VIDEOS- IRANIAN MUSLIM delivered from Demon/Jinn spirit- PERRY STONE talks with Arab American- vision of JESUS CHRIST!

These two videos show that God is REAL and is PERSONALLY manifesting Himself in dreams and visions, touching and speaking to and even baptizing Muslims with the Holy Spirit… before they hardly know who He is!

The first video is a present day miracle conversion story of how Yeshua came and REVEALED HIMSELF AS THE REAL GOD OF LOVE AND LIGHT to Afshin Javid, a fervently committed ex-Hezbollah member who had tried so hard to please Allah all his life and was willing to kill in his name. After all his devotion and prayers, an evil “Jinn” spirit from Satan tried to choke him and he was mysteriously told to use the name of Jesus Christ. He did and it left. This was a miracle deliverance but it brought him into confusion at to why Jesus should help him… and after weeks of prayer and fasting  there was no answer and he started questioning his faith in Allah and stopped hoping in his name.

That was an unforgivable sin to a Muslim but suddenly the Lord came to Him and said “I Am the way the truth and the life”. Afshin didn’t even know who he was and asked, what is your name? There is an anointing on this video. It shows how some souls are ordained to a special purpose which they have never understood… yet if they are on the wrong path the LORD will call them to Himself. (as with Paul who was a zealous Pharisee but called to be an Apostle of Yeshua / Jesus Christ) This explains why Afshin was violently attacked by the demon / Jin. Satan somehow knew that YAHWEH was calling him and sent the strong evil spirit to destroy him. If you are a Muslim or an unbeliever… may Yeshua the loving Jewish Messiah /Jesus Christ of the Christian / Messianic faith make Himself known to you too. The religion of Islam offers no personal forgiveness and peace of soul only constant, tiring striving and fear of death if you aren’t good enough. Allah of the Arabs is not YAHWEH the LORD ELOHIM of ISRAEL. Yeshua / Jesus is the bodily or visible manifestation of the invisible Living God to us. He came to Israel nearly 2,000 years ago and today He is increasingly appearing to thousands of souls in all nations.

He is the REVELATION OF YAHWEH’s WORD… that is, the Living Word of God! It is His Words, Holy Commandments and teachings to mankind that have been recorded in the Bible and which those who believe in Him are to follow and share with others… as His witnesses to all nations. The Word of YAHWEH walked and talked as a visible, human looking form of God with Adam and Eve, (they had been made in His image  and likeness) Somehow He spoke with Enoch and Noah? He later appeared to Abraham, Moses and the prophets, then came in a flesh and blood body as the “Son of Man”, born of a virgin woman and was named Yeshua meaning YAH is our Salvation… or YAH-SHUAH. (Joshua or Jesus is the English translation from Greek)

He did this as a New Way for those in bondage and under the curse of the law of sin and death working within themselves,  to obtain salvation, forgiveness and acceptance by their creator YAHWEH. This was by The Way of a New Covenant… a way no one had really understood… that the Messiah would die for His people Israel… giving Himself as the “sacrifice lamb” for their sins. Afterwards God has made this work of mercy and grace available for people of all nations if they will believe, repent and accept His Son as their Savior too. YESHUA rose from”death” for us and returned into the Father of Love… the Glorious Mystery of the Godhead who dwells in the Eternal Heavenly Realms. The Father and the Son now dwells with and in us as His Spiritual Temple, through the omnipresent “Presence” of the Blessed Holy Spirit of Love.

The Holy Spirit is the Gift from the Father to those who chose to accept Yeshua as their Savior… as happened to this dear man has been totally transformed by the SUPERNATURAL VISITATION and REVELATION of the “I AM” that was given to him. What a blessing. It brought him to tears sharing it.


You will also enjoy this next YouTube video of Perry Stone talking with an Arab American who has become a Christian and how many Muslims and others like him are having miraculous dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. Just AMAZING! Perry also shares for Muslims who say Allah has no son…  how Mary supernaturally conceived by the seed of God’s Word… not by some sort of natural co-habitation or intercourse with God! He also explains how the blood type of every child comes NOT from the mother but from the father… so Yeshua’s blood was holy and sinless and UNTAINTED by human sin. This truly made Him God’s Son in the Spiritual sense. Perry also prays for Muslims or anyone who is wanting the assurance of salvation and peace that God loves and is with them NOW in this world. Enjoy! (I’ll be posting a video I made about the miracle of conception / creation and what happened to Mary soon)

I have some more videos about Muslim conversions to watch from  here…


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