I just praise and thank my Father YAHWEH and YESHUA for bringing this “Bride of Messiah” website through the search engines rankings so quickly, as the Holy Spirit told me He would do. Right from when I started WordPress sites in early 2011, many of the Posts I was putting up were appearing very quickly on the 1st or 2nd pages…  and or following pages, of Yahoo and Google and many others. “Bride of Messiah” is usually showing in 1st place… (as does “Psalmist Susan”) and other search terms or combinations that include words like Bride, Messiah, Israel, Prophecy etc. It is fascinating watching the many search terms people use on my stats page. Out of millions of websites I think it is a miracle to be coming so high up on search engines all over the world. Thank you for free website templates and tools to get online and stay there!

I have been a long time preparing, researching, praying and battling my own doubts and fears but His Love compels me to keep at it. I have no confidence in myself, only in Him who called me to do this. “Obedience is better than sacrifice”  I love my Father God and pray for the strength to do His will not mine. It’s rather a thankless ministry with little feedback or personal contact… unlike working in a face to face church situation where one can talk directly. Typing and correcting every single word, comma, colour, link, picture, paragraph etc. is very demanding and takes great patience as you might know. However, I believe many are going to the internet looking for guidance and information. It is a wonderful resource.

I’m also making other WordPress sites on various subjects… as well some other free websites and my .com domain name and Twitter and a YouTube channel. I thank God every day for all these wonderful resources to share His Word around the world, whilst sitting at a computer in my house in Australia… surrounded by my dear pets and birds singing outside in the gum trees! I’ve had my battles with doubts, fears and indecision but now I’m more “experienced” and so blessed! Also a new video camera and tripod recently on special from JB Hifi. It has a remote control and Audio JACK. God is providing everything I need even though I’m on a pension now. Ephesians 6… having done all you can, keep standing with Faith in His Word, stable and confident in His Love.

If God be for me then who can be against me? There are only 2 ways… fear or Love… one way (the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil) distracts, condemns, drives, confuses and destroys everything I try to do… the other way (The Tree of Life) attracts, encourages, draws, settles and blesses me… The Lord’s way is easy to bear when I just look to Him and do things with and for Him… it’s other people who upset, disturb  or worry me when I start thinking I need their approval. Blessings from Susan.

(please excuse the mess… I’m too busy for housework… where’s that thing I wrote the other day?… and what’s the time… 5am already!)


Holy Faith of Yeshua… His Life and Ministry as the incarnated Son of God and Messiah of Israel…how He fulfilled so many “Messianic” prophecies in the Old Testament. Using prophetic scriptures that prove Yeshua / Jesus Christ was the  promised Messiah whom Israel was waiting for some 2,000 years ago. He did ride into Jerusalem on a donkey on the VERY day prophesied. There are over 300 prophecies in the Bible fulfilled in the New Covenant writings about the life and ministry of Yeshua /Jesus. Of course His life and ministry still goes on to the world, the Church and natural Israel through those who are His willing  friends and servants. We can all find ways to share Him with others… what do you think?

My YouTube channel… “Celestial Revelations” ~ The New Jerusalem… please visit and see my Videos (more coming) and other Playlists etc…

Weebly site… a free site. To share a prophecy…which is also posted on this site. “Who is the Bride… A Last Days Prophetic Word from Lord Yeshua the Messiah of Israel to encourage His Bride before His Coming”…

The Message of Love… for a prophecy from the Father’s Throne of Love… WARNING and urging humanity to accept His Love before it’s too late!…

Last Days Prophecies ~ these ARE the last days!… mainly a place to post up interesting videos regarding present day conditions, attitudes, cults, false teachers, earth changes, world events etc. compared with Bible prophecy…

Celestial Revelations ~ Psalmist Susan… This site is mainly to show some of my music videos and or direct people to my YouTube channel called Celestial Revelations…

Bride of Messiah… the domain name website… still a lot more to do over there yet… before it’s time to leave for the New Jerusalem!

The Slumbering Bride… 

God’s Crucible… The place of testing and sanctification, the Baptism with fire to bring about maturity in the bride of Messiah. 

Bride in the Wilderness… the journey of faith from the world to the City of God. Comparison to the children of Israel in the wilderness etc

There are a few more sites to do and finish yet! Prayers for God’s will to be made known and done and for many more prophecies, teachings and songs to be recorded and shared on YouTube as well, would be appreciated…

God bless from Psalmist Susan…


4 responses to “MY OTHER WEBSITES

  1. Thanks so very much for linking to my site. God bless your ministry too. Susan.


  2. Hi thanks for a brilliant website full of helpful truth that Yeshua has blessed you with. I have placed a link to your sight from our website:
    Your singing is really anointed thanks for sharing it with us. We are in the UK and it’s really getting spiritually dead here recently, please pray for us!

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  3. Thank you Alicia… the Lord bless and guide you too in the days ahead. Guard your heart and mind.
    Love in Yeshua from Susan.


  4. alicia sheba74, keep walking in the steps of the Lord Ms. Susan letting your light shine he will bless you and add more to your soul soon.

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