THE BRIDE OF MESSIAH – Living as “Holy unto the LORD” in this world

OUR BELOVED LORD YESHUA… promised to return for His faithful followers… all those who Love Him with the Love of His Holy Spirit, burning in their hearts. They are like the “Wise Virgins” waiting and watching for the Bridegroom. Those who don’t have His Spirit do not belong to him… even if they belong to a man-made denomination.The Anointing teaches us all things if we will but seek first the Kingdom of God and come out of identifying with the false kingdom of this world… the harlot Babylon in her many forms. The endless teachings and philosophies of men and the politics, media influence and military war-faring agendas for control over all human beings won’t do us any good in the days to come… as apostasy in the Churches increases and the New Age / New World Order agenda of “alien” sightings and contact increases. (True! and the Lord has shown me that after the rapture the world leaders will “put on a show”… blaming it on alien abduction!) A good pro-Israel Christian website about current news events and how they relate to fulfillment of last days Bible prophecy, with free email updates is

SATAN’S SERVANTS WHO BELIEVE HE WILL PROMOTE THEM TO PLACES OF GRANDEUR… both now and in the hereafter… are working to bring in his antichrist “Global Government” leader with all lying signs and wonders which can be done with the advanced technology like Blue Beam and Holograms to DECEIVE the masses into trusting and worshiping him as “god”. In preparation for this the powers that be who really run this world, (the Luciferian / Satanists who receive channeled directions from the “spirits”… as explained by Roger Morneau on Youtube …have encouraged widespread immorality, the breakdown of society and general apathy about the future as part of their unholy “plan” to promote guilt like “climate change” (it’s the sun that is actually heating the earth up!) and fear of “terrorism”… and a failing world economy to bring in the cashless 666 monetary system “Mark” and the ultimate public worship of the “IMAGE” … of Lucifer? It may be very hard to believe that there is a self proclaimed elite of  rich and powerful people who are our enemies and think differently and look down on the masses of average people. They often pose as Christians and Jews to get votes and acceptance in places of power, especially in politics and religious circles but they are deceivers and liars hellbent on destroying the earth and the believing remnant of YAHVEH who accept Yeshua / Jesus as their Messiah.
THERE IS MUCH INFORMATION ON YOUTUBE AND ELSEWHERE… about how “they” fund eugenics and scientific programmes that experiment with DNA and conception / fertility / cloning / cross breeding etc. and intend to destroy the earth, alter weather patterns, natural food production, and reduce the population by over 80% with forced infected vaccines etc.  No Government can be trusted. They experiment on their own people and soldiers and prisoners and even murder the public to fulfill their plans of world Government. No loss of life is too much to them… even to blowing up the Twin Towers with people inside  The same World bankers and Illuminati groups like the Bilderburg Group have power to influence every country in some way! Most countries and the general public are in debt to the owners of gigantic Banks… so who runs the world? The Rothschilds and others. You do not vote for these people, they are private businesses yet Governments go begging to them.They make money out of thin air then we have to be pay them back with REAL $ money $ We have an illusion of freedom but it is all about surfs under the landowners… working and paying taxes to them for the right to live here. It is sinister. People are hurting and they laugh. The LORD forbids “usury”… to lend and charge interest but that’s how the world runs. Yeshua said, $ “You cannot serve God and money” $ They are gaining control over all fuel, energy, food, seeds, water, medicine, education, transport and other supplies and necessities of society. It is expected that as panic, rioting, looting and chaos set in due to shrinking availability and high prices… whole cities will “collapse” as functioning societies will be abandoned as people seek out greener pastures! (you’d probably be shocked to know how bad things are for millions of people already whilst those in Westernized countries are still living in a comparative bubble of prosperity with shops provide everything possible to humanity’s greed. This madness cannot go on much longer. Man reaps what he sows.)
See the growing daily worldwide disasters recorded here… and the growing daily earthquakes every day. This is a link to my WordPress website page with LINKS to a few Earthquake Watch centers… ) People will panic and demand their Governments “do something”. That’s what they want. “Order out of chaos” For the public’s own “safety” there will be shut downs of highways, curfews and marshal law and in some places the public will be rounded up by military into barbed wire concentration camps to be sorted and “fed”… at least for a while? There are hundreds of FEMA camps in America that would hold millions of people. Why? Once in how will people get out again? See…  and will also see Videos about million of stored FEMA black boxes that look like coffins.

AS YESHUA / JESUS SAID… horrific things will face those alive in the last days and that if He didn’t come to take over.. “No flesh should be saved”. He told His followers to get out of Jerusalem when they see it surrounded by armies and they did whilst there was a bloodbath. This will happen again as all nations come against Israel. It is prophesied only one third will survive! Prime Minister Netanyahu must carry a heavy load as he tries to deal with those who want the right to have their own “State”… but also want to destroy Israel, won’t acknowledge the rights of Jews and Israelites to return to their God given land and accuse Israel of “stealing” and occupying it. Even though the UN endorsed it, England handed it over and the Arabs attacked Israel twice in 1948 and 1967 which is when Israel rightly gained more ground and the city of Jerusalem. Middle East sources say war could be coming even early in 2012, with Israel and or America attacking Iran. All the Muslim nations  totally surround the tiny state of Israel and will retaliate with big backers, like China and Russia, but Bible prophecy says the LORD Himself will ultimately defend her and destroy her enemies.

YAHVEH said to Abraham those who speak against Israel will be cursed... and those who pray for her shall be blessed. So we need to be on the right side! Yeshua said without Divine intervention in the affairs of this world, there would be a total annihilation of all humanity. I think I heard that cockroaches can survive radiation? That’s why it’s a joke to see people blowing whistles and wishing each other “Happy New Year” at this stage in the game. So easily and quickly ones little sand castle can be washed away. Lose a job, fail to pay the bills = homelessness! We see videos of Americans living in cars and caravans or worse… in tents in parks and bush in the snow. It must be happening here in Australia as well, maybe England… just don’t see it? …and…

DESPERATE TIMES CALLS FOR DESPERATE MEASURES…. How would you like to be begging for money, in pain without medical help or trying to feed your children in a tent in the bush? Some Governments are BORROWING money to pay out pensions and social security / dole checks. How long can this go on? Save what you can. Yes there are the haves and the have-nots. The middle class is disappearing… and the poor are growing. Many have to chose between food or electricity or petrol for the car. It would be gloomy if we didn’t love the LORD! One day our lives might change radically and unexpectedly. We have to prepare ourselves for a few more years of tribulation and not expect to escape yet. The rapture will probably be at the time of Rosh Hoshanah /the “Feast of Trumpets” for that is the Feast that they called “No man knows the day or hour” of as they had to have 2 witnesses sight the new moon sliver and were never sure which evening it would occur! We have to be prepared to live a simple / perhaps roaming lifestyle. Remember others are already doing it either willingly or unwillingly! There are many stories of how God has miraculously sent angels with food and petrol to those who prayed in faith. He can do it again in times when there is no other normal way of help. He can give His people Light while the world is in darkness. He can protect us from judgements on the ungodly, from famine, plagues and the death angel… by living under the Blood of the Lamb over our homes and lives.

IF YOU DON’T KNOW?… PLANS TO CONTROL THE PUBLIC UNDER POLICE STATE HAVE ALREADY BEEN SET UP READY TO BE IMPLEMENTED… especially in America…with yet another bill passed over Christmas 2011 when many were away… to be able to arrest and detain anyone forever without reason. They are classing anyone who questions and opposes the great Government as a terrorists.  Even Christians preaching on the streets and the “occupier” protestors get hauled away. Free speech is dying. The internet is a threat to them and could be tightened up. Governments don’t want to risk organized demonstrations or riots. The LORD has given many visions and prophecies over the internet saying He will allow this mess to judge those who are defying Him in their daily lives. There comes a time when the Holy Spirit cannot keep working with those who WILL NOT listen. Man has never learned to live in peace and there will be no peace until King Yeshua the Messiah ultimately rules over this earth in Righteousness from Israel. Until then humanity is on an out of control train that is gathering speed downhill. All this is going to come to an end because it cannot go on as it is with crime and immorality and the suffering and death of masses increasing every day.

Please take this seriously and pray for protection and guidance where to live in the days to come. Yeshua / Jesus said “In the world you will have trouble but be of good cheer I have overcome the world”. We can’t expect no suffering or inconveniences. Christians all over the world are continually being tortured and murdered for their faith every day. Most of us have had it good for a long time. We have to learn to “overcome the world, the flesh and the devil”. Alex Jones daily radio show covers about everything that is going on in the world…  and there are many other voices giving warnings about what happening and what is coming. Sorry but it’s not pretty out there but OUR LORD GOD FATHER YAHVEH is the one who is working out His plans in the earth… to redeem a Holy People for His own Name’s sake and to judge all wickedness and the evil one who defied Him in Heavenly places… as the Covering Cherub Lucifer. He has manifested through many leaders who aspired to “rule the world” and it will happen again soon for the last time. Only now through computers, satellites, surveillance cameras, modern technology and weapons of mass destruction can such an evil “GLOBAL” scheme be carried out.

PLEASE DO NOT FEAR ANYONE OR ANYTHING THAT MAY OR MAY NOT HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE… BUT FOR THE PRESENT TIME… we can be preparing ourselves to go into the Ark that God will provide… even the miraculous rapture… and we can be wise like Joseph who knew a famine was coming on Egypt and stored up grain for the people for several years. Try to store up on all basics, in case of any emergencies and become more self-sufficient so that you don’t need the Government’s help when it may mean surrendering your rights. Perhaps team up with others of like mind to combine resources. Get out of cities which can turn into hell holes in a few days like Florida did… raping, stealing and murdering… many go totally feral and lawless. I don’t want to sound negative but we need to be aware of what is happening in the world in which we still live and before the rapture, can get caught up in it’s problems… so we need to ask for wisdom about these things. “Be in the world but not of it”. We can be witnesses to those who don’t know what’s happening in the future…. by sharing Bible prophecy about all these things and that they need to call upon the name of the LORD to be saved spiritually no matter what happens to our bodies, family, money or possessions.

THE SALT HAS LOST IT’S SAVOR….when Governments who should be serving the people… are making and changing laws to become part of the global Big Brother whilst allowing all those things that the Most High God says are an abomination to Him. Gay marriage is the last straw. YAHVEH’s Holy Commandments are NOT the standard of Righteousness amongst unbelievers (even of some believers) One look at the followers of $ “lady gaga” $ and other $ “entertainers” $ shows how insane many are… grasping and lusting after those who are going to hell. (see that dreadful, disgusting video on my YouTube Playlist about “THIS WORLD – Satan’s kingdom of human enslavement and misery” What is so sad is that the followers don’t think this is wrong… so WRONG! It gives one an idea what people do in private when they act like this in public with no shame… ie: group sex and naked parties. YUK) We also see hysterical mobs line up for hours for store $ sales $ or to get new releases of electronic $ gadgets $ to play with, instead of bowing down and seeking the LORD and His Anointed One. What is really valuable? How much shop till you drop can people do?

THERE IS NO DISCERNMENT OF GOOD AND EVIL… when people don’t Love God as their Lord and Savior. It’s mainly every man for himself. Most in secular societies live as if there is NO God in their daily lives… and no one to ultimately give an account before.He is only mentioned as “O.M.G.” even in advertisements now! This lack of Knowledge of the Holy… de-stabilizes the soul, blinds the mind and disables the spirit which craves to be loved by our Creator and Spiritual Heavenly Father. There are various concepts of “spirituality”, “meditation” and “positive confession ” to give oneself a peaceful life.. but the Elohim of Israel is a by product in a throw away society. Many view the Bible as old worn out hat which needs throwing out and replacing with something new and more exciting. Technology with it’s artificially created sounds, music, other reality “worlds” and “games” are a kind of “electronic magic” which fascinates and hypnotizes. So many are totally addicted to their idols and mobile phones as a way of life. This has created an unnatural vacuum and craving in millions of people, especially young people, for something MORE entertaining… that only something SUPERNATURAL can fill now. Hence the attraction towards supernatural themes like Vampires, Dragons, Witchcraft, Alien lifeforms, Star Treck etc. More and more gullible people consult and pay for New Age teachers, self-help counselors, mediums, Tarot card readers and star gazers for help instead of inquiring of the Lord or going to a Church. Wicca and Paganism is now an accepted “religion”.

THOSE WHO DON’T HAVE A LOVE FOR TRUTH… deny the work of the Holy Spirit of Truth in their lives and are being turned over to their sins and the great deception that is coming through the brain washing and thought control techniques of media and movies etc… and it will get worse. Because of what they see, hear and think under the teachings and influence of demonic spirits… they will naturally hate Christians more and more… as they hate Christ.The behavior of many, even nakedness and lewd behavior in public now, is as Sodom and Gomorrah and we know the world is due for mass Judgement and wrath by the Righteous and Holy One of Israel. “As in the days of Noah so shall it be” The righteous remnant who belong to the LORD will be “taken” away before that wrath of God and the Lamb can happen… as with Noah and Lot. He will send out His angels at the LAST TRUMPET to gather us together.Mathew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, 2 Thess.2 (AFTER the tribulation time AND the falling away from the Love of God AND the appearing of the man of sin!) The wicked and back slidden hypocrites will be left to face antichrist’s rule on earth which will bring in the LORDS Bowls of Wrath and wake many up then, yet they will suffer martyrdom / be-heading for it.Rev. 20:4

AS EVIL AND DARKNESS IS INCREASING IN THIS WICKED GOD DEFYING WORLD… so also the Body of Christ is increasingly being prepared in Light and Holiness… looking for and praying for the return of our Bridegroom who will take us back to the Father’s House… the Heavenly Mt. Zion… the New Jerusalem! (See 11 Peter chapter 3) HalleluYAH! This is our great hope… for the resurrection and ascension / rapture… and we are the ones who are alive in the PROPHESIED generation after the “fig tree” of Israel blossomed’ in 1948. So we will see His return with angels to gather us together unto Himself. (Mathew 24, Luke 21) Only those who follow the Lamb of God wherever He goes shall be with Him there (Rev. 14) dressed in white and singing the New Song. We are learning that song that has been going on from YAHVEH’S own heart of pure Love since BEFORE the creation of the heaven and earth. We tap into that mystery and the Way of Spiritual Worship even now as we Love Him through the Holy Spirit abiding within our spirit… united in a Holy Marriage! Yes, we can be One / Echad with the Godhead… Father, Son and Holy Spirit.. even now. Didn’t the Lord’s servant Apostle Paul have a Revelation that we are ALREADY seated with Christ in Heavenly places… at the right hand of the Father? Ephesians 1:3, 20, 2:6, 3:10

MUCH IS STILL TO BE REVEALED AS THE SCROLLS ARE OPENED AND PERHAPS THE TWO WITNESSES WILL APPEAR TO ISRAEL SOON? That is why we must put aside all else, watching, longing, fasting and praying to know Him… as the Holy Chosen Remnant.. the forerunners, the first fruits, the overcomers, the Bride of Messiah.This is our identity in this world… as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God… a Holy Nation… a Spiritual Priesthood born again to worship the LORD in Spirit and in Truth. Our Lord said “Pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape the things that are coming upon the earth” This is a sobering thought. What is coming? Read the Book of Revelation and find out!

YESHUA SAID“Satan is the god of this world” . Not of the earth and the creation of sky and seas and all creatures in them for that belongs to the Creator… but the worldly spirit is evil. The world man creates for him/ herself under the influence of the god of this world is completely false… just as their personalities are a false self. We think creating our own reality, concept, philosophy is the best way to survive and make “sense” of the world… why we are here, what it’s all about, what happens after we die etc. Many live in denial of God because it all seems so far fetched, vague and unreal but it’s this world that is unreal… in the sense of “truthful” and “lasting”. The world has price tags on everything but it can’t really be owned, controlled or contained. It fights you and always wins. It worries you to death. It wants to destroy you. This is why we should have nothing to do with it!!!! We can come out of the world while still living on earth.

This is a spiritual experience through the Grace and Mercy of God… of exchanging this world of bondage and fear for the Realm of God which is above and is free.. “Who hath translated us out of the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of His Son” . We barely have any idea of what Heaven is like yet but many have had visions and NDE experiences of it. A place of beauty, color and glory beyond words. They have seen a being radiating pure Light and Love and none wanted to return to this earth of dust and pain. Every soul who is born into the earth actually “belongs” to the god of this world so there is no way anyone can ever belong to the LORD unless they are spiritually “born again” by the Holy Spirit. He will do that for us if we genuinely ask to be forgiven and saved. That’s why Yeshua / Jesus is said to have bought our souls off the god of this world with the price of His Holy Blood! If He bought you and I, then we don’t belong to Satan or this world do we? We belong to Yeshua. He said we need to be “born again” to see the Kingdom of God… to escape from this world and Satan’s power.

WE NEED TO WAKE UP… from our dreaming and wishful thinking. We need to be like Abraham and Sarah… dwelling in temporary tents and looking for a City afar off that has not been made by man’s hands.This is not all there is, nor will it always be as it is. We shouldn’t be tied to it by emotional ties to anything greater than our Love for God. Yeshua  said “The love of the world, the lust of the eyes is not of the Father” We should avoid admiring the things of this “world” and run from it’s effects on our souls. Masses of souls do not know the things mentioned in this article. How blessed are those who see.

God is shaking and testing all of us today… both in the Church and the world… to see what is based firmly on the Foundation Stone of Christ. Note that the Holy Spirit led Yeshua into the wilderness “to be tempted by the devil”! Yes God allowed the devil to tempt His own Son to WORSHIP him, which He refused to do! It is therefore evident from Ezekiel how Lucifer wanted to mount up and be like the Most High God and fell because of it… and this New Testament account shows Satan /the devil/ old dragon / fallen angel still wants to be seen and worshiped as God! In the spiritual battle of prayer and fasting… they both quoted scriptures! We really need to accept this is the reality of things…that there is a Spiritual Realm of both good and evil which is running it’s course so that the Father may obtain what HE WANTS… a family of Elohim, Sons and Daughters made in His image and likeness. Then and only then will Satan himself and all who follow him be destroyed in the lake of fire.

So please be encouraged in your holy faith… to do all you can and remain standing in Him in the evil day… Ephesians 6:10-18. It may not be long, for all this shaking and the fearful things that are happening on the earth is to see what people’s lives are really based on and particularly to prepare Israel for the coming of their Messiah! We are being tested like gold in the fire! Our motives and attitudes even under pressure must be Christlike or we cannot represent the Lord of Love. We are to be His Lights in the world and the salt of the earth… representing the Great King of the Kingdom of Heaven. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”

God bless you and thank you for coming… “Be filled with the Spirit, speaking to yourselves with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord” Ephesians 5:19… this is all that matters now… being faithful unto His coming… keeping ourselves from worldly ambitions and distractions and being busy about the work He has given us to do. Draw on more of the Anointing Oil of His Presence and… “Occupy until I come”

Let us be mindful of who we are and live in this world as representatives of our King Yeshua / Jesus Christ… keeping ourselves un-spotted by the world, dressed in the white linen of His Righteousness and having “HOLY UNTO YAHVEH” sealed on our foreheads and hearts… because if we have received His Holy Spirit… then we belong to Him!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ, according as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love” Eph.1:3-4

“And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit, Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing. Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it, that he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish”.Eph.5:18-27

Love in Yeshua / Jesus Christ, from Psalmist Susan. Gold Coast, Australia.

(This is also posted on my Blog at my Multiply site. The artwork was kindly made for me by Silvia4Jesus. Come and visit us! )


5 responses to “THE BRIDE OF MESSIAH – Living as “Holy unto the LORD” in this world

  1. Thank you for coming Deb.. as you always do… such a faithful soul and a true servant of the Father… with a heart to encourage all His sheep and little lambs with tender words of comfort. Let the spirit or “gift” of prophecy come upon you more and more and speak for Him. You know what I mean… from the I Am… Love Susan.


  2. Dear Silvia, you’re a very special woman yet you don’t realise how you are seeking the best thing…as the Shulamite woman… seeking for her Beloved.(as you shared on your YouTube channel) So I’m so blessed that you were blessed by my ramblings. These are not the things I want to write about. It sounds judgemental and negative but it is coming from my concern as a watchwoman… and a lover of Truth and Righteousness, to warn others. I’ve gone through much testing and sifting at Satan’s hands in trying to discern what is real… but the Lord was faithful to bring me through. (I even contemplated suicide before I was Baptised with the Holy Spirit over 30 years ago. I was desperate for God and did not know about the Holy Spirit, healing, warfar, prophecy etc. until then. Afterwards I realised Satan was trying to destroy me.) I was born in 1948 after my Christian parents prayed for 7 years for a daughter.I grew up very sheltered and sickly until I married and since then have battled to grow and learn how to make decisions and not be afraid of what others think. I spend nearly every day and night researching and writing, doing websites and long emails etc. I am totally taught by the Holy Spirit about everything and have to stay close or I cannot do anything.There was a lot of pressure the other night and the next morning for many hours as my computer was SOOOOOO slow. I must have got this article and the new video playlist on line just before you came. I felt exhausted and inwardly drained. Pouring out to serve others. You know what I mean. It’s a spiritual work to serve God and battle the world the flesh and the devil.Many times I have thought I cannot do this… and often wonder if it’s worth it… but the people coming to this website is AMAZING and proof of God’s blessing. I really appreciate your feedback as Deb is the only one who does so from the very begining, early last year. Without her I may not have this on line now for even then I kept practicing self-sabotage. The Lord knows who needs who and how to perfect His Bride. Building others up in the most Holy faith and protecting them from evil is my passion. There are ONLY two ways.. fear or love… so that is how we discern which spirit is drawing or driving us. More on that soon.(yes I have to get my songs out soon…before it’s too late! They are precious…many from the Psalms and many “Bride songs”. I am here to encourage you and other women anytime. Email
    God Bless…Take care, Love from Susan.


  3. Thank you for coming Deb.. as you always do… such a faithful soul and a true servant of the Father… with a heart to encourage all His sheep and little lambs with tender words of comfort. Let the spirit or “gift” of prophecy come upon you more and more and speak for Him. You know what I mean… from the I Am… Love Susan.


  4. My dearest sister,
    I heard our Father speaking to me when I read these words.
    Thank you, many things have been clarified that I hear Him trying to teach me, but so as a sheep, I failed to grasp the meaning.
    So afraid of being led into deception these days. It is so thick and it seems everywhere I look, everything is tainted. Your words dear sister have been a light to my tired feet and I feel a great uplifting in my Spirit. I sought my Lord desperately for days, begging Him to show me one who I would know heard Him and was pure.
    Now I must go and praise Him for so sweetly answering my request and bringing me here.

    I love you my dear sister, I cannot wait to hear you sing and play your beautiful music in the presence of the Most High. He keeps telling me, there all is perfect. My only thoughts are wondering about Him and loving Him with all I have.


  5. Thank you Susan for your passion and love for Jesus, and your faithfulness to warn and inform. Blessings and love!


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