GAY PRIDE VIDEOS- See today’s sinful Sodom & Gomorrah- public mocking of God and Christ- laughing all the way to HELL!

THIS VIDEO IS JUST ONE EXAMPLE OF THE ENCROACHING DARKNESS OF THE “PROUD” & GODLESS ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT BEING WELCOMED ON PUBLIC STREETS! This courageous Pastor is being nearly drowned out by those with reprobate minds as he is powerfully  declaring the Truth and Testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. WAKE UP this is the real world now. Being “proud” of one’s sins with no shame or fear of God. Even having a police escort for what was once regarded as unlawful and against God’s law. More videos below are also from the “warningsofwrath” YouTube channel…

The “Gay Parade” at Spartanburg, SC 2012… starts at 6.50 min and later returns past with 2 girls kissing unashamedly right in front of the Pastor) Note the brazen clapping for “them” and the jeering at the  courageous pastors from only 2 churches who came out to oppose them and give a witness to God’s Word. Their booing and shouting nearly drowns out their words, “it is evil and wicked… you should ask God to forgive you” etc. A man holds up a sign “he wishes he was gay” with an arrow  > towards the other Pastor. The same frivolous, carefree attitudes run through most of these videos.  Many rudely come up close to take photos as they preach on regardless. Most seem too engrossed in what they are doing to even notice the preachers at all. I thank God these men of God did not let even this small parade go unchallenged. Heaven saw and testified to what they did. What if no Christian speaks out?

Wouldn’t you think more people would stop and listen? No most keep walking and ignoring the “nutty” religious people! They take photos as if he is a big joke. He is called a bigot.These foolish people and their supporters will go into hell with the multitudes of others who are walking the wide road of sin and human thinking about good and evil. They are NOT accepting what the Bible says. One mocking, older, pro gay movement man has his own sign saying “STOP USING JESUS AS AN EXCUSE FOR BEING A SMALL MINDED, BIGOTED ASSHOLE!”  What on earth is his idea of “Jesus”?

It’s a parade of mockery of God and some seem so happy and pleased to have a chance to ridicule the pastors. Shouting down the religious / Christian opposition adds to their fervor and excitement. At 16.35 an orange  sign goes by about “ATHEISTS”, as “STAFF” keep the crowd moving. A little later as someone proudly holds up an American flag the Pastor cries out “our founding fathers would condemn this event, they would never have put up with this and most of all the Lord God Almighty will not put up with this”. Their sign says what God says… “HOMOSEXUALITY IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD ALMIGHTY” … and please hear the last minute passionate call for righteousness and salvation at 20.20 min. Whether anyone listened is not the point, for this preaching against sin is necessary to give witness to the Truth against the behavior of the reprobates who WON’T listen. Now they have no excuse.

There is no turning back the changed moral standards now and God will have to judge and deal with those fallen, rebellious souls of today who will not willingly kneel and repent of their sins… and actually hate and mock this minister. They may take comfort in their own company and the sense of THRILL and VICTORY of pushing for their “cause”… but the longer individuals persists in ignoring the servants of the Lord who bravely go out to do ministry like this… the harder it will be to ever repent. Those who actively mock and reject God’s servants for giving this prophetic witness to themselves as sinners in God’s eyes, are virtually crucifying, spitting on and rejecting God /Yeshua Himself and making His death on the CROSS of no value to them. This is so shocking to me that they are choosing to go right against the Word of God whether they know it or not. One day they will be so sorry and devastated, for their names will not be found in the Lamb’s Book of Life and they will be sent to a Christ-less eternity with the very demonic beings who inspire and speak these things through their mouths. The place called hell that Yeshua taught about is too terrible to consider but many eye witnesses have been there and come back to tell of the reality of it. (search on YouTube)

Last half from 5.07min. shows a Gay Pride Parade at Durham NC. Later @ 8.55min a girl turns and yells out “I don’t care!” and that about sums up what they all think? What can anyone say to make them care. They are spitting on CHRIST and His witnesses and full of rebellion from the dark and evil one.

This immoral behavior is really the height of human stupidity… and for those who know the LORD it is almost incomprehensible to see it first hand. These are “mild” parades as they go. I will put up another post with preaching to more hardened hom0se  – x – ual men. We cannot imagine what some people with no sense of SHAME do with each other behind closed doors. Naked o – r- gies and the like. Yes they are pits of UNCLEAN vomit, sweat and slime! It is such an ABOMINATION to YAHWEH who wants to be our Heavenly Father and a true sign of the end of days as men and women who have CHOSEN to be deceived are given over by Him to “a reprobate mind”. “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” Rom. 1:28

That means there is NO hope for them without an absolute miracle of repentance through the Great Tribulation that is coming to these and millions like them. Yet the Book of Revelation says they will still hate and blame God and NOT REPENT of their sins and idolatry. Without the conviction of the HOLY SPIRIT people CANNOT see their sins. They don’t regard themselves as sinners at all. What a blessing it is to know the Truth. “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory” Rev. 16:9

In the future people like this will actually love and worship the anti-Christ and hate and betray  those who oppose him. These people are pawns in Satan’s hands and most do not know what DEMONIC powerful seducing spirits they are under! I suppose there is a thriving video industry associated with all this which helps promote it but as Paul said… “do not even speak about what they do”. This information about the gay movement is only for awareness and warning. I will also post a prophecy the Lord has given me for those caught up in this sin of sins… even deceived Christians who have “abandoned the Faith that was once given to the saints”! It is all such a disgrace. Such a rejection of the Holy One of Israel and His opposite standards of Holiness. He is calling us to accept Yeshua / Jesus’ sacrificial DEATH ON THE CROSS for our sins and then obey His Commandments of Love and moral behavior. Then to receive the Gift of His Holy Spirit into our hearts so that we may think and be as He is and live as “Holy unto YAHWEH”.

The end of all this is going to be exactly the same as it was for Sodom and Gomorah… annihilation. YAHWEH promised He would never destroy the earth again by flood but it will have to be forcibly destroyed by other means as described in the Book of Revelation, so that all who will NOT repent of their sins will be completely cut out of existence like the poison it is. Se – x -ual sins of all kinds are the height of rebellion and DISRESPECT against God the Creator and how He ordained things should be between a man and woman in love, whose marriage as one is sanctified and their children are raised with His blessing as well.

In God’s eyes men wanting men and women wanting women is totally, degenerate, sinful and unnatural. There are even “gay” churches and “gay” ministers claiming it is all OK with Jesus now! Many of “us” dwell amongst the safety of other Christians and only move in Churchy circles… but this is how it really is now when we are amongst the general un-churched  public. Laws have changed and it is becoming a crime to oppose sin like this and abortion. Police are often protecting the sinners in the name of human rights or hate speech… at the expense of the right to free speech. The people we walk past on the street may seem docile enough but if you or I were suddenly to put up a “CHRISTIAN” banner… this IS the reaction we would probably get too, even if not at a specific gay parade or function. The day is coming when Christians will be hated and their crosses will be spit upon and church buildings set on fire as in many parts of the world. Westernised Christians have had it good compared to other countries. Martyrs die every day for the Lord and other are in prison right now for holding to “our” faith.

Would “civilized” people do that to us? Yes, as standards of morality fall… unless they have been SPIRITUALLY born again and know the way of the Tree of Life. Otherwise they go by their OWN judgements according to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and evil. Praise the Lord that in these witnessing situations, there are always a few who do stop and listen, maybe from a distance but fewer still who do openly repent and ask for counsel and prayer. “Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” Math. 7:13-14 Can we imagine the screams of horror and remorse after death for the multitudes of souls who find themselves without a body but still alive in a place of torment with no personal choices or comforts and no way out. They WILL believe then but it WILL be too late. Talk about horror. And as for Christian gays? Yet each soul is responsible for themselves and they will reap what they sow. “For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting” Gal. 6:8

It is UTTER FOOLISHNESS to not consider what happens after death, which could happen any time as in a road accident. Sink holes are swallowing people alive. tsunamis drowning them. Hurricanes and earthquakes killing and burying them. Nothing is certain. Safety and never ending daily provisions can’t be taken for granted any more. Millions are dying and going into the “hell and death” section of the spiritual realm every day and night, year after year, millennium after millennium. Yes hell opens its mouth wide to them all and there is plenty of room for more.

If you are tempted or caught up in this area… please fall on your knees, repent straight away and get Christian counselling. Look for and ask a good minister like this to pray for deliverance and salvation for you. Be baptised in water and the Holy Spirit. Look on line as well for advice and encouragement from others who have been DELIVERED AND SAVED from homosexuality,  lesbianism and all sorts of se- x -ual subversions and secret fetishes. Do NOT leave it for later in case you are too late. If you sense what I am saying is true then change your mind and don’t sin any more. COME OUT OF ALL THIS IN YESHUA’s HOLY NAME! Ask Him to save your soul and He will. That’s why He came to earth and died for us. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 (see this prophecy about God’s Love and warning http://themessage of )

THE WORLDLY SPIRITS OF BABYLON, JEZEBEL, EGYPT & SODOM & GOMORRAH IS ALL AROUND US… and the people’s casual, mocking reactions in these videos is the same as it was when Noah was preparing the great Ark to save his and his family’s lives. They laughed at him but were sorry later as they drowned to death with nowhere to go. God however, is not moved by last minute desperation and promises just to save one’s own skin. He is a God who requires our willing love, obedience and worship in Spirit and in Truth. NOW is still the time to get right with Him and live for Him… telling others about Him… our Loving Heavenly Father. After death there is ONLY 2 places to go. Heaven or hell. We have to stop and think about it now and ask where would I go? The spirit of unbelief prevents many people from even considering that there is a God and a Satan and a spiritual realm. This world is all they know or want to know about.

When the 3 Angel Messengers of YAHWEH went into Sodom and Gomorrah to warn and deliver Lot and the few righteous souls… men gathered in the street outside Lot’s house and clamored to have unholy s – e – x  with them! In fear and to protect the Angels, Lot offered his daughters instead but they did not want them! As they left the city is was destroyed with fire and brimstone from heaven! It is always the same old case of vanity versus humility… generation after generation. Humans don’t change or “evolve”. Vanity and pride puff souls up with their own self importance and ambitions to be “somebody” and do things in their own way but a humble spirit is willing to be teachable. “Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility for God resisteth the proud, and giveth grace to the humble 1 Pet. 5:5

Dear Father God… you are Holy and Just in all your ways. Thank you for sending forth your witnesses on the streets all over the world, who are lifting up the banners of Righteousness and Salvation to the sinful and wicked masses of humanity in today’s society… who are often so far gone that they see no wrong in what they do. Praise you for your Mercy and Kindness and that you STILL do not want any to perish but to come to SALVATION through the SINLESS BLOOD  JESUS /YESHUA THE MESSIAH SHED ON THE CROSS. May your Holy Spirit rain down magnificently with signs and wonders following in the days to come… bringing conviction of sin and righteousness everywhere your servants preach this Gospel… this Good News… this ONLY Way to be saved. Amen

Pastor Randy Bryson during Gay Pride 2009 in Atlanta GA… preaching it how it is. He is not afraid of the sin word either… “this is not a lifestyle it’s a death style… God hates sin and He will deal with sin… every knee shall bow… we tell you the truth and what you do with it is between you and a holy God”

The public brainwashing that leaves God right out of people’s lives, has been going on for a long time and Christianity is becoming a strange voice crying in the wilderness of this world. One day freedom to preach like this will be outlawed or more restricted behind barriers because of public opinion. The general public does NOT understand what they are talking about and will become more annoyed not bemused by street preachers like this trying to WARN and SAVE their souls from HELL. They are as the prophets of old… who were killed for being righteous and pointing out SIN!!!! Yes an unpopular topic to sinners before they are saved by Grace and come to understand!

Pastor Bill Ball from the Faith Baptist Church, Primrose GA… preaching it in power. He says the truth that God calls the homosexual lifestyle “vile affections” Do you believe that? Do you agree with preaching that in public places to the unsaved? I do, because most of these people don’t go to a church and probably wouldn’t hear it preached in many anyway. It is embarrassing and confronting… so they laugh or yell out shut up to the offending person who dares to care enough to get laughed and yelled at! May God bless and use him mightily in such an uncompromising way.

The turning tide of acceptance of the PUBLIC FLAUNTING of gay and lesbian lifestyles and gay marriage, is a big part of the last days deception and ignorance of the masses prior to the rapture / separation of the righteous Bride of Messiah who is grieved by all this sin just as the Holy Spirit is. With the chosen faithful remnant of believing New Covenant Israel (the Beloved Church / Shulamite Bridal Company ) in a safe place… the Wrath of God will be  poured out like “Vials” upon the earth for 3 1/2 years and then YESHUA will return to save the Nation of Israel as their High Priest and King / Melek Messiah and judge all the other Nations who did not stand up for righteousness… and threw out His 10 Commandments. HE WILL THEN RULE THIS WORLD BY THOSE VERY COMMANDMENTS which most seems to think is unnecessary including keeping the Sabbath holy (Saturday) and the Feasts of Tabernacles!

So is there any righteous nation now which stands against these sins against God? The American Government  has always claimed “In God we Trust” but has failed to lead by condescending to minority voices to get votes. They who are NOT Christian leaders approve abortion, gay marriage and wheeling the Ten Commandments statue out of its Law Court and schools etc. That’s why we see the increasing natural disasters and uprising  of people in distress there and all around the world every day. Prepare  yourselves until Messiah comes, because things are NOT going to get better but worse and worse. Yeshua said that eventually if He didn’t come back “And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom he hath chosen, he hath shortened the days” Mark 13:20 However the Bride has NOT been given to God’s time of great wrath on the unbelievers and mockers of His Word and Holy Spirit of Truth but like Lot and Noah’s family will be taken away FIRST!

This video is at Birmingham, Alabama Gay Pride and dear Lord this is not preaching to the converted but to the rebellious. Listen to the devils screaming after he talks strongly and warns about hell @ 7.50min and 8.50… especially 9.17 they don’t like being shown up and try to drown him out! This is spiritual warfare for the souls of men and women. How can young people brought up without any Christian teaching, especially in troubled or uncaring homes, possibly understand him? He goes on pouring out his heart to these people as they jeer, argue and laugh at him. What does it take? Until God touches their hearts it just goes over their heads. However it can be the beginning of spiritual birth and growth for someone. See another preacher @ 11.16 doing it face to face with people who accuse him of judging and condemning them. This is how they think. Yes yelling back and forth does seem to be pointless but this is specifically about prophetic public preaching as a warning and call to repentance to unsettle people from their complacency and not so much teaching, pastoring or personal counseling of the converted. Such preaching has always evoked very strong reactions in the unrepentant… so much so that it can bring about strong conviction of sin that a nice, meek and mild Sunday sermon does not.

The increasing turning of men and women to their own gender for intimacy and “marriage” is nearly the last straw… the last nail in the world’s coffin. What was once against the common law and is still an “abomination” to the Creator of mankind, our Heavenly Father YAHWEH… is being accepted on our streets as “human rights”… whilst Christians (and Jews in Israel too)  who confront them are increasingly NOT being accepted! The general public doesn’t care about God or religion. To stand up against them is to risk sure ridicule. The next step is for the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to turn all the ignorant masses over to Satan during the Great Tribulation… and the last days anti-Christ New World Order Government… where all citizens will have to worship the anti-Christ and receive his mark, number or name on their hand or forehead.

What will that time be like? Would you stand up for Righteousness if you were persecuted for it by the unrighteous and unbelievers? All who object to full police state, communistic type control will be hated, rejected and beheaded as dissenters and terrorists. These laws are already in place. Police are on the look out for “Christian identity” groups amongst other trouble makers and “terrorists”. In America they can arrest and put people away without reason or lawyers for as long as they like. Soon no one will have rights to vote or express an opinion… so let us speak out and work for the Lord as long as it is day… “I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” John 9:4  True Christianity will be suppressed and probably wiped off the internet in preference to the last days inter-faith religion of the False Messiah. There will come more anti-Christian opposition and fines for Christians holding home meetings or other activities without “council permits” except for those  in Government approved and controlled, “tax exempt” churches etc.

Great preaching on another street corner… at an innocent “Apple Festival” and yet most casually walk past as if in a dream state… totally aloof… unconcerned. Are any of them “lost” sheep from the House of Israel? How many are Christians? (he said some did stop and say thanks for being there) No wonder God knows that earthquakes and all sorts of problems must keep increasing and shaking everything so that more will wake up to what is really important and start praying and seeking His help.

Please take note of the Bible and it’s prophecies, for many have already come to pass… but they are still happening today. Earth changes, famines, wars, diseases and distress of nations and the moral decline AWAY from the true standards of Judaic /Christianity is all part of them! See Mathew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13. May Father God’s will be done… to bring forth His Glorious remnant… sealed with His Name upon their foreheads… the faithful Bride of Messiah… the manifest Sons of God, Bene Ha Elohim who will ever dwell with Him in the Heavenly Mt. Zion. Rev. 7 and 14 (Please pray and read the whole Book of Revelation or listen to it read on YouTube.)

There are many videos on YouTube of the Mardi Gras types of gay parades with decorated floats, dancing, gyrating men dressed as women etc. These are such wonton displays of strange flesh that I cannot give them space here on the Bride of Messiah’s website but this LINK will take you to such a list of videos if you wish to see any more. This post is just to make others aware of the issues and how far down the track it all has gone with the general public’s thinking. Again may God bless those who are called to expose the works of darkness and call mankind to repentance. It is NOT an easy job and will only have results through prayers for those who are truly lost and do not perceive it. Even earthquakes will not wake many up. They will still support each other and curse God even the more for their self induced woes.

“…and how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher? Romans 10:14

Also preaching at Winter Jam in Greenville, SC

Blessings in Yeshua’s Name to those who agree with all this. If you don’t then I urge you to WAKE UP and repent before it’s too late…from Susan.

LGBT Pride Day at Salisbury NC in 2011… quite a few Christians and groups were there and even a choir singing as a Christian witness  despite efforts to block them out. The Mayor had sent her approval and welcome

Police tell Christian: it’s a crime to say ‘homosexuality is a sin’

(It will get harder to say what the Bible says as more object to it as “hate speak”. The Governments and judges do not uphold God’s Word over civil laws.)


4 responses to “GAY PRIDE VIDEOS- See today’s sinful Sodom & Gomorrah- public mocking of God and Christ- laughing all the way to HELL!

  1. Thanks for your comment Steve. Am praying that God who led His children in the wilderness will lead your steps too! (did you get the last article. It’s in the TAB section above called “LEAVE YOUR WILDERNESS”)
    Blessings to you and Edna from Susan.


  2. Steve Spindler

    Dear Susan,     Thank you for your current article. It’s true that people are being deceived by the spirit of the age. Hearts are truly becoming harder than before towards the Lord. His coming is soon. We need to be watchful and waiting for our Beloved Bride-Groom appearance.       I hope all is well with you. Sorry for not writing sooner. I have been checking on jobs everyday. Please pray that I’ll find something soon.       Keep close to Yeshua. He is really our only hope in this world of darkness. He is the True Light Whom we are to walk by. Keep writing and singing before Him. Edna says hi.       In Yeshua,         Steve      



  3. It’s pretty raw isn’t it. I thank God for men who are willing to be Jesus’ /Yeshua’s witnesses to those who don’t care. It’s lifting up a banner … a standard of Righteousness over the land. It’s the pits when there is no Christians outcry against the changes in laws.They get off too easy now… everyone thinks don’t tell others what to do… but this is about God not personal opinions. Love Susan


  4. Thank you for sharing this, Susan, and God bless you , our watch woman and His servant.


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