THE BRIDE’S SECRET HOLY PLACE of Prayer & Preparation for SHARING of Love & Ministry to others in Yeshua’s Name

“Take me away into the Secret Place”…

This music video is so beautifuland exactly what the Holy Spirit is calling the Bride into at this time. To put Lord Yeshua FIRST… to make Him her FIRST LOVE! To rest from her works of “ministry” to others and seek the Lord first. To come into the quiet place of the Holy of Holies, behind the “veil” of natural human life, to stop our “doing” and just “be” with Him. IF we will still our souls and look back at Yeshua, we WILL be healed of our confusion and religious struggles! But are we coming to Him and “ABIDING” in the covering shadow and protection of the Most High God as in Psalm 91? Am I “ABIDING” in the Vine so that His Life may flow in and through me? John 15… or am I coming and going, busy with MY plans, distractions and other loves? Yielding oneself to God always brings order into our lives, mental balance and spiritual peace out of chaos. When I yield myself to the Father to be in control of my life then the “fruit” of the Holy Spirit such as “self-control” and “love” will grow and work in me. I won’t be afraid and unable to cope. Don’t get to the point of desperately crying out  GOD GIVE ME PEACE AND PATIENCE !#%@?! Just be alone with Him more and it will happen. You will become more Christ like in attitudes and deeds. You WILL be more peaceful and patient. We are changed into the image of what we are beholding. Yeshua is a King with a servant’s heart. He delights to give of Himself and He calls His disciples to “learn of me” and become as He is in this world.

Preparing ourselves for a Ministry of Love…

This article is about the secret of Spiritual preparation in God’s Presence which effortlessly brings forth Spiritual “fruitfulness”… and how it’s not all up to me to do the work of ministry! There is time to work and time to rest. All work for God must come out of a time of resting in His Presence. There is “conception” of His Word in us as a seed that needs to be nurtured, maybe for a long time, until it’s time to bring it forth visibly. God wants to speak and do HIS WORK in and through us but there HAS to be that preparation and growth into a level of wisdom and maturity. We may know we are being called to “do” a work for Him, in His Name, in His place, as His representative but we have to give ourselves to the LORD for the work of the ministry. We have to be personally taught of the Lord what He wants... otherwise we dare not try to do or say things in His Name. Nor should we dare to take credit or desire recognition as if we are somebody important. Nor should we want people to “minister” to to make us feel we have a succesful ministry! Such attitudes are abnoxious to the Blessed Holy Spirit whom we should be seeking to WORK WITH AND TAKE DIRECTIONS AND HELP FROM IN ANY FORM OF MINISTERY. This is how it was with Yeshua’s ministry! Being in the form and limitations of a man, He said the words and works were from the Father working in Him… He did what He “saw” the Father doing.Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” John 14:10. Exercising a ministry has problems and even Satanic attacks, opposition  and discouragement to be overcome… (as the Apostles had so much opposition)… but when carrying the Ark of a “ministry” becomes a heavy burden with no anointing life, joy and peace in it… (like Aron’s rod that budded supernaturally)  then it shows that the causes could be either…

  • we are “burnt out”, exhausted by other people, physical or other personal problems that need URGENT attention. (calls for going away or aside ALONE with God to rest, re-asses the vision, worship and re-committ ourselves to Him and be REST-ored. Psalm 23)
  • we are being attacked by demonic spirits that are trying to discourage us and hinder our ministry. (needs discernment, prayer for “deliverance” from your enemies and warfare / praise music/ bowing down to YAHWEH/ scriptural declarations. Eph.6, Rev. “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death”)
  • we aren’t “allowing” the Father to speak and work in and through us, even though we want Him to (due to lack of prayer and commitment. Needs repentance of spiritual slumber/ apathy and procrastination, giving Him more of ourselves and time in preference to other things or people = LOVE Him more. John 4)
  • we aren’t “willing” to let Him work in us because we want to do things our way (we may be hindering God’s work in and through us by a rebellious /prideful attitude or a deep seated bitter /bad root  that needs revealing, repentance, casting off, cutting off  and restoration in Righteousness. Unbelief such as fear, doubts and criticism soon becomes rebellion AGAINST God and “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft” 1Sam.15:23 We have to surrender ourselves, yeild and pray in OBEDIENCE “Not my will but yours be done”)
  • or it is time to ask for more workers to help carry the load and do the work and or intercessors or financial help? (Pray for help, provision and share your needs with others in the Lord’s body)
  • or it is time to lay the ministry calling down, either temporarily or permanently (even if we don’t understand the reason, seek God’s will and wisdom and counsel and prayer from others)
  • or perhaps it is time to hand the mantle over to someone else whom He has raised up and confirmed is His chosen (Bless and pray for them, release and let it all go. Don’t look back. Move forward as the Holy Spirit leads… even if that is doing nothing at this time.)
  • or it is just time to start a different ministry! Praise God (He who is faithful in little things will be given greater responsibilities!)

Struggling to impress who?…

If we aren’t hearing from the LORD of the Church who wants to carry on His ministry on earth through us (in His Name) or have lost our enthusiasm or feel we are floundering around or even going under, then we need to re-assess what is most important. Maybe we have gotten out of our depth, taken on too much, got side tracked or become puffed up. No ministry is really mine! We / I cannot impart Eternal Life and Spiritual healing to anyone else. Only Christ in and through us as parts of His body can. The problem with feeling “stale” or “tired” or losing interest in one’s vision may be entirely with “us”. We have to ask now and again… are my priorities right? Is my life in Godly balance and order? Am I condemning myself without reason? Am I trying to compare myself to others or copy them? Have I even lost the plot by losing Christ as my first love? Some do and it is a very serious thing in His eyes. He will not bless those who do not love and honor Him FIRST in the churches. He must be the center of our focus and all our “ministries” must be based on Him as the foundation stone… for the Glory of the Father. Many imitation Christs,  counterfeit churches and con-men ministers  exist but the Holy Spirit will not bear witness to that which is a lie using His Name. Many are being deceived but the elect… the Bride… will know the real deal and not follow them.

Rev. 2:1-7 is the Lord’s message to the church / sacred assembly at Smyrna commending them for their works, labor, patience, not putting up with evil, testing false apostles and liars for His name’s sake but then He says… “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent and do the first works  or else I will come unto thee quickly and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent. v7, he that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life which is in the midst of the paradise of God”

Submitting to the High Priest…

Do I love and minister to YAHWEH first before wanting a “ministry” to others? Am I responding to His calling and wooing unto Himself? Maybe I have to lay myself down again before Him on the Altar of Sacrifice and let Yeshua as the High Priest divide my flesh and spirit with the sharp sword of His Living Word… burn me with His purifying “eyes of fire”… wash and cleanse me from all leaven of sin and anoint me afresh with the Holy Spirit of Love and Power. He is a jealous God but OH what a MIGHTY EL SHADDAI to call our Elohim! He knows exactly where we are at and what to do about it. Nothing is hidden from Him. He searches our hearts. He wants our willingness and consent to let Him work in us. That may mean pruning back the old dead works at times. Ouch!… but no, let it be gone so that we might walk in newness of life with His Life flowing through us continually… “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him,  endured the cross…” Hebrews 12:2

Is Yeshua / Jesus our First Love?

The true faithful, remnant Bride (all those men and women who love Yeshua/ Jesus as their Savior and Lord) is wanting this reward of Joy too and longing to see her Beloved! This may be a mystery for some but the Holy Spirit is wanting to prepare her heart in Love and Holiness… ready for the return of the Bridegroom. This means she must put aside all other distractions and seek Him FIRST as her FIRST LOVE not her last! If her Lamp of Love has run out of oil by unbelief or from compromising and partaking in the lukewarm, last days “Laodicean church”, or the miracle con-men or the religious “Interfaith” apostasy, it will soon become cold and go out and she will be left behind at the time of the “rapture”… “our gathering together unto Him” to be taken back to the Father’s House… the New Jerusalem. He has made this warning very clear to His Churches… for those who have eyes and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to us… Revelation chapters 1 to 3, Mathew 25:1-13 and 2 Thess. 2

In Love and awe of God…

The Shulamite woman and her beloved Shepherd / King in the Song of Solomon... is a type of the Lord and His Bride. She searched everywhere, she asked the Watchmen (who bruised her as some leaders do) and other women  of Jerusalem (as many Churches goers)“have you seen my beloved?”… they had not but when she found Him she “would not let Him go”. It takes time and commitment of the will to find, hear, receive and know Him. “Could you not watch with me for one hour?” Math 26:41… means it can take at least an hour of prayer, waiting, Bible study and worship… before one starts to tap into an awareness of His Presence and the Knowledge of what He is really like…. not what our religious ideas, beliefs and dogmas have presented as the Truth. We don’t have an INSTANT God who can be brought up as we demand. Some say they don’t have an hour a day to pray and worship the Lord… yet they spend more time on the phone or watching TV.

We need to practice the Presence of God all the time no matter what else we are doing. We must be patient and diligent, genuine and truthful in our desires to be heard and blessed by Him. Not that He is far away… but knowing the LORD is a matter of responses… sometimes He makes the first move towards us and we should respond back to Him… other times we can make the first move and He surely will respond back! I read of someone suggesting that meeting with God should be like two shy little birds gradually and even timidly approaching one another as they gain confidence. Yes, I think God is powerful beyond approaching or knowing… yet to those who really love Him, He is as gentle and and sensitive as that. Lovemaking should be. It is about mutual Love and giving of each other… not domination and control of the other for one’s own selfish reasons.

See the prophecy Yeshua has given about this    There also has to be a “Godly fear”… (not the demonic “spirit of fear” which is NOT from God)… but an awe and respect for the Holy One of Israel…whom we will all have to deal with in one way or another… either willingly or unwillingly. But developing a relationship with God as our Father and our Husband is altogether different to what some will experience of God’s judgement and even wrath against all evil in the end days. So many do not want to respond to the LORD or even believe in a God… but He is not mocked, each person will reap what they sow. There will be Heavenly rewards for our efforts. We are to store up riches in Heaven before we get there!  Yeshua / Jesus taught “God is a Spirit” and “God is Love”… so we can start there with that knowledge and “confidently” come to the Throne of God’s Grace. Hebrews 10.

Making excuses...

Our old, natural mind, carnal nature and sinful flesh can be afraid of praying / talking to God alone… and makes all sorts of excuses to avoid it… oh, I have to do this or that first. In other words we often disobey our spiritual husband and will not come to Him when He calls for our Love and attention! We need to remember Messiah / Christ came to make the Heavenly Father of Love known to us... not to condemn us but to save us. We have to bring our fears to the cross and lay them down. We do not have to plead for forgiveness and acceptance… you are accepted in the Beloved Son of God! The Father of Light accepts those who accept and love His Son as their “Beloved”! Oh He is so LOVED! It’s all about Loving each other in the Oneness /Echad of His Holy Spirit. “God so LOVED the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have Eternal Life”. John 3:16. The Way to Eternal Life in Heaven, as a son or daughter of the Most High God… has been shown. (This is all explained in the New Testament.)

Private prayer…

For those who have received the Promise of the indwelling Holy Spirit… the search is not “out there” any more… we have to Come into the SECRET PLACE of prayer and worship… the Holy of Holies… the Heavenly Place of Love and Worship in our own hearts and prayer rooms… shut the door and be alone with God… just talk to Him… kneel or lay on the floor in humility and adoration of the Holy One who is so WORTHY of all our worship and Praise. Sing to Him a New Song… “Holy, Holy, Holy are you Oh Lord, King of the Universe… Heaven and earth are full of your glory”…kneel and lay before Him… put yourself under His Spiritual covering… and He will lift you up…

Lord, I come to you… cover me with your Spirit… I want to belong to you. Put your seal upon me… I love you more than anyone or anything else… I cannot live without you… please reveal yourself to me more… I want to see and touch you… I want to hear your Voice Lord… I hunger and thirst for you alone… for the Oil and Wine of your Spiritual Blessing…that you alone can give to me. Why have I wasted so much time in the outer court… asking others? trusting others?… trying to help and advice others? please forgive me… I just want to belong to you and do what you want… to please you alone is all that matters now… You are my spiritual husband… my provider and protector…

Being the Bride of Messiah and representing Him to others as the Desirable One… our Beloved Lord and Master… can only happen as we spend time alone with Him and walk in that spiritual fellowship of the Holy Spirit as a branch ABIDING in the Vine.  How can His Life flow into and through us lest we are One with Him in a Living Love Union? He said “I am the living bread that came down from Heaven…eat of me”! Let us not just speak of this as being True but do it… pray for a revelation of it. (represented by the priests eating at the Table of Shewbread in the Holy Place) The Father will reveal His Son through the Holy Spirit of Truth, as the Menorah Light… will bring enlightenment to our spirits and make His Word real to us.

The Lord or the world?…

So are we longing for an encounter with the Risen Lord or are we afraid to ask? He WANTS to reveal Himself to His precious Bride but He wants us to ask Him. Let Him hear your voice. Tell Him what you want. Can we even imagine how this must delight our King… to have us come to Him willingly and tell Him we want Him more than any other… that He has ravished our hearts too? I am asking Yeshua to make Himself more real to me. Interest in the world, shopping and TV has all but dropped off… and so it should! He is my delight… day and night. There is nothing else to live or long for. Not even my own family come before the LORD. I have responsibilities to love and care for them but unfortunately I don’t have spiritual fellowship with all of them in the Holy Spirit. They don’t all understand what I have and think one foot in the world is OK but love of the world but Apostle John said it is NOT of the Father. The world cannot entertain the anointed Bride of Messiah or delude us that anything less than the Lord is very important… for her heart is set on things above in Heaven! The world loves its own… looks after its own. They do not understand the Anointed Ones… true Christ-Ones… Christians… followers and disciples of Christ the Messiah… the Anointed One… YESHUA the KING!

To obey is to serve… but as Marys or Marthas?…

Seeking His Presence, His Voice, His Heavenly “atmosphere” in our midst and the Blessing of His Holy Anointing Oil and Wine of Love should be our number 1 priority. This is the first of the 10 Commandments which are still the timeless teachings and moral standards of YAHWEH for all humanity. It seems that after lip service… most people don’t want to love and keep them and can’t anyway without the Holy Spirit in their hearts who enables that AUTOMATICLY! (See Jer. 31:31) Yeshua said to the disciples who followed Him… “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and do not do what I say?” and that He had NOT come to do away with the Commandments of His Father but to fulfill them perfectly and write them in our hearts and minds by His Holy Spirit of Love. So, are we obeying Yeshua and spending time with Him like Mary or running here and there like Martha? Are we spending hours on YouTube watching other people’s videos when we should be reading the Bible?… or on eBay searching for something interesting to “BUY NOW” when the Father said He would provide what we need? Martha types are REST-less and full of anxiety and questions. She was judging her sister Mary and complaining because she wasn’t doing what she wanted… not even willing to stop all the fervent activity to hear from the Lord of the Church what He wanted. He said...”One thing is needful and Mary has chosen the better thing” Mary wasn’t trying to do anything for Him… but waited at His feet, listening for His Voice first. He said that is the better thing to “do”. Surely she is a type of the Bride of Messiah… one who just loved Him in simplicity and purity with no other selfish ego ambitions? Yeshua / Jesus justified her quiet /teachable heart and rebuked Martha’s bossy / fearful attitude. I’m sure Mary didn’t want a “ministry” but out of her Love for Yeshua / Jesus one would have developed as she simply shared about Him with others and sought to love the brethren!


Sometimes we become worn out TRYING to serve God… when all He asks us to “do” is to know Him and the One He has sent. How hard is that? In that knowing we receive supernatural peace and strength to face and do the impossible. As they say, it’s not our ability but our availability that matters. God can change, prepare and use anyone who is willing to say, “Lord, here am I, send me”. The Creator knows we are just dust and that all our good intentions don’t produce spiritual “fruit”. YAHWEH’s ways are not our ways. All He asks is that we  come into the Holy Place to be with and worship Him… (John 4) to forget about all else and all others!!!!!… and then go forth as His spiritual priests… to do “the work of the ministry” or deliver the Word He tells us in there. This takes more patience, soul searching and obedience than being “busy”. It’s called “waiting on the Lord”… “walking in the Spirit” and “Abiding in the vine” John 15 (see article in tabs above called “LEAVING YOUR WILDERNESS” for more about waiting on God and obeying Him)

The Right Attitude…

If we don’t get this and ourselves right… how can we instruct others or help to build them up in their most holy faith? We will grind to a halt… the Holy Spirit will convict us of self-righteousness and religious pride… even though it may take a while to realize what He is telling us! LOL. We have to practice what we preach. Otherwise we should mind our own business and not try to help and support everyone in our own strength or make judgements of what we think they should do. We must avoid trying to control others under the pretense of being a religious teacher or spiritual counselor to them for they could end up in bondage and dependance on us! That is not true Holy Spirit led ministry. We must have empathy with those in need and treat them as equals. We are not to have a “holier than thou” attitude or try to “lord it over others”. The Master said those who want to be the greatest in God’s Kingdom should make themselves the servants of others who are God’s people too. We cannot serve those whom we aren’t willing to love as God loves them. This takes HUMILITY! Being humble of attitude is not a weakness but a choice. It is the opposite of VANITY! God is humble and is close to those with a meek and humble spirit but hates the wicked and arrogant who oppose Him and the proud and arrogant Pharisees / hypocrite types. He prefers the man who smites his chest and prays “Please forgive me a sinner” rather than the self righteous Pharisee who say “I thank God I’m not like this man”.

So what is having a “ministry” about?

It’s about being called and gifted by the Holy Spirit and given authority in the Lord’s Name to serve others, in His place. Not all ministries are spectacular or noticed except by those who receive them… but they are anointed to “touch” people in a spiritual way nevertheless. When those moments happen they are very special for that is when the Lord makes His presence known in their midst and often the supernatural Gifts of the Holy Spirit are manifested according to the need. Our Master set an example, took a towel and washed His disciples feet… which was the servant’s job in those days. We could call that a ministry of “service” or “helps”. Maybe you love to serve people by cooking them food or give away flowers. Prayer is a “ministry”… the giving of self and time for others in a sacrificial way. (Pray for those who reject you and spitefully use you… that God may show them mercy and grace… then leave them to Him.) You may help in a church office… that’s a ministry of administration, keeping records, arranging things? Visiting hospitals and nursing homes, praying for, laying hands on, anointing the sick and writing to persecuted Christians in prison are ministries of healing and mercy to the needy. You may have a ministry of deliverance, words of knowledge or wisdom, healing or prophecy that comes through you as you are speaking with people on the phone or in a shop as well as in a church situation. It’s all the Gifts of the same Holy Spirit being worked out in daily life. It’s all the ongoing Ministry of Yeshua on earth through His Body. Is our ministry just to those in the Church/Body of Christ? No… remember the Good Samaritan story and show the Love of God to all without questioning the results. How do I know if a stranger is not another Christian or brought up that way, or back slidden with parents still praying for them? Again I say, avoid the “I am holier than thou” attitude. No one wants “ministry” from someone whom they don’t like. BE A WITNESS. Share about your testimony and what God means to you rather than telling others what they should or shouldn’t do. If they are interested some questions will come forth or at least they may remember what you said. Some sow seed, some water and some reap the harvest.

Value the simple encounters…

LOVE EXPRESSED ALWAYS BRINGS ON GOOD FRUIT. It must! Be there for others and offer help but accept a thankless attitude without bitterness. We are meant to shine our light before men so that they will see our good works and glorify our Father in Heaven. If you will wear a simple cross that may speak heaps as to why you are polite. Be a cheerful giver. Don’t retaliate to the ungodly. Have pity and mercy on their stupidity and lack of understanding. They may be destined for hell and you may have one chance to make a difference in their life! At least don’t be the one they blame for not wanting to be like “those Xtians”. If someone hurts you, forgive straight away lest a root of bitterness have time to grow. “Father forgive for they don’t know what they are doing”. These are the best ways I know of to be His witnesses and disciples in the world. Disciples are those who are learning from a Master Teacher who knows more and is willing to impart it. No one is perfect yet and we can tell others that and be quick to apologize if we do something wrong! Leave the judging of souls to God… how can sinners and the deceived be helped by pointing out their faults to them or being told they have to keep the “Torah” to please God? They know deep down what they are… what they need is hope and healing of their souls and that starts by finding out there is a Heavenly Father who loves them. Yeshua chided the religious Pharisees for tithing of mint and cumin but forgetting the WEIGHTIER MATTERS OF THE LAW LIKE MERCY. First we have to be friendly as well as truthful before unbelievers will even listen to us. A LOVING ATTITUDE IS ALWAYS THE BEST WAY. Most people are hurt and insecure and on the defensive against more rejection and are used to looking after number one. All some understand is to give back what they got in life. They are deeply angry. “A soft word turneth away wrath”.

Bride of Yeshua… What is the Holy Spirit saying to you at this time? Maybe spend more time with your Beloved Lord and just see what happens out of that! More fruitful ministry no doubt… in His time.

God Bless you… from Psalmist Susan





4 responses to “THE BRIDE’S SECRET HOLY PLACE of Prayer & Preparation for SHARING of Love & Ministry to others in Yeshua’s Name

  1. The Bride of Messiah has the same Holy Spirit as Yeshua. She is called His Dove in Song of Solomon… His “Choice one”. He will not join Himself to those who are not like Himself.
    Blessings from Susan.


  2. In all of your thought’s on Heavenly Father, have you ever thought how Heavenly Father feels? What it must have been to see the most
    Beautiful of all of creation nailed to a tree. Do you not think Father has feelings? He must you know, since he created them. We are made in his image. Whould not you think that Yahshua would want a bride that had the heavenly Spirit to have such wisdom? His bride will be his mirror image, he could have no less, for they become one in spirit.
    Do you think Yahshua deserves anything less? She won’t be the mirror on the outside but the inside.


  3. Glad it blessed you and your dear daughter Aubrey…
    May the Lord continue to bless your ministry of love and servant-hood in your home and on the internet… encouraging many… Love from Susan.


  4. God bless you, Susan, for availing yourself to Him and us. The video and song was so beautiful (Aubrey loved it too) . and the whole post spoke to me. love and prayers!


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