The MESSIANIC PROPHECY BIBLE PROJECT – Proving to Israelis that Yeshua is their Messiah & the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

HOLY SPIRIT REVIVAL IN ISRAEL? Yes it is possible and in fact Yeshua has even supernaturally appeared to some Jews at the Wall! If you care about Israelis accepting Jesus / Yeshua as their Messiah… (as billions of Gentiles have thus far) then please pray for and donate something towards this amazing project to put a free Messianic Prophecy Bible in the hands of Israelis and Jews everywhere which will prove from their own scriptures that… Lord Yeshua is their Messiah… the Son of David… the long awaited MESSIAH OF ISRAEL!

This is surely of the LORD God’s doing at this time because after having restored Israel as a Nation in 1948, He wants to restore the people to the Faith  of Yeshua and bring them into the New Covenant. (Jeremiah 31) Now is the time… that in the Last Days… the eyes and ears and hearts of Israeli Jews will start to turn and accept His Son Jesus / Yeshua as their Messiah… “They will see him whom they pierced and wail for him as for an only son” Then they will receive the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit as the natural branches are grafted back into the Olive tree.

There has been such a consensus of opinion that Jesus was not a good Jew and is of “another” religion... (Christianity) that they have been blinded and disinterested in even considering Him! That’s where this new Bible comes in. As you will see in this video… so many are open to read it and see for themselves… otherwise they won’t have the information to see and believe.

There is still immense hostility towards Yeshua and Messianic Jews in Israel from the Ultra Orthodox Jews and Yeshiva students who study under the Rabbi’s and teach from the Talmud and aren’t exposed to the Bible prophecies as much. They won’t say His name and refer to Him as Yeshu, a derogatory term. Yet revival is happening… even though some won’t reveal yet who they follow… for fear of being cast out and rejected. As it was in Yeshua’s day.

The Jews who accept Yeshua as their Messiah are called Messianic Jews and suffer much abuse and even assault or worse? some fear death made to look like accidents. The High Court in Israel has ruled that a Messianic Jew is not a Jew… and they live in fear… under pressure to renounce Yeshua.There is a growing number of Messianic Jews and groups in Israel now. These Bibles could cause a strong ground movement among the general population rather than through the religious Jews.

A very famous Jewish Rabbi (and Kabbalist) Yitzhak Kaduri says he had visions and conversations with the Messiah and after he died he left a coded message with the Messiah’s Name as “Yeshua” yet his followers are still confused and say they do not know how he arrived at that name! He said the messiah will come after the death of Ariel Sharron… who is still sick and or in a coma. (I will put that video up separately)

Yeshua denounced the Pharisees of His day who rejected Him for the same reasons as most of today’s Ultra Orthodox Rabbis… they valued the oral teachings of men and put the Babylonian Talmud higher than the Word of YAHVEH so they judged Him according to their own interpretations. They believed the 70 Elders / Sanhedrin at the foot of Mt. Sinai received secret teaching which were better than what God gave Moses on the Mountain… yet Moses prophesied another prophet like Him would come whom they should listen to. Despite all the miracles that confirmed Yeshua was the Messiah… He was rejected and handed over to be murdered.Yet that was the Father’s will an plan of redemption which His Son agreed to accomplish through His death on the CROSS as the “Suffering Servant” of Isaiah’s prophecies.

Had the Pharisees and Scribes been humble and willing… they would have known from Bible prophecy that the Messiah was due to ride into Jerusalem on a colt and present Himself as the Messiah on exactly the day He did! ( get this pdf teaching… about what the Jewish Sages taught about Messiah from Bible prophecy… while you can   ) Some did know who He was and followed Him secretly out of fear of the religious Jews. The “Jewish Encyclopedia” says the Judaism of today is the follow on of the Pharisees religion.

YESHUA said He would not return to Israel until they accept Him as their Messiah and say…

Baruk Ha Ba Bashem Adonia… Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD

This video shows Israelis interviewed in the street are very open to look at the possibility of Yeshua being their Jewish Messiah… if they can read a free Messianic Prophecy Bible… PRAISE THE LORD!

Surely this is a real last days ministry which the LORD wants Christians to support… to bless His people… for Jews to be one with us and we to be one with them as the Bride of Messiah…I am sure when this Bible is released it will cause a mighty upheaval and disturbance for the Ultra orthodox usually reject those Jews who accept Yeshua claiming they are not Jews any more.

Persecution of Messianic Jews…

Founder Zev Isaacs explains how he went against all the best Rabbinic arguments against Yeshua being the Jewish Messiah and wants to bring forth the Messianic Prophecy Bible because most Jews are not reading their Bibles or studying the prophecies of Isaiah and Daniel etc! What a calling

How we got the compiled Bible and New testament translations…

ALSO… to see how afraid the Messianic Jews can be in Israel read the article on this website which starts with this…

QUOTE>>> In Israel there are very few Orthodox Jews who ever come to believe in Yeshua (Jesus). Our ministry received a call to speak with a Chassidic (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man) who is a Yeshiva teacher in the city of Bnei Brak (the most religious city in all of Israel). 

When I first began to write you this email today Rico, I put down his real name, his wife’s name, his wife’s father who is a famous rabbi in Israel, and the Yeshiva where he worked as a religious teacher –  but then realized how dangerous this would be, so for the sake of this email we will call him Levi.

We can not disclose the true identity of the man because this email that you are receiving Rico, is also read by people in the Israeli government and by Yad L’achim (an organization in Israel that persecutes Jewish Believers).  In the case of this man, his life and that of his children would be threatened because he was a religious teacher in the most religious city in Israel. Levi’s new faith is blasphemous to the people there… <<<


One response to “The MESSIANIC PROPHECY BIBLE PROJECT – Proving to Israelis that Yeshua is their Messiah & the Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

  1. I love all you are putting out there, Susan! It is why I don’t use the friend in Israel’s full name, just an initial. And when I e-mail her, I don’t use the name of Jesus, just to protect her or her name then either.
    God bless you and lead you on, to the glory of His name!
    love, deb


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