“Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? whither is thy beloved turned aside? that we may seek him with thee. My beloved is gone down into his garden, to the beds of spices, to feed in the gardens, and to gather lilies. I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine: he feedeth among the lilies” Song of Solomon 6:1-3

More prophecies are to be added… but not necessarily in the order that I have received them. (They are also in my “CATEGORIES” list)

Apostle Paul said prophecy should be tested but not despised. We are to know what the Holy Spirit is saying to the churches. The Gift of prophecy is given by the Holy Spirit when He wills… for comfort, edification, correction and revelation of YAHWEH’s will for us… and along with other Gifts and ministries… to help bring the Body of Christ / Messiah into full maturity for our Lord’s return. I only write down what is given to me as living words that sometimes come forth through my heart / spirit in times of prayer, worship and Bible study.

The real Spirit of Prophecy is the Holy Ruah Ha Kodesh who always glorifies the Father and the Son… reminding us of what He has said and showing us things to come. Glory to God. Amein.

PROPHETIC WORD FROM YESHUA for His disciples on last day of 2013… the beginnings of 2014, to seek Him for Wisdom as Mary did. He says “… seek me in that Secret place of your own closet / bedroom. Stay until I speak with you for I am VERY close and this is what I am desiring of you at this time. Do not neglect my admonition”

PROPHECY~ “A HOLY REMNANT from Jew & Gentile…a Holy Temple for My Glory”…  This is a day to be aware that the Most High is requiring a level of Holiness in His people… a level of Holiness that will surprise and humble some… for the Lord your God is Holy and those who worship Him MUST do so in a Holy Way. The works of the flesh and the programs of man are not acceptable to Him in this day and age… for the Temple worship was done away with under the Old Covenant when it was still standing but NOW I have taken unto myself a Holy remnant from Jew and Gentile and I am building them up into a Holy Temple for My Glory… not for the glory or edification of man… but for the Glory of the Holy One of Israel

PROPHETIC WARNING about the worldly /covetous spirit in today’s BABYLONIAN shopping centres…. For these shopping centres that you see are grand in the eyes of men… indeed they stand back and admire the idols which their hands have made and say to themselves and to one another “Look what we have done” but I the Lord of glory looks upon these things and laughs!
I laugh for in my eyes these things are puny… and the ones who build them are foolish, even as the men who built the tower of Babel were foolish.

PROPHECY for Pastors to seek the Gift of Discerning of spirits- YESHUA is SEPARATING- SHAKING- DIVIDING false Christians from His Body… Yes… the time of separation and shaking… the dividing of the Body of Christ is here. Some are making plans for a long retirement while I am making plans to spend eternity with my Bride… my chosen ones… those who love me above all others and are prepared to pay the cost… even leaving families and congregations.*Yes many Pastors will be told to walk away from their congregations… even works they have built up and prayed over for many years… for if the people will not listen to them and to the Voice of the Bridegroom speaking through them in this hour then I will truly spit them out of my mouth for they are a foul taste unto me and a bad smell unto my nostrils. 

PROPHECY…Who is the Bride and how is she being prepared? The Bride has been created from the beginning to be a special and beautiful people unto me – To be my companion through all Eternity- She is glorious with my Light and my Love pervades her – she lives for me and I live for her –

THE MESSAGE OF LOVE … the call to God’s Throne in Heavenly Places by a New and better way that He has made… TRULY THIS IS WONDERFUL in My Eyes saith the LORD God of Heaven ~ that I have called you ~ & chosen you to be with Me in Him ~ For those who choose & love MY BELOVED SON are chosen & loved by me ~ & I will give them everything in my Kingdom of Love ~ freely without price or charge or compulsion or expectation to give anything in return ~ I am the LORD God ~ the Heavenly Father!   OR… read the full prophecy on my other new website…

NEW PROPHECY from Yeshua for His Bride… an increasing anointing as we are prepared for His coming…  As the state of the world gets worse – The Lord will increase His anointing on His Bride – all those who Love Him – and seek Him in the secret place of prayer and worship – They shall be dressed in white as they eschew the things of this world and desire to please only me –

PROPHETIC WORD… Yeshua to make Atonement with Israel as their High Priest… The secrets in my Word are being revealed to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear


PROPHETIC WORD from the Lord for His Bride and this website… (after a time of declaring the praises of God from my heart this word came) For this is the restoration of the Tabernacle of David – a people who will sing my praises – who walk in the power of my Spirit of Truth a people made RADIANT with my Glory – my Love & My Power! A people of Spirit – of courage in the face of the impossible – treading a way they know not – a way they have not gone before –

PROPHECY… Receive the Holy Spirit and be at peace… Receive His Spirit and be at Peace… Behold He is making everything New… the former things shall not even be remembered any more… your struggles, your pain… all is a sweet  incense of love to me that you have offered up… your tears are in my vials and I shall hold you and reward you for all your efforts of Love for me.

PROPHECY… a Word of Spiritual Marriage… drawing aside into the prayer closet with Yeshua…  My spirit is beginning to move on many in this land… calling them aside into that “bedroom” experience with me. Yet many do not know how to respond to me… or what it is I require of them. As in the natural, so in the spirit says the Lord! But I would say unto my people that all I require of them is their co-operation – and their availability unto me.

A PROPHECY of encouragement for the Bride of Christ… the Father is seeking for worshipers… There is One in the earth that I love, who is she? She is my Bride… and this is a people in preparation for I am doing a good work in you…

PROPHECY for the Bride of Messiah… from the Holy One of Israel… I will have a Holy People unto myself in this last day says the LORD – A people whom I have brought through the fire of their soul’s affliction – who grieve for the pain & sin of the world –

PROPHECY Re YHWH’s love for Israel, bride, Church, Jerusalem, Zion, Return, Restoration, Jews & Gentiles… By the Spirit of prophecy… Yea says the Lord, I will defend Israel – my heritage in the last hour when all nations shall come against her – as it is written by my servant that her warfare is complete & she shall surely be established in the tops of the mountains as a mighty nation – a righteous nation – as a light set on a hill shall she be – & the fear & the dread of all nations shall be because of her & her worship of the Holy One – 

MOUNTAIN OF HIS HOLINESS… Sharing a personal Word, Spiritual Song and Prophecy received from my Lord Yeshua during a time of prayer... For it is not in doctrines and laws that I come to you… but as the Living Word, as the sword of the Spirit that divides the flesh from the spirit and makes a way in the wilderness…  that makes sense out of the confusion of this world… seek my still quiet voice singing in your hearts… The Song as Part 2 is here at my YouTube channel…

YESHUA ~ Speak to your Bride ~ Prayer, Song and Prophecy from Psalm 45… (a short Word but may it encourage you too!)… I will bring you through all your trials and temptations – I will make you radiant in white garments – the Righteousness of saints – Have no fear – trust me in this – for where you see failure – I see your perseverance and faith in me…


MORE PROPHESIES LISTED ON HERE… re one about Ho-mos-xuals etc.





  1. Thank you very much for your comment Denise. You have encouraged me. It is all for God’s glory as you would know. I desire to edify and build up His Body by receiving and pouring out for others to drink. Without Yeshua’s strength and inspiration, I can do nothing. Somehow I keep at it so it’s good to get some feedback that my effort is appreciated. There’s so much more to do and so little time.
    Blessings and do keep in touch… Susan


  2. I love this very much. It~s truth in your words The Ruach is giving you that I know are straight from The Ruach. I am edified and encouraged through this site and will return again. Blessings Susan and thank you so much.

    Liked by 1 person

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