LAST DAYS EVENTS ENCODED IN THE SECRET “Bible Codes” found by Professor Eliyahu Ripps

You may like to look into this miraculous discovery of the prophetic Bible Codes by Professor Eliyahu Ripps… Atheist scientists can’t admit it’s true as they would have to admit there is an all knowing  I AM THE LORD GOD ELOHIM ALPHA & OMEGA… the Beginning and the End… who sees and knows the beginning from the end and has secretly written it all in the Word of God… hidden in the laid out Masoretic Hebrew text! (alongside of the visible obvious meaning) The Bible is not just history and prophecy but contains many names, details and dates about people and events like wars, Hitler, Kennedy, famous Jewish Rabbis, etc. running like an amazing cross word puzzle, down, across and diagonally. It has been discovered for the last day’s generation and there are numerous books and websites available about it. Perhaps your Library has a book on the Bible Codes? It has also worked with the King James Bible. There is also one by Yacov Rambsel called “His Name is Jesus, The Mysterious Yeshua Codes”. Whereas many events can be found in the Torah / Bible Codes AFTER they have happened, care must be taken about amateurs using the Bible Codes Computer Programmes to try and predict the future because “extra words” may be found around a particular main search term which aren’t MEANT by God to be included in that particular “Code”. This is Part 1. You can go to YouTube to see more. It’s so AMAZING! Blessings from Susan.


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