APPEAL for Todd Baker- Outreach Ministry to JEWS in Israel- Proclaiming YESHUA is their Messiah


URGENT APPEAL… A.S.A.P! If you’re not an evangelist then please help to financially support those who are giving their all to go forth in Yeshua’s Name under the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit. THE FACT IS THAT WITHOUT THREE THOUSANDS MORE DOLLARS IN THE NEXT TEN DAYS MANY PRECIOUS SOULS IN ISRAEL WON’T BE TOUCHED AND RESTORED. They won’t have a New Testament and Messianic literature placed in their hands and hearts. I hold this as a very needful ministry to the people in Israel at this time in history. What price a soul? As usual, the team is praying for God to provide their costs as “love offerings” from the Body of Messiah.

PLEASE DON’T… leave this to someone else or let a lack of funds hinder this next trip. I’m on a pension and have tried for a few years now to always send something. It all adds up and is truly appreciated! Todd takes a small team to Israel 3 times a year and it is nearly time for the first trip of 2014. He is planning to make 4 trips this year. All in spite of severe leg /and painful joint problems caused by years of travelling countless kilometres around Israel on foot… looking for the “lost sheep”. WE NEED TO TRY AND SUPPORT THIS MAN OF GOD… who also is Pastor of a Messianic Church in Dallas Texas.

TODD’S “BRIT HA DASHAH MINISTRY”… is about blessing and ministering “to the Jew first” which few Christians do. It’s about taking the Gospel of THEIR ELOHIM AND THEIR MESSIAH to them. How will they beleive if no one tells them? Todd and his team carry Hebrew New Testaments and other literature to prove from the Old and New Testaments that Yeshua has fulfilled the Messianic prophecies thus far… and will return to defend Israel from her enemies and set up His Kingdom as the Prophets have delared. So this is very much a prophetic ministry that brings a personal touch to shoulders and hope and direction to the hearts of people right where they are at. On the streets and in the shops and cafes of the Old City of Jerusalem and wherever they are led to go! Praise God.

FATHER YAHVEH… prepares and opens many doors and touches many eager ears, eyes and hands on every missionary trip. There are many photos and copies of the past newsleters on his website. Look along the bottom row for the  “Bi Monthly Newsleter” and “Partner with us” for how to donate by PayPal or other methods and “Books and Media” (for teaching) etc.

Please help soon in Yeshua’s Holy Name… from Psalmist Susan.






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