YouTube Video ~ PSALMIST SUSAN ~ “Mountain of His Holiness” Song from Psalms 46, 47 & 48

From my YouTube Channel…

An original song taken from verses in Psalms 46, 47 and 48 exhorting the people to praise YAHWEH the Holy One of Israel with all their hearts, souls, minds and physical strength. The Mountain of His Holiness can mean His Spiritual Presence in the Heavenly places as well as when His Presence dwelt in the Temple at Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Since Yeshua made the New Marriage Covenant and poured out the promised Anointing Oil of the Holy Spirit into our hearts… then the LORD dwells in us as His Temple. We are each as beautiful living stones…shining with His Glory. HalleluYAH! (sorry I couldn’t align the sound of the timbrel dance as I did it afterwards without music… but you get the idea!)
Let’s just bow down and Praise our Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and earth, with the sound of singing, clapping, playing on timbrels and stringed instruments and dancing unto Him. Anointed music that is inspired and blessed by the LORD, strengthens our spirits and faith in Him. Lift up your hands and hearts and He will fill you with His Love and Joy!

God bless you… from Psalmist Susan. Women’s home fellowship… Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Prophetic New Covenant Messianic /  Christian ministry for those who Love Lord Yeshua… are Holy Spirit filled and believe in the ministry Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We follow end time prophetic events and honor the 10 Commandments  of Love whilst preparing our hearts for the return of Yeshua for His Bride.
The bride is coming out of the wilderness and still leaning on her Beloved for protection and guidance! (The Shepherd of our souls is all we need “Song of Solomon” ) Women may email me at or leave a message on my Mobile 0424263362  I am also on Skype.

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3 responses to “YouTube Video ~ PSALMIST SUSAN ~ “Mountain of His Holiness” Song from Psalms 46, 47 & 48

  1. Sorry in the delay to reply… that was a blessing to think you were both dancing around.
    Just imagine… I’m over here and the songs are going out all over the world. Just amazing and so many more to do. I have been encouraged by others too.
    Amein… Susan.


  2. Oh Susan . . .what a blessing. I got to come back and listen, and my daughter and I danced and praised Him along with your singing. Thank you so much for doing all you are doing in His name! love and prayers!


  3. Dear Susan . . .I’ve been away for a few days, so will be back to listen to this asap! Thank you for the work and love that went into this! God bless you and keep you and ever fill you to pour out on us.


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