INSPIRING VIDEO ~ “I AM” THE GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob ~ there is no other God!

This is a short but faith stirring video that the waiting and watching Bride of Messiah needs right now as we prepare ourselves for today and or the years ahead, especially as we identify with and care about the land and people of Israel who constantly live on tenterhooks about flareups and more possible war with her surrounding Muslim neighbors who claim to be the rightful heirs of Abraham’s blessings through Ishmael! In the Spirit of Elijah, we must know who the Lord is and who our enemies are! SO…who do you believe in, support and identify with both in the Spirit and in the natural?

For a Christian this MUST firstly be the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL and all that He is preparing in Heaven and restoring on earth in these last days for His Holy Name’s sake! So don’t be sorry… don’t be caught out slumbering and not spiritually prepared (as the “5 foolish virgins” in the Mathew 25 parable) the days ahead will separate the wheat from the chaff, truth from error and light from darkness as the last days scrolls of Revelation are opened to our understanding!

Like Esther, we are “here for such a time as this”, so just be a faithful servant of FATHER YAHWEH and keep your heart and eyes on His Beloved Son… our coming Bridegroom YESHUA. HIS RUAH HOLY SPIRIT joins us together in SPIRITUAL UNITY. It’s all by HIS GREAT MERCY AND LOVE that a soul can be called and sanctified as one of His elect and holy ones whom the angels will gather together unto Lord Yeshua at His coming. Already they are being chosen and prepared for this great hope! Who do you believe in and stand for? Good reading and study re the prophetic future and the coming Kingdom of God on earth… is in Mathew 24 and 25, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians,  Hebrews and Revelation and also the prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joel, Zephaniah, Daniel & Zechariah!

God bless you as you seek His prophetic purposes… from Psalmist Susan. (Australia)


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4 responses to “INSPIRING VIDEO ~ “I AM” THE GOD of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob ~ there is no other God!

  1. Bill… I have connected to this video on YouTube… I didn’t make it… so I don’t know either.They don’t have any info provided.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of my website as well???
    Have a lot of things to post yet. Did you sign up for email notification when I post things?
    It takes a lot of time and prayer to present info etc. for people to read and see.I get very little feedback but have faith that it is helping someone out there?
    The Lord is faithful. He knows what we need to mature as His Bridal Church.
    God bless you… Susan.


  2. Who sings this and what album is it on? I have been trying to get this info for a very long time and can’t find it. Thank you


  3. Glad it blessed you Deb… “Goose bumps” is the Holy Spirit’s anointing and blessing coming upon you!
    Susan. xoxoxoxo


  4. Oh Susan . . this was so good. My heart raced and the tears flowed. And I have goosebumps yet.
    Thank you and God bless you, our watch woman and psalmist! love and prayers!


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