ANOINTED VIDEO~ High Priest YESHUA~ John’s Revelation Vision~ “I enter the Holy of Holies” by Paul Wilbur

THIS VIDEO is just dripping with the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Pray before watching and He will flow over you as He is to me. HalleluYAH. Thanks to nikkytt4eva’s YouTube channel who has given me permission to share this presentation and lyrics to the song by Paul Wilbur. Scenes are from my favorite movie about the Beloved John and His visions in the Book of Revelation. The full film is on my “Categories” list. May this bless you as the Bride of Messiah is like the “5 wise virgins” awaiting the return of our Master and Heavenly Bridegroom Yeshua HaMachiach / Jesus Christ. For FULL SCREEN click on box lower right side & Esc. key to go back. Also see this AMAZING portrayal of the Day of Atonement and the High Priest’s ministry INSIDE the Holy of Holies Tabernacle   Blessings from Susan.


8 responses to “ANOINTED VIDEO~ High Priest YESHUA~ John’s Revelation Vision~ “I enter the Holy of Holies” by Paul Wilbur

  1. It’s very nice to hear from you Sylvia… write to me when you want to… Love in Yeshua from Susan.


  2. I miss you love!
    Followed this one all the way back to the beginning and guess what I found!!! In Spanish first and then English and then read out loud to the music playing oh wow!!! Isaiah 37…. Love it 🙂 See you soon dearest…


  3. Hi Alicia… try again. You should be able to hear Paul singing it. Love from your friend Susan.


  4. Your comment is a real blessing to me today, especially as I don’t receive much feedback. I trust God is doing great things with all the websites I’ve put out there! All are directed back to this site which is getting by far the best website rankings. Thank the Lord. It is amazing.
    I do love the Lord and seek to edify and encourage other believers. May He watch over and keep you always. Love in our Beloved Yeshua’s Holy Name, Susan.


  5. I love the Bride of Mashiach. This is the one greatest channels I have been to
    other than to be in the presence of our Yahshua. Blesssed are you Susan
    for the I AM hath given you wisdom, and compassion.
    Let your voice speak the TRUTH (Torah).
    Debby W. Idaho USA

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  6. lovely post, thought I would have heard my song by Paul Wilbur “I Enter The Holy Of Holies” but I didn’t hear it. it’s a nice worship song, we also sing it at church and it creates a wonderful atmosphere of worship.


  7. Yes, I uploaded it twice. Hope you are blessed in Yeshua’s Holy Name. Susan


  8. Ok this time it has buttons to play! Love, sis


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