creator’s judgement because the death and Blood of His precious Son is being so ignored. The Book of Revelations calls this the “wrath” of God and the Lamb which is even now being unleashed on earth in the form of natural disasters, famines, fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis etc. It is going to get worse… and no amount of “carbon taxes” by Satan’s New World Order servants can stop it! Rev. 6:16-17… yes Yeshua / Jesus is angry too but is still interceding for the Father to hold back… so that more may be WARNED and prepared! It is the forerunner ministries by people who love the Lord and are His servants… who are issuing forth the prophetic trumpet alarms today to prepare the remnant. Some will listen, some will not. Some will be “shaken” and moved with conviction that this means them as well as others… and some will scoff and abuse the messenger. Just yesterday someone left me a “Comment” on my YouTube site that I should put my head between my harp strings and kill myself so that there would be one less ………. person spreading lies on there. What a hateful thing to say to a stranger who is doing them no harm and has the right to believe and say and sing what they want on their own channel? Have I been to their channel and told them to kill them self because I didn’t like what they did or said? No. So I cannot comprehend the mentality… it is demonic and a cowardly way of criticizing Christians. We have to expect it and not let it take up our precious time. Even with Christians I feel we are past playing church and soothing the touchy who don’t want to face reality and realize the lateness of this hour we are living in. God is shaking everything… the earth and soon the heavenly bodies too.. so it’s time for some tough love. Like WAKE UP! God has been patient with humanity for a long time but His Holy Spirit is grieved by the sins of homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion and prostitution being LEGALIZED. Some are so apathetic they just feel helpless to write a letter in protest or speak up for Righteousness and just say “I can’t do anything” or “I don’t care”. Our Beloved Yeshua said when the “salt” has lost it’s flavor and is fit for nothing to but to be thrown out.

Hope you found some interesting things here. Make a suggestion?

Also check MY LINKS PAGE on the Tabs section above.



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