LIFEHOUSE “Everything” Original Christian SKIT -Battle of good & evil -Jesus Yeshua SAVES our soul from temptations!

This is an original remastered version. I never grow tired of watching this anointed song and portrayal of the struggle a soul has with deception and temptation even after they become a Christian. Satan sends demonic spirits to intervene and try and steal the Word out of our lives. But Yeshua / Jesus still watches over and intercedes for us. Watch how He draws us with cords of Loving Kindness and in answer to desperate prayer and repentance rushes in to hold back the forces of darkness, so we can be restored and walk with Him again.(Psalms 23 and 91) He literally HOLDS BACK AND CASTS THEM OFF OF US! HalleluYAH! It is our choice though what we chose. The hollow and unhappy ways of the world or the satisfying Way of Truth and Holiness. At times the LORD will allow Satan to test our faith and we may not know what is happening but we must keep praying and being faithful until that deliverance and Light of understanding comes. Nothing is too hard for God and everything we do is forgivable except deliberately rejecting Him. There are many different distractions, delusions and self centered ambitions we have to face and give up. They are not worth i! Think of your Eternal Life in heaven or hell.

Below is LINKS to 2 of the many other versions… which have the same message… Yeshua / Jesus reveals Himself, personally teaches, saves and delivers! It more realistically portrays those everyday things or bad company that can pull a soul away from Christ and good Christian fellowship and moral behavior. Some of today’s youth who have not grown up with Christian teaching, live these sorts of addictive behaviors as their normal, daily lifestyle, not knowing anything else… casual s-e-x, love of money, drink and drugs, selfishness, fashion and shopping addictions and eating disorders, self abuse and suicide. FAITH IN THE MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS THE ONLY WAY TO BECOME FREE FROM THE LAW OF SIN AND DEATH THAT WORKS IN THE LOWER NATURE OF ALL OF US. By His death in our place on the cross Yeshua overcame Satan’s legal power and influence over human beings! Call on His Name YAH-SHUA which means God is our Salvation… “Yeshua save me from all that is evil and against You as well as me!” We are all in a constant SPIRITUAL BATTLE against the world, the flesh and the devil but He will answer and intervene in your life if invited. The closer you keep to Him by persoanl prayer and worship, the more peaceful you will be and the more spiritual strength and self control you will have. If you are struggling with any pain or problem, help is this near…   This is yet another version set in the outdoors and daily life which is also very anointed...  Someone didn’t like it and thought the portrayal of “Jesus” was too weak and ineffective but I said in a comment back... “Lets face it… the Presence of God in our daily lives is basically invisible! We are all different and He knows what we need. There is a strong anointing on this very “original” version of the original. I like the way it portrays a demonic spirit in the boyfriend looking at and pushing Jesus away. They know very well what they are doing and it show how Yeshua /Jesus sees and deals with them. The inference is He waits and watches in the background until we are ready for His help. Great video. Praise the LORD”


One response to “LIFEHOUSE “Everything” Original Christian SKIT -Battle of good & evil -Jesus Yeshua SAVES our soul from temptations!

  1. Thank you, dear Susan. I can see why you were blessed by this and needed to share it. I’m crying and agree that this shows what is happening so well! And it helps me to keep praying. God bless you as you continue on in His name.
    love, deb


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