THE MESSAGE OF LOVE ~ Prophecy from Father God WARNING and urging humanity to accept His Love!


TRULY THIS IS WONDERFUL in My Eyes saith the LORD God of Heaven ~ that I have called you ~ & chosen you to be with Me in Him ~ For those who choose & love MY BELOVED SON are chosen & loved by me ~ & I will give them everything in my Kingdom of Love ~ freely without price or charge or compulsion or expectation to give anything in return ~ I am the LORD God ~ the Heavenly Father! As my Son has disclosed to you ~ made known to you!

He honored me ~ he obeyed me right to the end ~ He was faithful to me & my Name ~ He eschewed the devil ~ that dark fallen angel ~ who has control over the earth ~ he renounced his hold over His mind & emotions ~ He held himself in my Presence always speaking OF ME ~ Always glorifying ME ~ always pointing to ME His God & Heavenly Father ~ always urging others to love & obey me too ~ always setting the example for you to follow ~ Always MY CHILD ~ Always MY BELOVED ~ Always the Yielded Vessel of MY LOVE ~

He glorified me….. & His heart’s desire is that you too ~ may know me ~ & love me ~ To this end He died ~ to this very end He had come to fulfill MY wishes & to do MY WILL ~ He hung on that cross ~ pouring out his life ~ every drop of blood ~ from every pore of his skin ~ Dying ~ crying out to me ~ to forgive you ~ & favor you ~ See His selflessness for you ~ for all who are hungry & thirsty for the bread & drink of Life ~ for the substance ~ for the WINE of Love ~He alone can fulfill this craving of the human soul ~ the desire for God & Love and Eternal Life

He is my Gateway into my Presence ~ through Him ~ all may come to me ~ but the liars & thieves & murderers ~ those who despise me & reject my Laws of Love that I made with Moses ~ yes under the Great Name of YHVH ! ~ shall have their just desert ~ their fate IS the Lake of Fire that burns with fire & brimstone ~ of which Sodom & Gomorra got a taste!  For the Last Days holds yet many more blessings ~ but there must be “a fearful looking for” the judgment of God on the wicked & unbelieving ~ Their days are numbered ~ time on earth IS RUNNING OUT while so many live SO unconcerned ~ so non~shallant as to my timing & purposes ~ the moon ~ the Feasts ~ these are my time clocks so be aware of my timing & pray for revelation of my coming.

The days are fast approaching until my coming ~ when Christ shall come with the clouds of Glory ~ & Redeem my Chosen Ones off of the earth ~ much to the consternation of those who “ARE LEFT ” to fend for themselves with all of the “Salt of the earth” gone ~ without the flavor of Christ in their midst there will be mayhem & lawlessness will truly abound ~ far more than it does now ~ For the gates of hell shall be opened ~ of which the presence of my Holy Church has stood against all these years ~ & the demonic beings that have been chained up in the lower places ~ the bowels of the earth ~ shall gush forth with such ferocity that mankind will wish to die in the presence of such creatures of pure evil. THEN they will repent ~

The mighty Book of Hebrewsespecially chapters 1 and 4 to 12 explains some of the new and wonderful things God the Eternal Father of Lights has done for us all through  Yeshua / Yahshua / Y’Shuah / Jesus Christ… whom He has made an Eternal High Priest in the Heavenly Temple after the Order of Melchizedek. (Making the promised New Covenant with both Jews and Gentiles…as in Jer. 31,  Acts 2, Romans 8, Galatians 3:13-14, 26-29, Hebrews 8:8-13, 9:12-16, 10:1-31)
The Heavenly Father… speaks through His Holy Ruach Spirit in this prophecy of His Highly Beloved Son, as the promised “seed”, the pre-existant One, brought through Mary… as the man child, Messiah of Israel who would come and destroy all evil and rule as the righteous anointed King / Melek with a rod of iron. It also refers to His terrible suffering and death for our sins (as described in Isa.53) and His soon return to redeem the chosen ones (the Bride of Christ) off the earth… and that many will be left behind because they have been so disinterested  in the things of God and His Love for us. Now is the time to prepare ourselves with repentance and prayer before the LORD… while we still have time.



There is NO other way into my Presence says the ALMIGHTY GOD of Heaven & Earth ~ He is “The Way” I have provided for you ~ Send out this message on the air ~ waves of the Internet ~ Catch Satan in his own web ~ Use it for my purposes ~ before it is too late ~ Call this “the Message of Love ~ the call to God’s Throne in Heavenly Places ~ By a New & Better Way that He has made” (Book of Hebrews) Throw out everything else ~ JUDAISM ~ ZIONISM ~ CATHOLICISM ~ MORMONISM & all the religions of the heathen ~ for I AM the LORD God & my WORD speaks for itself ~ The Holy Bible has in it all that you need for Godly Living & Eternal Life ~ the wise ones know that & have ALREADY entered into my Kingdom BY FAITH IN MY DEAREST BELOVED SON ~ THE AMEN ~

“I AM the Aleph & the Tav the beginning & the ending” Revelations 1



I’m trying to obey God in faith by presenting this… so please, please pray about and consider who you might forward the link to as a way of sharing God’s Love with them… especially someone who doesn’t know the LORD… even a stranger? Just say “I thought this was rather interesting?”… at least they can’t say they weren’t warned. Many don’t realize God still speaks to and guides His people. Some plant, some water, some reap… what can you do to share the Truth about the Way of Salvation? We have to work while we have time… and the Father wants this Word to go out… so I pray it may accomplish what He sends it to do and not return to Him void. The internet may go down or be more restricted in the days to come.

Please work with me brothers and sisters… just promoting web sites Links or YouTube videos you like to others on chat rooms or via emails as the Lord leads could be a ministry for you?  Let me know what happens! Susan


2 responses to “THE MESSAGE OF LOVE ~ Prophecy from Father God WARNING and urging humanity to accept His Love!

  1. Thank you so much Deb… Love in Yeshua our Lord… Maranatha! Susan.


  2. Thank you Susan for this message of love and warning. praying now for who He would want me to share it with! God bless you and strengthen you, covering you with the joy of His salvation and love.


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