PROPHETIC WARNING about the worldly /covetous spirit in today’s BABYLONIAN shopping centres


A prophecy the Lord’s Spirit gave to me about the powerful “allurement” of shopping centres where all manner of tempting, worldly goods are on display with their “price tags”. They are part of the Kingdom of this world… today’s great  Babylonian centres, trading in goods from all over the world, built to be attractive, attract the masses and make big $profits$. There is nothing in or about them that gives Glory, Praise or recognition to the Holy One. He, as the Creator of all is ignored and forgotten as precious lost souls become customers and “consumers” of their merchandise. Indeed the spirit of anti-Christ is operating in these places which will all be destroyed in the days to come under the reign of our LORD Yeshua Ha Machiach /LORD Jesus Christ the Anointed One. Those who long after and love these temporary places and disposable things become spiritually starved of that which God offers for free… the priceless gift of Eternal Spiritual Life! We who are the Bride of Messiah and belong to Him and the New Jerusalem that is above, should guard our hearts and eyes and pause to pray before entering these man made places… which are a part of Mystery Babylon, so we are not effected, deluded, seduced, influenced and swayed to spend unnecessarily. The Lord says men build them for their own glory but only what is built on the foundation of faith in His Son shall stand… we are to be “in the world but not of it”
He says…
For all that the world gives has a price tag on it, but what I give you is free, given by my grace… I have paid the price for you!


These scriptures are suggested… Romans 12:1-2, Rev.13:16, 7:3, 1 Cor. 6:20, 11 Cor.1:22, Eph.1:13, 4:30, Ezek. 9:4, 1 John 2:15-17


This Word of the Lord came to me after I was writing to someone about the opening of a large new shopping centre which had stone statues of ugly pagan animals imported from overseas, standing like “sentinels” either side of the front entrance and other Grecian / Roman style statues of a naked “David” and goddess “Dianna” were in the food court area etc. Most people would think this was quite interesting or not even notice but other Christians like myself did notice. Of course there is nothing to fear for Paul and the first disciples had to walk around in towns where these statues and shops were part of normal society and their worship of various gods and goddesses. In fact he made it a talking point to witness about the true God and so can we! “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world”

Since about 2000 as Bali became a popular tourist destination, I’ve noticed imported Bali furniture and Buddha statues have found great acceptance in Australia…  through their promotion and availability for $purchase$ at shopping and garden centres. Other spirits can accompany these things from Asia and elsewhere. That is… those who admire them and take them into their homes and gardens… are opening themselves to the demonic spirits that are “behind” their worship in pagan countries. If you have any sort of statues, even of animals, “Jesus” or “Mary” please crush or burn them for anything with a painted “face” takes on the persona of living beings and starts to be thoght of as a “he” or “she”. It verges on idolatory when there is veneration / admiration, collecting, valueing, loving, treasuring and protecting of the thing… even to talking to and kissing it and dressing and feeding it, as with dolls as well. Some leave offerings of pretty flowers and fruit in front of their Buddha, Angel or Grecian lady garden statues… and burn incense to them. What is that? Certainly NOT something the Bride of Messiah should be caught up in by mesmerizing and seducing spirits who seek to gain worship and devotion from ignorant, gullible souls. It has to be repented of as it is a sin of the fallen nature as stated in YAHWEH’s Ten Holy Commandements.

When the prophesied cashless, electronic body “mark” comes in under the Global Government of Lucifer, no one will be able to buy or sell without it. (During the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation after the Bride is removed from this world) Consider that all the wonderful, one stop, modern shopping centres will be closed off at the front entrances with guards and scanners against those who won’t conform to the New World Order system. What we now consider as places to freely enter and wander around in for food, window shopping, music and entertainment, will come under increasing surveillance by computerized face recognition and iris scans of those who want to enter… using excuses of protecting the public from “te-r-r or-ism” or suspicious behavior etc.

The Lord said to share this so the admonitions and blessings are for all of us not just for “me”. I’m just one member of the Body of Christ, the Messiah of the true and faithful Israel… the Heavenly Jerusalem. He is our Light and Guide into all Truth. Guard your hearts and minds for John said the love of this world and the lust of the eyes is NOT of the Father. We are not to look like or be like the unbelievers. I pray this Word will go out in the Name of Yeshua and the Power of His Holy Spirit, to awaken and deliver the Bride of Christ from the covetous spirit of this world, that she may walk in holiness and  modesty, free of all greed and temptation in the midst of these things… setting an example of Godly living to others. NOW is the time to repent of any sin and prepare ourselves, making sure we have dealt with any “love of the world”. YESHUA MUST BE OR FIRST LOVE FOR HE SAID IN REV. 2 and 3 HE WILL SPIT THE LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS WHO SAY THEY HAVE EVERYTHING AND ARE “INCREASED WITH GOODS”… BUT ARE REALLY NAKED AND BLIND… OUT OF HIS MOUTH!

As I was writing this to my friend... “there is a very STRONG worldly spirit that wants to change us into its image, fashions and customs. But I want to be transformed into the image of Christ, not the image of the world… the beast.
Satan can’t mark me, because I’ve been marked… sealed by the Holy Spirit of God to be his precious possession. BE IN THE WORLD… BUT NOT OF IT… then the Holy Spirit said,
For yes, says the Lord……

I have truly delivered you OUT of the kingdom of THIS WORLD and into the KINGDOM of LIGHT… my Kingdom of peace and contentment… and that is why you feel the conflict in your soul as you walk near to those false things of darkness and deception.

For those in the world are deceived by those things but you are NOT, says the Lord.
For I have caused you to know the truth about these things, for you have enquired it of me time and time again.
And as you receive more of my revelation knowledge, the sharper and the “keener” shall be your discernment and perception of these things, says the Lord.

I would even cause you to speak out about these things to others in the body of Christ and to give them fair warning for me says the Lord. For many still walk in the shadows concerning these things… but you are emerging into the Light where you can see plainly in this area, for you have sensed the power of this worldly allurement coming against you as an intercessor.

Yes truly, the worldly systems revolve around commerce… buying and selling… but this is a false thing says the Lord… for what man can ever say “What I have is MINE” for all things belong unto the Lord God Almighty and they only belong to those to whom HE chooses to give them.
So in this day and hour I have chosen to give you of my riches and glory… even the unseen things of MY KINGDOM, where all things are FREE and there for the asking, says the Lord. Did I not say “Ask and you shall receive?”

For am I a stingy God unto you saith the Lord God… do I ever hold back because I cannot spare enough for you out of my great storehouse? For these shopping centres that you see are grand in the eyes of men… indeed they stand back and admire the idols which their hands have made and say to themselves and to one another “Look what we have done” but I the Lord of glory looks upon these things and laughs!
I laugh for in my eyes these things are puny… and the ones who build them are foolish, even as the men who built the tower of Babel were foolish.

For they were the first ones to have it come into their hearts to BUILD a great structure for the glory of men… rather than for my glory. For man can not build anything with his hands that can glorify me, says the Lord (remember that I always commanded them to use natural stones when they made an altar and not to cut them) … but it is only that which is built up by My Spirit upon the one true foundation stone of your faith in Christ Jesus… for what is not done by faith in Him, is not acceptable to me, says the Lord of Glory!

So listen, take head to these things and be not deceived… for this is all but part of that great deception which is to come… of which I have forewarned you, says the Lord… even that greed of man for material possessions which will run rampant over this earth. And they will be enticed away from the love of the truth and the love of the one true God… who can alone impart truth and love and hope into their souls. For they are perishing… starving for the lack of my life giving spirit which you have come to possess, says the Lord.

So do not be perturbed at that which you feel you “lack” but consider that which you “possess”… even all the riches of my kingdom which I have consented, yes even chosen to share with you.
It is my delight to share all the riches of my Kingdom with you says the Lord… for you (Note this means all who love Father God) are my heart’s delight and as you have received… go and share with others… freely you have received, freely give… “My peace I give you… not as the world gives”

For all that the world gives has a price tag on it, but what I give you is free, given by my grace… I have paid the price for you!


“And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her (Babylon), my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” (Revelation 18:4)



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