Keep your spiritual eyes, mind and heart on Yeshua / Jesus Christ… Speak TO your waves! All those things that try to pull you down. Faith says all things are possible to those who believe!

Yes miracles, healing, deliverance, provision… God can make ways in the rough seas of life… even opening them to let you pass through!

At times we have to just be patient and keep our hands lifted up in praise… until the Way is made known.


As the Lord stilled the storm when He was in the boat with the
disciples… by speaking TO THE WAVES and they obeyed Him!…so we are
supposed to be people of FAITH and do the same as our Master. Not hide
and whimper and feel we can’t cope. Turn to Him in Prayer and give the
COMMAND OF FAITH AGAINST THE HIDDEN CAUSES OF PAIN, CONFLICT, GUILT AND FEAR etc. Speak to them as He did. Keep at it. We are in a spiritual war if you didn’t know it. “Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might”…”Build yourselves up on your most holy faith praying in the spirit”.
Another time the disciples were caught in a storm and saw Jesus / Yeshua walking on the waves towards them as they struggled to control their boat. They were afraid but then when Peter realized the Master was calling him… he was filled with Faith and boldly got out of the  boat to try walking on the water too. Was he only obeying the Lord or also trying to impress the other disciples? That is… was he getting “out of his depth” so to speak? (Haven’t we all launched out with our own bright ideas at times instead of waiting to be called and told what to do?) Yes, Peter was called and was ready to obey and he did walk on the water at first. He truly stepped out and walked in the spirit. He did something supernatural.  HOW AMAZING!… and he was going OK until he took his eyes off of the Lord and “started” to look at the waves around himself. The scripture says he “started to sink” It didn’t happen straight away but his Faith and strength ebbed away gradually. No doubt he was thinking “What am I doing… I can’t do this!” As the Lord came to him and reached out His Great Hand of help for his “problem”, Peter looked back upon Him and was  lifted up, delivered out of the troubled waters. How quickly one can go under and drown!
When our “boat” of daily life get’s rocky or something is frightening or stressful… When we “feel” we are going under… when we “feel” out of control, when we “feel” threatened… our emotions take over and we lose our spiritual bearings so need to stand up, face the wild winds and say to it and the unseen powers behind it “STOP…in the Name of JESUS CHRIST…Peace be still”… and it WILL became calm. Stand and hold your ground… perhaps with raised arms for a while as Moses did…while God blew on the sea and MADE A WAY THROUGH! Expect the Holy Spirit and the Angels of the Most High God are ALWAYS working on your behalf in ways we cannot know or even imagine. Just “STAND” in the Lord and in the POWER of His might. Expect miracles to happen in answer to YOUR prayers!
YES YOU! When I get upset or worried about something I have to just remind myself that God is Peaceful. HE’S NOT WORRIED OR ANXIOUS OR IN A HURRY…and somehow, by just acknowledging that…and desiring to be like Him…it truly changes my thoughts and emotions. One could say we take on the likeness of that which we’re beholding. To look towards God is to take on His Loving Character and Fruit of the Holy Spirit. To look at problems only draws us into the “mess” and upsets us. The more we struggle with the “problem” the worse it can get. Sometimes I just have to “click off” and forget it for a while rather than get pulled down into the natural /mental realm. (There is an excellent book called “The Spiritual Man” by Watchman Nee which describes the functions of the body, soul and spirit and how to live by our spirit in Union with the Holy Spirit)
Our soul (mind, will and emotions) can easily get “LOST” in our struggles, torn between our body and spirit. We are supposed to walk, sing, think, live in the Spirit… that means realizing our Oneness with Christ through the indwelling of His Holy Spirit with our spirit! Paul said the flesh and the spirit struggle. The natural mind and human nature is opposed to God because of a built in attitude of rebellion called “the law of sin and death”! So, must be regarded as “crucified with Christ”… or laid down… put to “death”… and disregarded, so that we can OBEY the Lord’s Spirit and hear His Voice of direction and correction. Otherwise we loose the plot!… lose direction and vision and can eventually harden our hearts against the Spirit and give up the Faith. This is why we must be alert and realize that while here on earth we are in a spiritual battle for our souls. We cannot take our salvation for granted. It is still in a process and many do and will fall away from the faith in the last days of deception and tribulation which will try everyone. It is clear our names can be written in the Book of Life but ALSO blotted out if we turn and fall away from the faith and do not repent.
When we don’t have the answers or knowledge of what to do… we need to stop, re-focus and pray for Wisdom and use raw Faith to trust the Father to teach and guide us. It is a learning process… also called sanctification. We need the fellowship and loving wise counsel of other believers but most of all the Word of God, the Savior of God and the Spirit of God. If we acknowledge God’s Presence is really with us in a personal way… our souls starts to feel “safe” and can rest and relax in His Love and “Be healed” after our traumas. We have to learn to go Home and to “Trust” our Heavenly Father. Just realize that He sees and knows what we can’t… that He truly loves you / me and wants to bless us and bring us into maturity for His purposes. He knows best and who can argue with that? Our greatest desire should be to do His will not our own.
As we humble ourselves and pray about everything in our life…asking for His guidance and blessing…confessing our failings, shortcomings, disappointments, annoyance or whatever other ways our emotions have controlled us… then the Lord’s Holy Blood, the ongoing sanctifying work of His cross, works for and in us and brings a sense of relief and forgiveness. The “panicking” stops and the Holy Oil of His Spirit cleanses our wounds and binds us up with bandages of love so that we can heal and be restored to that full Shalom wellness, as only JESUS the Healer can do. Don’t be rushed by what others want or try to rush God! Just kneel down, talk to the Father about everything that concerns you! He is faithful to forgive and raise you up again. Didn’t He raise Jesus up from death? Is anything too hard for God?
He will surely answer all our prayers in one way or another and touch others lives as well…our loved ones and friends…even our enemies! Let them know about some of the things you are praying and trusting God about. Then they will be effected when they see what God does for you. Many have never known there is a God of Love, let alone seen Him answer prayer. (I feel led to mention something here… perhaps praying for others needs? sharing? Is this a ministry for you?)
How He works with all of us…is truly AMAZING! Weaving our lives together…and apart at times. Bringing in all sorts of differently colored threads of new experiences and challenges. Some think God is too busy to give us personal attention but Yeshua said He knows every hair on your head. He is all knowing and present everywhere. Knows all, sees all. Life on this planet is rather like being in a boarding school as we learn our lessons and come into maturity…this is where we are being PREPARED for the next realm… the Father’s House…and the glorious New Jerusalem!
Sometimes, for those who aren’t ACTIVELY seeking God or knowledgeable about His Ways…it may take a sudden death or serious problem, to shatter their placid, monotonous experience and makes them start to ask those searching questions about God / life / death etc. Obviously the times of pressure and grief, loss and pain that are happening now is going to cause a reaction in people… either they will be shocked, repent and draw nearer to God in the days to come or will rebel, curse, hate and blame God.
AFTER PRAYER, MAYBE TEARS OF REPENTANCE AND COMING TO THAT PLACE OF “STANDING” IN HIM…firm and unshakable in our Faith in His finished “work” on the cross… WE COME TO A PLACE OF SPIRITUAL PEACE…OF SWEET SURRENDER. By simply STOPPING all the winging, blaming, complaining, bargaining and controlling… we can say…“I put it into your Great Hands Father”…and believe His ministering  Angels are working… it seems to help us “let go and let God”. The Blessed Holy Spirit is our Comforter in all this struggle of the old carnal nature to give up and be guided into the place of “rest’ for our souls. Then we can move into PRAISE & WORSHIP & GIVING THANKS with a grateful heart… even Songs of Deliverance!
Please see Psalms chapters 63, 69, 91 and the AMAZING chapter 107 especially 26-30… that AFTER the times of confusion, struggling, anxiety, grief, suffering and despair… God answers our prayers and makes a way and delivers (OUT of the power and hopelessness of the “problem”)… by bringing us into our desired “Haven”… a place of spiritual peace and rest of mind and soul… like a quite bay to anchor in.“Then are they glad because they they be quiet, so He bringeth them unto their desired haven”
This is something that always helps me too… I think I read it somewhere… just to say to myself or others if they inquire about my “problem”  or need…”I have put it in God’s hands.” It seems a beautiful way to release our fears unto Him who cares so much for us and told us to cast all our cares and anxieties upon Him. It is a statement of Faith… a sort of “It is finished”. No one tells us how to do that exactly… and yet it is so simple… just bow or kneel with uplifted hands and say it…

“Heavenly Father I come to you in the Name of your Beloved Son about………….. (the problem and how you feel about it)

So now I put it into your great hands Father…

Thank you, praise you Lord… AMEN”

Perhaps you’d like to put “YOURSELF” into His Great Hands too?

(Blessings from Susan… a psalmist for the Lord)




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