VIDEOS about PAGAN EASTER replacing JEWISH PASSOVER FEAST DAYS for death and resurrection of YESHUA / JESUS

PASSOVER or EASTER? The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH MIXED THEM TOGETHER! I pray you know that YESHUA was crucified on FEAST of PASSOVER/ raised on FEAST of FIRSTFRUITS. Passover started at sunset 14th April. (in 2014) Most churches will have an EASTER service on “Good Friday” 18th April and a “Resurrection Sunday” service 2 days later on SUNDAY. Why won’t they align with the Jewish timing and stop using the worldly celebrations altogether?

Year after year, for century after century even the protestant and most independant Christian groups have followed the RCC’s erroneous teaching about this instead of obeying GOD and the scriptures! Yeshua, as the LORD of the Churches, will not accept this when so many know the TRUTH now and still partake of the “traditions of men”! The Bride of Messiah is being called to “Come out of her and be ye seperate”… the Roman Catholic Church is the Harlot depicted in the Book of Revelation as a woman drunk with the blood of martyrs. The present Pope is the last one and he is the FALSE PROPHET who is already denying the Lord’s DIVINITY and preparing the way of the anti-Christ.

This first video shows the RCC’s decision to NOT have anything to do with the Jewish dates. This was because of their anti-semitic attitude. It was also to justify their change from a Jewish MOON based calendar as Father Yahweh had instructed for the times and seasons… to a SUN based calendar as the pagan Gentiles kept.

Check these 2 other videos re EASTER eggs, bunnies and the fertility goddess whom pagans worshiped at Easter. (I don’t recommend ANY videos by a man called Jonathan Kleck so be discerning) There is also much on the internet that gives further details about the origins of the fertility goddess.

Please refuse to give innocent little children Easter eggs and partake in lies about the Easter Bunny coming. Tell them about Yeshua’s coming and His love for them. Churches will only WAKE UP and change if the people challenge these things. You may not be popular but we need to be people of TRUTH and discerning of the spirits behind these things… as with Christmas and various other worldly celebrations. (Our LORD said Satan is the father of lies!)

We are called to be Holy unto Yahweh… these things are not in the Bible and will NOT EVER be a part of the Kingdom of God.

Blessings from Susan.

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