YOUTUBE VIDEOS ~ Worship Love Songs for the Bride and Groom YAHSHUA ~ by Mia


This is such a special anointed song… I’m sure it will bless others in the Bride of Messiah. I asked Mia if I could post it and she said… “Thank you Susan. Absolutely! It is such an honor to be asked. May the Father be praised. Shalom”

“WEDDING SONG -The Bride and the Bridegroom -Ani L’Dodi”

And for another more up tempo Messianic Christian song to sing along with as you dance around… see  “BARUCH HABA B’SHEM YAHWEH”…

Check out her two YouTube channel links below for more… May Father YAHWEH ELOHANU bless you… and your lovely and unique music ministry Mia. Keep pressing in to the songs and melodies in your heart and bring forth more to share for His Glory! Eph.5:19


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