JACOB TOBACK~ True Throne Room Worship~ Biblical Hebrew Words for Praise & Worship

The Hebrew word for worship is to bow down!

“O come, let us worship and bow down: let us kneel before the LORD our maker”  Psalm 95:6


Glory to YAHWEH…our Heavenly Father… the Elohim / God of Israel and blessings to all who are joined into His Holy Nation as spiritual priests… through partaking of Yeshua’s New Covenant Marriage Cup and receiving the Gift of the Ruach Holy Spirit. This amazing calling to know and worship the Father… not in an earthly Temple or Church building but personally in Spirit and Truth (John 4) should elicit from us Heavenly Throne Room Worship and devotion even whilst still here on earth!

I’m giving links here to the websites, YouTube channel, free True Worship music CD and emails of Pastor Jacob Toback who also shares about a book he’s written on true Throne Room worship… and how no flesh can stand before the LORD. He has videos and DVD teachings on how the Father requires spiritual worship according to His Word and not by the dead traditions of men. The Biblical words for “praise” mean kneeling, dancing, lifting up hands etc. and the Hebrew word for “worship” means to bow down to YHWH.

The Holy Spirit will of course, intuitively lead us to do these things when we are filled with His Presence… but for those who want some encouragement… God has called Jacob to teach and encourage others who don’t know about these matters of true heartfelt worship… which can and should even be demonstrated with our body. What a witness it is to others too of our faith. (Have you seen Jews praying at the Western Wall with all their “strength”, oblivious to those around them? Some may look or act over zealous from a strict upbringing in Judaism but do you realize they are just trying to obey the first Commandment from both Moses and Yeshua / Jesus Christ… “You shall love the Lord your Elohim with all your heart and soul and mind and strength”. The Lord wants us to be hot… not lukewarm or cold in our worship.)

It is plain in the Bible how many times prophets and believers fell before or laid before God on their faces in awe, reverence, prayer and praise. Yeshua Himself did so. Many Jews still do in meetings. (It’s the Muslims who copied them and the early Christians!  Note: how no believers are said to have fallen BACKWARDS! As Jacob says, most people stand in worship and praise times or sit on their chairs… but do not bow their heads or knees in the least, even if they are singing words like “We bow down before you”. We will bow in Heaven… so why not now? There is great blessing for those who will humble themselves before the Most High… “Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.”

This may be from traditional conditioning and embarrassment at being the first, afraid what others may think, or even religious pride. Yet if pastors were teaching and setting the example of Biblical worship, with times of praise and lifting up hands, kneeling down in prayer, times of silence and times of dance… then the people would soon follow or as someone says on this website… get up and leave! On the other hand I’m appalled at the carnal / fleshly “worship” examples some so called ministers are setting and approving of in the modern day New Age churches… (see YouTube) with animal sounds, uncontrolled laughing, joking and jesting, putting up umbrellas, gold dust crazes, unruly behavior, staggering as drunkards and rolling around.) Many who truly love the Lord are caught up in these things but if they knew about and compared it to the Biblical forms of worship, derived from the words like “barak” and “churl” in the Psalms etc. they would understand how far removed it is from what pleases our Holy Father. It lacks, awe and reverence. as the Lord showed me in a prophecy I’m still to post… They do not know how to behave in the House of the Lord. (that is not about being in a building but about being gathered together in His Name as a sacred assembly… the House that He dwells in!)

Many Westernized Christians who think they are worshiping God… actually still need “deliverance” from paganism, ignorance, emotional soul power, peer pressure, noisy worldly music, flashing lights, hypnotic trance states and YES, even demonic doctrines and manifestations which actually MOCK the Most High God. We need maturity in the body of Christ and discernment about what is and isn’t pleasing to YAHWEH the God / Elohim of Israel! Spontaneity and enthusiasm yes… Gifts of the Holy Spirit yes… but barking NO! This should not be happening in the “House of God”… in the sacred assemblies / churches of Yeshua. Paul said God is a God of order not chaos. He wrote to the carnal Corinthians about their lack of reverence. On the other hand there are churches where there is no body ministry or freedom to share or move spontaneously because everything is regimented by a program… sometimes worked out a year ahead.

As Pastor Toback says… “fleshly worship” is not acceptable to Yahweh. It takes the focus off of Him. It is as “false fire” but the self centered flesh nature and mental mind power loves it. The Lord showed me in that same prophecy that there is often a lack of maturity in the leadership and that “there needs to be services of repentance”. What else will prepare believers for His coming? It seems some of the “Bride of Messiah” would rather have fun than study God’s word, seek His blessing and heed His last days prophetic warnings?

If kneeling in repentance / quieter prayer and music, even silence in His Presence were practiced more when we come together… and some do not like it in a meeting… then let them leave… for they obviously don’t want to exalt the Holy One of Israel in the way that pleases Him! I honestly wonder if the youth in today’s modern churches really know who they are supposed to be serving? This is a serious matter when immature leaders are leading the young into wild states with loud drumming on stages etc. Where will they end up? I don’t want to sound critical but in general maybe it is sometimes as Apostle Paul said… about “another Jesus and another Gospel”.

That’s why I’m always proclaiming the Hebrew Names of Ha Elyon… the Most High God, so there can be no mistake who I serve.. for the word “God” and even “Lord” or Adonai” really means nothing. My Heavenly Father is YAHWEH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Yeshua is His Word, image, epiphany or manifestation as my Messiah and Savior and His Ruach Holy Spirit… the Spirit of Truth Whom He sent to us… bears witness within that I am His spiritual child… born of His Love. HalleluYAH. I believe YAH wants us to know who He is as the Elohim of Israel. That puts many things into a right perspective. We MUST have the Holy Spirit of Truth in our worship by asking the father to fill us with His Love and Presence.This is the only way we can worship the Father in Spirit and Truth. John 4

As New Covenant believers… the Holy Ruach Spirit is to be our constant comforter and teacher in all things if we will only invite Him in and be conscious of His Presence in our hearts. I have been a Christian all my life, water baptized at 21  but have only prayed and praised God in this spiritual way for over 30 years since I heard about and opened my life to be “Baptized in the Holy Spirit”. (I had never been told we have to ASK the Father for the Holy Spirit! That’s what Yeshua taught yet we sort of take it for granted that all we have to do is ASK Jesus into our hearts. ) I believed in the Father and the One He has sent to be my Savior but after I received the promised GIFT of the Holy Spirit (alone at home) I was spiritually AWAKENED and inspired and taught to kneel down in prayer, lift up “holy hands” and dance in grapevine steps I had never seen or learned. One day I felt for a few moments as if I was sitting on the ground in Jerusalem and could sense camels walking behind me with tinkling bells and the smell of dust. This was my initiation and grafting into His people Israel. AMAZING!

I hope the links below to Jacob’s website and Jimmy Black’s beautiful anointed music, will bless many others… and be an answer to those who long for what True Worship is all about… in the secret place alone or in the assembly of the saints. Of course it’s a heart thing first… our spirit united to and in communion with His Spirit but the body is often very PROUD and RESISTANT to bow or kneel down… let alone lay face down as all the prophets did. This is not always suitable or required in a public place, so be wise about that… but is good to do at home for it humbles and deals with the defiance in the flesh and carnal mind as nothing else can. The Lord gave me this word once “Satan hates to see my servant on her knees for then he knows he has lost his battle”

Those who humble themselves and wait on the Lord will be raised up in new power and joy. The word “humble” literally means to bend the knee! If you are desperate for an answer to prayer or an encounter with the Holy One… try kneeling, confessing your sins and then raising your hands and worshiping Him in your spiritual language. Take your eyes off of yourself and your limitations in this world and He will raise you up. Those who willingly take the “lower” place may even be invited up higher. Yahveh will draw near to the man or woman who humbles themselves… as Mary sat at the feet of Yeshua / Jesus… “The Lord draws near to the humble but the proud He knows afar off” Why is that? Because The Lord is Himself of a humble and meek character even though He has all Knowledge, Power and Authority

QUOTE from Jacob’s website…

Over 25 years ago, Christ revealed Himself to Evangelist/Worship Leader Jacob Toback, a Messianic Jew. Toback is the writer of the anointed book, NO FLESH STANDS IN THE HOLY OF HOLIES, which many readers have called “the best book on true throne room worship ever written.” The book has profoundly affected the lives of so many worshipers that it is spreading around the country like wild fire, along with eight volumes of anointed worship music. The book definitely teaches on what true worship is according to the Bible, and what counterfeit “worship” is according to man.

Evangelist/Worship Leader Toback emphatically states that he did not write this book, but that God gave him the revelation on worship. More important, every sentence is backed up by Bible scriptures. The Concordance, which is recognized by Christians to give accuracy in Hebrew to English and Greek to English word definitions, clearly states that “worship” means to bow, kneel, and prostrate one’s body and heart. (See Concordance definition of “worship” #7812 in Hebrew and #4352 in Greek.)

LINKS… to “Worshipers of the Living God Ministries” with Pastor &  Evangelist Jacob Toback   Sign in here with your email address to receive a download link for a free Throne Room worship music CD and emails on True Worship  Jacob’s YouTube channel. LOTS OF VIDEOS!!!!! Have a look.   Main website. (I haven’t read his books but if you have, let me know what you think)   Jacob’s Book   Anointed worship music… to order or click on and listen to short “sample” tracks.   Link to hear or download free  powerful, worshipful music by psalmist Jimmy Black.

Please read this other POST with the prophetic Word the Lord gave me after hearing Jacob speaking… let me know what the Lord shows you too!

Blessings from Psalmist Susan in Australia.


3 responses to “JACOB TOBACK~ True Throne Room Worship~ Biblical Hebrew Words for Praise & Worship

  1. Thank you so much for your comment Maria. I’m so glad the Lord has blessed you here.
    Where do you live? (did you see the prophetic Word about keeping the Sabbath in the Tabs section above)
    You might like to write to me at my email,
    Blessings from Susan.


  2. Maria Nolen

    Dear Sister Susan,
    What a blessing I received from your teachings, Y’shua through His beautiful Ruach Ha Kodesh has confirmed many things I’ve been receiving years ago. One of them is observing Shabbat and loving and praying for the salvation of His people Israel. I recently found my Jewish roots as a Sephardic Hispanic and I’m thrilled to know this cause I’m a believer in Messiah Y’shua, and there is no coincidence He has impressed in me the hunger to know more about Hebtew and Messianic music, I have also been called to minister with Psalms and The Lord has given me the inspiration for some music composition of some psalms that I would love to share with you. I enjoy your teachings! The other night I couldn’t stop crying while reading some of them cause I know The Spirit of Elohim has guided you to write boldly and courageously in these last days, thank you for allowing Him to use you as His beautiful vessel of honor !
    Truly from the heart !
    May YHVH bless you and Keep shining His beautiful Countenance on you!
    Blessings from above,
    Maria Nolen ( Arce)


  3. Susan, thank you for sharing more about true worship. I really appreciated it and it shows the difference between praising Him and then moving into worshiping Him. I think that I sometimes can put those both together . . .and just stay in praise mode.
    God bless you! love and prayers!


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