Andrew Murray’s FREE Online book~ “The Holiest of All” ~ Meditations on Hebrews & our High Priest JESUS / YESHUA Melchizadek

The mighty Book of Hebrews was written to the Israelites to explain the Spiritual implications of the New Covenant brought to them by Yeshua Ha Mashiach, the Messenger of YAHWEH.
As believers and disciples we must keep pressing into the mystery of God the Father’s Love revealed to us through the Cross of Christ… the Messiah for both Jews and Gentiles.
The cross it is the center of everything… all things will ever point towards it and back to it… and radiate from it… for there the Lamb of God, prepared to be slain for our sins “before the foundation of the world”… embraced all who would be called and chosen… and gave up His spirit into the Father’s care.
Can we ever comprehend the intercessory work done by Yeshua / Jesus on the Cross… the humiliation, suffering and death of the body and soul of the Son of YAHWEH in our place? The shedding on earth of His Holy sinless Blood which was the end of the Jewish sacrificial Temple system as the way to obtain only temporary forgiveness of sins. As the spotless, sinless Lamb of God Yeshua gave Himself once and for all… for all. Now salvation as forgiveness of sin and eternal life is given through faith in Him as our Savior, being water baptized to identify with His death and resurrection and receiving the Gift of the indwelling  Holy Spirit. This is truly the Good News. He is seeking to save and deliver our souls not condemn us! He is risen so that we who follow and Love Him… may walk in the victory and newness of that resurrection Life. All these things are spiritual and to be meditated on, not rushed over.
I found a lovely and amazing, second hand book about the Epistle of Hebrews called “The Holiest of all” by Andrew Murray. It is also on line to read for free or purchase or you may be able to get a copy at your library.
It is a VERY DEEP style of teaching for the spiritually mature who want the meat of the Word and a challenge to experience more of the washing of the body at the Bronze Laver as well as the forgiveness of sins at the Alter of Sacrifice. Those who know or care nothing about the cross life of surrendering the self… do not know the One who died on it for them.
Blessings from Susan.
*Free online version of Murray’s book to read.
Other sites have epub version downloads available if you search.
(I’m currently reading the NINTH SECTION from Hebrew 19 etc. about living in the Holiest, having boldness to enter, our bodies washed with water and our hearts “sprinkled from an evil conscience” with the blood by the High Priest. These are areas of guilt that many Christians do still struggle with.
Hope this will bless others too?)
Andrew Murray
Minister and Author
Dutch Reformed Church Missionary.

We all know that there are two Testaments—the Old and the New. These represent two dispensations, two modes of worship, two sorts of religions, two ways in which God has intercourse with man, and man draws nigh to God. The one was provisional, preparatory, and intended to pass away. What it gave and wrought was not meant to satisfy, but only to awaken the expectation of something better that was to come. The other was the fulfillment of what had been promised, and destined to last for ever, because it was itself a complete revelation of an everlasting redemption, of a salvation in the power of an endless life.

ln both Old and New Testament it was God who spake. The prophets in the Old, and the Son in the New, were equally God’s messengers. God spake in the prophets no less truly than in the Son. But in the Old everything was external and through the mediation of men. God Himself could not yet enter and take possession of man and dwell in him. ln the New all is more directly and immediately divine—in an inward power and reality and life, of which the Old had only the shadow and hope. The Son, who is God, brings us into the very presence of God.

And wherefore was it that God did not, could not, from the very beginning, reveal Himself in the Son? What need was there of these two ways of worshipping and serving Him? The answer is twofold—lf man were indeed intelligently and voluntarily to appropriate God’s love and redemption, he needed to be prepared for it . He needed first of all to know his own utter impotence and hopeless wretchedness. And so his heart had to be wakened up in true desire and expectancy to welcome and value what God had to give.

When God speaks to us in Christ it is as the Father dwelling in the Son.The words that l say unto you, I speak not from Myself, but the Father abideth in Me doeth the works.” Just as God’s speaking in Christ was an inward thing. So God can still speak to us in no other way. The external words of Christ, just like the words of the prophets, are to prepare us for, and point us to, that inner speaking in the heart by the Holy Spirit, which alone is life and power. This is God’s true speaking in His Son.

lt is of the utmost consequence for our spiritual life that we should rightly understand these two stages in God’s dealing with man. In two ways, not in one; not in more than two; in two ways has God spoken.

They indicate what, in substance, is God’s way with every Christian.1 There is, after his conversion, a time of preparation and testing, to see whether he willingly and heartily sacrifices all for the full blessing. lf in this stage he perseveres in earnest effort and striving, he will be brought to learn the two lessons the Old Testament was meant to teach. He will become more deeply conscious of his own impotence,

“The characteristics which before marked the revelation itself, now mark the human apprehension of the final revelation.”—Westcott.

and the strong desire will be wakened after a better life, to be found in the full revelation of Christ as able to save completely. When these two lessons are learned—the lesson of despair of self and hope in God alone—the soul is prepared, if it will yield itself in faith to the leading of the Holy Spirit, to enter truly into the New Testament life within the veil, in the very Holiest of All, as it is set forth in this Epistle.



5 responses to “Andrew Murray’s FREE Online book~ “The Holiest of All” ~ Meditations on Hebrews & our High Priest JESUS / YESHUA Melchizadek

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  2. Hey I would like to read your blogs however I don’t know how to get to it. thank you


  3. It’s a lost gem from Murray. The Epistle to the Hebrews is the book of the bible which clearly exalts Christ as God. Such a wonderful book!


  4. That’s wonderful Cedric. Yes it is an undervalued book of scripture and revelation. Like the forgotten and misunderstood Books of Enoch… and Daniel’s prophecies, they are especially for the end times people. (In fact Enoch said that before God raptured him away!) Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings from Susan.


  5. I became a Christian because of this book by Murray. Since then I started to tell Christians that Jesus is God and the Perfect High Priest. I started a blog where I wrote about chapter after chapter. The epistle to the Hebrews is such a powerful book but unfortunately we do not hear many sermons on it.


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