Wonders of Creation & Conception- Incarnation of Yeshua- Meditation & Song of thanks to the Father

A Sacred Christian meditation/ contemplation and song of praise and thanks to the Heavenly Father, inspired by the Holy Spirit… for the wonders of God’s Creation and the Incarnation of His Beloved Son Yeshua /Jesus through Mary…the humble young woman He chose to give Him a human body and birth into this lower earth realm.
It is truly AMAZING to think about and so is our own conception and birth! What a gift of life and consciousness it is to be here as one of those who are experiencing the reality of Creation. We can barely imagine what the Heavenly Spiritual Realm will be like for those who love the Father and His Son Yeshua/ Jesus… our Savior and Messiah.
Thank you Lord God Almighty for the things you have done.

Keep Praising and Blessings from Psalmist Susan in Australia


More at my YouTube Channel…



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