Many Muslims are listening to radio and satellite TV broadcasts of the Gospel message of Yeshua / Jesus the Messiah. See testimonies and a fearless Catholic revivalist priest Zakaria Botros who believes in the power of the Holy Spirit and is proclaiming Jesus is the Way to the Father not Islam and jihad! More Muslims are turning to Christ now as their Savior than ever before. Read the Book of John about who He really is… YES far more than a prophet… He IS God’s Son who came to earth and He loves us, Jews and Gentiles.The LORD GOD YAHVEH will forgive, save and heal us through faith in Him. We have to repent of our sins, be baptized and receive the Gift of His Holy Spirit to dwell within our hearts. Islam is totally against this as the Truth but it’s what the New Testament says… He died on the cross as the perfect blood sacrifice for our sins, rose again and ascended back to Heaven and will come again as the Messiah of Israel, not as the Muslim Mahdi. The Bible says the nations who surround and attack Israel will be destroyed… and this certainly means the Muslim nations that surround and hate Israel now. See other ex-Muslim videos under the “VIDEOS Muslims converting” category… and my other website for more about Jesus / Yeshua, prophecies He fulfilled, videos and how Jews are converting to the Faith too! This is important info…


2 responses to “MUSLIMS CONVERTING TO JESUS CHRIST… Miraculous Healings & Visions

  1. Praise the Lord Deb… There is so much to share…and time is getting very short… sometimes I say “I can’t do this any more”… but He keeps me going!
    Thanks for your encouragement again… Love you Susan.


  2. Susan, you have such a burden and calling. Thank you, sweet one, for not shying away from it , but bringing the Truth to us . . .showing us Jesus. God bless you and the work of your hands!


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