See TODD BAKER’S NEWSLETTERS.. “B’rit Hadashah Ministries”..Outreach to Israel!

URGENT! Donations needed to make the next 24th missionary outreach to Israel in June 2012. So few Gentiles take the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Yeshua / Jesus Christ back to the Jews first! Can you be a part of helping to make this possible?

This is a link to Dr. Todd Baker’s B’rit Hadashah ministry website… where you can read the latest and past newsletters online and see how the Lord is using him and a small team on a humble budget to make regular trips to Israel. There they encounter person to person, front line, street evangelism to Israelis who are so open to their message and the free Bibles and Messianic literature about their Messiah Yeshua. They are planting Eternal Seeds into ready hearts.

Main page…

Click on “Partner with us” at the bottom of the website to go to the donation support page… “to the Jew first” Romans 1:16

They are willing to go and do all the leg work so I pray other Christians will be touched to help support them with prayer and  if possible financially… even a few dollars. The Lord’s Holy Spirit knows how to lead them and organizes many amazing encounters… as you’ll read in these interesting newsletters with photos of some of the people they have spoken to.  This is a ministry that is VERY important to the Lord’s heart… Israel is being restored in these last days and it is still “the apple of His eye” on earth.

Most prophecy revolves around Israel and Todd and his team are very much a part of what YAHWEH wants to do there. How shall they hear and know the Truth about our Messiah… their Messiah… unless someone goes? They have raised half the amount needed but still need to raise over $3,000 in the next 2 weeks.

Please give something towards this prophetic last days work in Israel today. If you are reading this article at a later date… I still encourage you to go to Todd’s website and see what is happening. These trips are and ongoing ministry and by the Grace of God and the generosity of many believers will continue to go on. At this time as Israel faces the fear of a possible war with Iran, the people need to know the God of Israel is with them and drawing them into a New Covenant relationship with Himself through His Beloved Son Yeshua.

(Dr.Baker has a Messianic church fellowship called Shalom in Dallas, Texas.)

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God bless you…Susan.


4 responses to “See TODD BAKER’S NEWSLETTERS.. “B’rit Hadashah Ministries”..Outreach to Israel!

  1. Thank you for your interest in Todd’s ministry.
    Bless yours too… all for Yeshua!
    Love from Susan.


  2. Hi Susan, thanks for sharing I will definitely keep this in mind.



  3. Thank you very much dear Deb! That will bless Todd. Let him know you’re my friend if you can?
    God bless from Susan.


  4. Thank you so much Susan , for letting us know and keeping us up to date! I’ll be glad to help! love and prayers!


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