REPENTANCE PRAYER for Australia- WARNING PROPHECY- YESHUA Salvation- Hell- Mercy- Grace- Deliverance for HOMOSEXUALS- Cost of Discipleship


ROMANS 1:22-28

The Holy Spirit was inspiring me to write down the following prayer for repentance of sin in Australia and as I did the Spirit of Prophecy spoke  about the sin of homosexuality… with a prayer of deliverance for those who want to get out of bondage to this dreadful unclean spirit that is sweeping over the world. YESHUA IS THE MESSIAH FOR ALL PEOPLE… HE WILL SAVE ALL WHO CALL UPON HIM FOR SALVATION! (see more below)

In Australia we are aware of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade and Festival that is on again now, on March 1, 2014 in Sydney, Australia. It gets extensive media coverage but thankfuly our new Prime Minister Mr. Tony Abbott has chosen not to send a letter of support for it.

Gays have been fighting for their “rights” for so long and thanks to the media and well known entertainers and others, society has been conditioned to mainly accept and approve it now that it is becoming legal. As if that isn’t enough they are now demanding the right to marry each other (as at the recent Grammy Awards with a mock up “Church” background) Yes this IS a mockery of God’s creation and an infringement/ attack on the rights and opinions of heterosexual married couples who want to keep marriage as ONLY between a man and woman.

According to Bible beleivers, this is the sin of sins from Sodom and Gomorrah days and is a sign YAHWEH is handing those who reject Him over to deception, depravity  and coming judgements that will rock this world. (* I CANNOT post explicit, disgusting photos here. I will leave that to your imagination or own research… but take care for we should NOT even look at what they do. As the scripture says they have “reprobate minds” which leads to “vile affections”. Gays feel very confident to flaunt their sins before others now with “pride” but unless they repent with tears they will wake up to their mistake in hell)


Homosexuality is now rife among rebellious teenagers as a “cool” and acceptable thing to do for fun or as a lifestyle that defies old values and shocks society. YouTube and other social media are spawning grounds for sharing and encouraging all sorts of indecency and immoral behavior. Perhaps most teens today have not got Christians parents or any imput to understand  what IS moral and immoral behavior. There is no embarrassment, shame or guilt for many because conscience, the voice of their spirit, is SPIRITUALLY DEAD!

There’s virtually nothing on Westernized TV or in the media to instruct about modest clothing, moderation in personal and public and Spiritual Righteousness. In our commercialized, sport and entertainment focused societies, most don’t have any reason or need to believe in God at all except as a swear word… as in “O M G!”  I have read that even Christian teens, without WARNING teaching from the pulpits are becoming caught up in homosexual as well as other casual sex /fornicating behaviors… and DO NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. WOE! Beyond the babblings of adolescents, there are homosexuals (and their supporters) who have their own churches, ministers and say “Jesus loves us as we are”. This is a great deception from evil, seducing spirits and disgraceful but it’s happening and gaining popularity. This photo is from a Gay Pride Parade in ISRAEL!


More and more families, friends and work mates are being faced with members “coming out” about their sexual preference. Some are rejected and some are accepted. It is now the in thing to support “gay rights” and those who don’t are being regarded as the queer ones or too old fashioned and judgemental. A campaign / strategy was launched and waged to bring about sympathy for the gay community and it has worked even though they are only a small proportion of any country (and it is still against the law in Russia) Evidently in this Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade going on right now… they have a float and image made up to make a mockery of the Russian President Vladimir Putin who is an Orthodox Christian.

The Holy Spirit is our comforter, teacher and helper, He inspired this prayer of repentance for the sins of Australia…. but firstly there were tears of repentance on my face for my own sins, apathy,  prayerlessness and powerlessness etc. to do more for the Lord. As He said… get the log out of your eye first before you pick at the speck in another’s eyes… then you will be able to help them remove the splinter from their eye. WE MUST NEVER ARROGANTLY LORD IT OVER ANYONE, EVEN APARENTLY UNREPENTANT SINNERS AND FEEL SELF RIGHTEOUS… FOR BUT BY THE GRACE OF GOD, THERE GO I. I do praise the Spirit of YAHWEH for always helping me. Can we repent too much? I think not. Nor can we voluntarily face, admit and weep for our sins… it is only by God’s Grace… His enabling power… the ability to do His will in Love, Peace and Truth… to accept our state. His Grace brings us salvation, healing, deliverance and restoration. His Grace makes us beautiful and attractive to Him. But for YAHVEH’s mercy and Grace and the Presence of His Holy Spirit where would we / I be? In hell? Yes… or as Pagans worshiping idols. Paul often shares about the unmerited Grace of God towards us all...”By the grace of God I am what I am. I laboured yet not I but the grace of God which was in me”… “Singing with grace in your hearts to the LORD”

If you or I are led to pray for God’s conviction or judgement on anyone else’s sins, then we had better be right with Him ourselves or be hypocrites… not practicing what we are preaching. His Judgement on sin (to reject His Beloved Son and willfully disobeying His 10 Holy Commandments) is the last straw after the Holy Spirit’s working to save souls from their deceptions and rebellion against the Holy One of Israel. God tries to find an intercessor to stand in the gap and ask for His mercy and grace. Why? Do our simple words of request give Him “permission” to move  and intervene in this earth realm and in other people’s lives? Cannot the Almighty do what He wants and save whom He wants without someone praying for it to happen? Surely He can but God answers all our earnest prayers in His own way, according to His perfect or permissive will, whilst allowing for other people’s free will. We DO know He is not willing that any should perish but that all may be saved so we are to confidently pray for others to repent of their sins and be saved by His mercy and grace.

Intercession and or fasting, can be a “CHALLENGE”… for earnestly praying for others is a sacrifice… it hurts the flesh like thorns… so we can only pray effectively for others if we have prepared and humbled ourselves first. Then the blessed Holy Spirit will come to our aid and help us, for we don’t know how or what to pray. See this in Romans 8. Then like any other “work” for God it will become easy for we will not be praying our ideas, judgements  and soulish prayers on them. Intercession is God’s work and He seeks to “groan” and pray through those on earth who are available and willing to be moved by both His compassion for souls and grief at the Godlessness they see around them.

Perhaps the greatest prayer is what Yeshua prayed and taught His disciples. If we really mean it, for ourselves and others then it IS praying in accordance with YAHWEH’s will… that is it is praying for His will to be done. and what could be a more PERFECT petition than that, as long as we truly mean it? “Father not my will but thine be done”…and “Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Praying in the H0ly Spirit is with both our spirit (in other tongues which a mystery and secret that only the Father can understand and give the Gift of interpretation of) and with our understanding. His own Holy Spirit will give us the words that are in accord with the Father’s mind and will. So just what do I /we pray for… especially when we don’t feel like it? Do I start with “them” or myself?

All I could ask of the Father for this land was for His Mercy and Grace… which obviously seems right now… but at the time I didn’t start off knowing that! It was what I was guided to pray over and over… and seemed to be the only solution… that He Himself would have to help me / us repent and change. He Himself provided the sacrifice lamb for Abraham and then for the world as He GAVE His own Son on the CROSS at the hands of wicked men… to make atonement for our sins… dying in our place… descending into hell and rising from death… and ascending back to God in Heaven until His return.

“For God so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son that whosoever believes on Him shall not perish but have eternal life” John 3:16


christ_man_crossHE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO IT…

Salvation is not our “right” it is a Gift from the Father our Creator… who cries over us when we go astray and rejoices over us when we come Home to Him! He wants to RESTORE our souls unto Himself as His own Spiritual Sons and Daughters. We are being called to receive Eternal Life and become “joint Heirs” with Messiah Yeshua of all YHVH has and is!!!!!
What more could they do? God the Father GAVE… Yeshua CAME… It’s now up to us to respond and receive this Great Gift of Salvation that is offered to humanity… before it is too late.

After death of the body there is only two places… Heaven or Hell. If we don’t choose now it will be too late then. As a disembodied soul no one has any power or control in the Spiritual realms. Try to imagine the SHOCK of the REALIZATION of finding oneself dead yet still conscience and in great pain and fear! Yeshua died to SAVE us from hell but we have to ask Him to be our personal Savior! This takes our soul  out from belonging to Satan who He said is “the god of this world”… into His care. To not believe in sin, evil spirits, God’s wrath and punishment, Satan and hell is to call Yeshua / Jesus Christ a LIAR for He taught of these matters as real and horrific!

This is why we need SPIRITUAL SALVATION from the Father of spirits… and this is why He has provided a Way for us to be saved… and this is why we need to be motivated to tell others these things… not just preach to the converted… and this is why we need to pray to strengthen ourselves spiritually! There is an invisible spiritual battle going on… which the LORD mainly protects us from but which we should not be ignorant about. Thank God!

I didn’t know what to pray… but I put a shawl over my head, closed the door and leaned against the wall praying in tongues then almost immediately the tears started to flow (and I don’t cry easily) as I started to list my own sins and ask for forgiveness.  Things I hadn’t thought of… laziness, selfishness, lack of love towards my husband, lack of really caring, vanity, wasting time, procrastinating, wanting to do things my way… you know… the usual human nature things?

I give God all the praise for His Holy Spirit helping me pray… and for the prophetic Word and counsel He included for… I had not a word to offer or any desire to pray at all… I had nothing to offer except myself and to repent of my sins, close my eyes, lay on the floor then start saying and writing down the words He inspired. They weren’t what I thought up… but obviously all He wanted me to bring forth in the earth. God is so good. Thank you Father… for your Mercy and Grace towards me… and all those who are humble and honest with you. You know we are dust yet by your Grace, being changed into the image of your Beloved Son. Your Love covers the multitude of our sins.


LORD! Pour out your Spirit so we may change and know you and your Love… what other hope is there? All Salvation comes from you Father. May your will be done…”Cleanse me with Hyssop and I shall be clean”

Oh God – teach me to walk in this world as your servant – not doing my own will – not maligning others – but lifting them up to you – if perchance your mercy and grace may change them – for you are not willing that any should perish – but that all may come to repentance – Mercy God – Mercy LORD on our land and it’s people – where do I start in prayer for this land – where people don’t know you – they take your Holy Name  for granted Where do I start to pray? Forgive me LORD – that I have never really prayed for the salvation of fellow Australians – I only rail against them and accuse them – I only speak out accusations against others – pulling them down – I see no hope of change – but if you were to pour out your Holy Spirit – that would cause change! It is not our doing that we are saved – but by your mercy and grace – to see us – and call us – and anoint us for yourself!

Oh God – Holy Spirit of the LORD – you want people of all Nations to know you and praise you – Oh God – raise up intercessors in this land LORD who will wail between the porch and the alter – for your mercy and grace. Mercy and grace for Australia LORD – what else can we ask for – Mercy and Grace – Let there be a turning back to you – back to the churches – back to the faith – and for those who have never known you – let them also turn from their secular pursuits and repent of their sins –

Holy Holy – your call is to be Holy like you – Mercy and Grace LORD – to enable us – to empower us – to change us – to be what you require! Oh Father I ask for your mercy and grace for those who are lost in this land -Mercy and grace upon me and my family – Salvation for ______ through the Blood of the Lamb… (named all my family)

(then remembered an old friend I spent time with)… Don’t forget _____ LORD – she came into this house – I prayed for her – don’t let her forget me and my witness to her that I was a Christian… cause her to forgive me – cause her to understand why I had to walk away from what she was doing –  change her heart LORD – pour out the Holy Spirit on her – SAVE HER SOUL LORD – so she can know you – so she can understand the difference between us. She meant no harm LORD – forgive her – forgive me – don’t let all those years be wasted … etc.

Free us of all the dark chains that bind people – those dark spirits that appear to be good and sweet and kind and loving – but all they do – is lead your people  astray – after other gods – the New Age is today’s IDOLATRY in many forms – Even your own elect can be deceived – they can be SEDUCED and attracted to it – The desire to know the Truth drives us – we forget  the LORD God Almighty and go astray – seeking after other gods and other religions – and other ways of thinking –

As I was saying and writing this prayer… it moved into a PROPHECY from the Lord for those being seduced by evil spirits into the gay and lesbian culture… yes even Christians!… and that if they don’t repent quickly they will go beyond their conscience and the ability to repent! 

PROPHECY-  a voice crying in the wilderness of the land of Australia –

Come back to me – my people can’t you see – you are not going into the Light – but into darkness – ERROR – ERROR – DANGER – DANGER – and all the gay and lesbian spirits – seducing the youth to explore their passions – EVIL – EVIL – only continually – Again – this does not lead to the Light of the LORD – but into base immorality and self abasement – self seduction as the senses go wild – beyond natural restraint – There is no hope for those who do these things – No repentance for those who degrade their own bodies – Repent at the first sign of such spirits – rebuke them out of your life – and mind – and body – they will leave you in my Name – YESHUA! Say it


YESHUA! YESHUA! SAVE ME! from the mouth of the lion – from the passions of my own flesh and mind – SAVE my soul from all these demonic spirits! They plan no good for me – they see me – searching for God – and they come in like a flood across this land – seeking to debauch us – to degrade us – to send us into hell with them

PROPHECY – Eternal torment awaits them if they listen to these spirits –

THEN PRAYER – Who will they obey LORD? Who will they obey?

Pour out your Spirit on this flood of iniquity in our land and those who stand by and allow it in our streets – who clap and smile at it as some sort of MORBID entertainment. They admire the men and women who give themselves over to embody these evil spirits! Can’t they see? Can’t they turn away their eyes?

Oh God it is pure evil and they cannot see it or understand – they clap and whistle  – and turn up the music – stop their ears to the sound of your VOICE in their conscience – Is there any hope for them – STOP THEM LORD – RAIN DOWN YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS! Whatever it takes to stop these Mardi Gras  – and homosexual houses – Destroy them LORD so that some may be warned and pull out – and be saved – Mercy and Grace – destroy this homosexual spirit in Australia – Destroy those who promote it – let not evil gain power in our land – Guard the innocent child – deliver them LORD! from the snare of the fouler! Close down those places – dens of iniquity where the lust of the flesh STINKS – Oh God I hate it! The stink of s-m-n that they grovel in – I cannot comprehend it – I don’t want to think about what they do in private – Deliver us from this spirit LORD – and the MUSLIM spirit – O Lord only you can change their minds – only you can do anything to change us – “all we like sheep have gone astray – we have each turned to our own way”… but the LORD laid our  iniquities on Him. He became sin for us – who knew no sin –

Raise up the CROSS LORD across this land – the ONLY way of salvation – the only WAY of Eternal Life with God. The only way out of our sinful passions and rebellion against God and His Holy Commandments – LORD even the churches in Australia – don’t teach people the right way of living –

They eschew your Holy Commandments as if they were nothing! Of no use in this day and age – they say you took them away – and nailed THEM to your CROSS – but it was your Son who was NAILED to the CROSS – He carried our sins upon Himself as the sacrificial  Lamb of God -as the scapegoat sent to it’s death in the wilderness – cut to pieces on the sharp rocks – pushed over the cliff to it’s sure death

(note: our dear Lord Jesus / Yeshua’s flesh was cut to pieces with the sharp Roman cat o tails whippings)

So you carried our sins – the chastisement of our peace was upon you – and by your suffering – we are healed and forgiven –
As we look up to Christ on the CROSS and behold Him dying for our own sins

(note that sin IS the  transgression of God’s Laws of Love)

– taking that punishment – the curse of the Holy Law

(which was to be killed for not keeping it)

– bearing it in His own HOLY BODY and MIND – and DYING in our place 

(as if He had a sinful nature and had sinned by disobeying the 10 Commandments)

– then they can see the TRUTH hanging on the tree – cursed by God for us – Hear His cry of anguish “Eli Eli, why have you forsaken me?” He screams for us and “It is finished!” For us – for us -for Israel yes as their suffering servant – their Messiah – but also for us – who ever we are – He saw us all – He wanted us all! He is the SAVIOR of the WORLD!

He said “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have Eternal Life! For as Moses lifted up the serpent on the pole in the wilderness so must the Son of Man be lifted up – For this reason I have come to give my life as a RANSOM for many – to deliver all those who were afraid of death.

I then went on to confess how I haven’t done enough and my attempt to make websites as a witness for the LORD still seems to be so PATHETIC and unfinished. He said yesterday (Shabbat)  while I was praying… there is much to do yet before I come, the Gospel still needs to be preached, “the fields are white ready for harvest”. What more can we do? Ministry is not for ourselves but for others. Yes, there are “Thorns”… there is pain… it’s not all about the Roses. While souls are going to hell I’m asleep or wasting time. I often just criticize things rather than doing something about it. I need His Mercy and Grace on me to be bold – to speak out – to video my songs – to overcome my fear of rejection. I should fear facing God rather than fear what people may think of me. I determined that I would do this work on the internet every day not when I feel like it. “Now is the day of salvation”. I know I have to stop thinking about ME and start thinking about THEM… those whom the LORD wants to speak to and touch. We can all do more can’t we?

As I prayed these things… I realized I CAN do SO much more… it’s not too late to make more websites or blogs to share about Yeshua and His Healing, Salvation and warning against the New Age etc. There are lots of free places on the web. We have a potential world audience through the internet! I’ve spent most of my time since 2000 on it… doing what I can… typing for hours and commenting… but I can do more. Most nights I go to bed in the early hours of the morning as the sun is rising…then get up late… so am always tired. (as now at 5.30am) But I could start earlier in the day instead of mulling around. I have to do more or be very sorry one day. I’ve wasted years already.

We can all do something. It may not seem much but anything’s better than doing nothing. I just don’t want to be ashamed before Him at His coming. I want to do all I can to share my Beloved. If I wait until I feel “ready” and “perfect” that day will never come! Even if only one soul is changed and saved, blessed and encouraged to be faithful to Christ… I will be blessed. It’s not for me to know results, just to plant seeds of His  Word of Truth

If you think why bother taking up your cross every day and follow the Lord? Why work for His Kingdom? May I ask… if you have experienced the Father’s Forgiveness, Love, Mercy, Kindness and Holy Spirit… then how much do you want for others to have that too? Are you willing to give yourself in service to them? Then offer yourself to the Father and find a way to minister. A way that He anoints and helps you to do. A way that you find easy even though others would not! Surely Love for Yeshua / Jesus and committment to Him has to be the motive for our ministry and prayers for others. What more can YOU do for  our Beloved Lord Yeshua before it’s too late. He has done everything He can. Making the New Covenant with the Houses of Judah and Israel of which the Gentiles have since partaken by the millions. On the CROSS… screaming out in pain and intercession for us… for  Jews and Gentiles… no one else could have done it but the VERY SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD who CHOSE to come down from the Father of Lights as our Messiah! Giving Himself and His Holy Royal Davidic Blood as the Lamb of God… making atonement for our sins! He felt the torment of the darkness and  judgement of God upon our sins. “Eli Eli why have you forsaken my?”

What if I / you / we die tomorrow…or lose the use of our hands or eyes? Why put things off? What have we really done for the Kingdom of God? That is spreading the message not just sitting in a “church” every week. What will we say when we face Him? Ummmhhh… errrhhh… I’m sorry I didn’t do more for you Lord. I was tired. I was embarrassed. I was sick, I was busy with other things while millions were going into hell. I didn’t have enough spare time. Enough money?  Where is the sacrifice of self? The giving up of all for the Kingdom? Yes I’m speaking to myself too. What does the Lord think when I’m watching TV or just wasting hours doing nothing… (not that I watch it much and am very fussy what I do watch) yet I could be making a video, posting on Facebook, Twitter, making comments on Youtube videos… writing about HIM on my websites… praying someone out there finds Him through it… praying someone out there is encouraged by what I write or sing… never mind sleep… never mind about me… my doubts and fears… what about them?

THERE IS A COST TO DISCIPLESHIP…  TO REACH  THOSE WHO ARE STILL LOST…. THOSE WHOM YESHUA GAVE HIS LIFE FOR BUT DON’T YET KNOW HIM…WE HAVE TO GIVE OURSELVES TO THE WORK OF MINISTRY… FOR HIM… FOR THEM… to bring the lost sheep to Him so that we all may rejoice. Remember our Lord endured the cross for the joy that was set before Him!

For Yeshua it  was all about us not himself. He prayed all night. He did Spirtual warfare and intercession that we will never know of! He endured the pain and humility of the CROSS. His Joy was knowing He was saving our souls from the devil! HalleluYAH! Knowing we would be redeemed from death and resurrected into spiritual bodies to dwell with Him forever! This gave Him JOY UNSPEAKABLE AND FULL F GLORY! This is WHY we should pray for and help others.. that they might have what we have. That they might be part of our Joy as well in the world to come! Don’t you want to dance with those you have prayed for in the Kingdom of God? To know that if it weren’t for you they might not ever be there? Now, if we are Yeshua’s disciples it must be all about giving ourselves for others in His Name. We need to be gripped with a sense of URGENCY… now, today, tonight, what can I do to serve the father… to tell others about His beloved Son Yeshua / Jesus?

Let us determine in our hearts right now to do something more FOR HIM…maybe just more of what we’re already doing… we can make the time… make every day count… even smiling at people when we are out… offering to help?… Looking for opportunities to say “God bless you”… giving out tracks? Leave them at bus stops? Paying for Bibles through the Bible Society or Bible League? Making sandwiches and giving them to homeless people in parks? Visitation? Internet chat rooms? It doesn’t have to done be in “the church”… although it can be in meetings together as well. Could you offer to start a Bible study meeting in your home? Yes we have to be led by the Holy Spirit and work with Him but “we” can do something today for someone else as part of daily life without waiting to make a “big special ministry”. Let’s stop making excuses and come before God… repent and be honest… then He may choose to use us to help or instruct others for His Glory… pray for them instead of criticizing and complaining about “them”. LORD… here am I… send me.

What of the man / Pharisee? who said… “Oh God I thank you I’m not like “him”… for “I” fast and pray and give my tithes”… whilst the other man beat on his chest and said “LORD forgive me a sinner” Yeshua said the man who confessed his sins went away justified. Religious pride must sicken God.

Love you brothers and sisters in Yeshua / Jesus or Lord and Savior… but please consider what MORE can you too do for Him… out of your love for Him? I would love to hear your feedback on these serious subjects… the issues it may have raised in your life or anything the LORD shows you… let us share and edify one another. It’s 8.30am in the morning here…I’m tired… I’ve done all I can for now…so…

Goodnight and Blessings from Susan!

“… For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more.” Luke 12:48





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