HOW TO WRITE TO PERSECUTED CHRISTIAN PRISONERS! A ministry of hope and encouragement.

Do you care about persecuted Christians? Here’s how you could have a very beautiful ministry writing to someone who is praying for the Lord to deliver them. It is SO easy to write to IMPRISONED CHRISTIANS around the world who are being mistreated, locked up for years or even life and tortured, physically, mentally, or placed in solitary confinement. There are untold numbers of both men and women. The Lord must be so real to them that they are willing to be prisoners or even martyrs for Jesus / Yeshua. What a price to pay… to be arrested and  imprisoned with little or no rights. Probably suffering physical discomfort, heat and cold and bad food as well without mercy.It is hard to comprehend. Remember Paul was whipped and imprisoned for years and other brothers and sisters came to visit him. He still had a ministry even in prison.He wrote letters and must have talked to his guards. He had to accept and deal with his situation and pray for the Lord’s strength.

Imagine how our persecuted brothers and sisters would treasure a letter and a small Christian card or bookmark or a photo of you or your family and to know there are Christians who care about what they are going through. In the Lord they are part of our family… the family of God. We have so much. Some imprisoned Christians may not even have a Bible… imagine how valuable a letter containing some scriptures would be to their faith. They would read them over and over every day. It would strengthen them.  (I’m not sure if a small tract / leaflet or booklet  is allowable but I suppose if it will go in an envelope it should be OK.) What about downloading a nice Christian graphic / art /picture off the internet of a cross or Biblical story of Christ or something  and printing it out on photo paper? Could be folded up if large?Maybe they could stick on their wall. It would help their faith so much.

The Holy Spirit can guide what to send and to who. Some mail may not be delivered but it is worth trying. One could keep a journal and copy of what one sends to whom and dates / replies etc. to keep track. The prisoner may not be able to write or afford to mail a letter back for years. It could be hard to get any reply translated! Is there anywhere on the internet one can scan or fax a letter and have someone do that for free? (If you have any suggestions I can put here about that then let me know.)

The cruelty and loneliness must be so hard. They are suffering for our faith in countries where being a Christian, having a home Bible study or speaking out about human rights or criticizing their Government or the ruling religion is a criminal offense. We have it so easy.

I came across this website today… called and found it is very easy to “write a letter” to a Christian in prison. First pray who to write to… look through the lists of “prisoners” and read their personal details. Click to send them a letter. You are taken to a list of PRE written lines and verses… that are very encouraging. Use about 6 ? and a couple of verses and another one like… “Thank you for suffering for Jesus”… They didn’t say anything about signing your name or giving your address. I suppose that is optional, at least a signature… for he / she may be able to write back and want to know your address. Then they say print it out and the translation in their particular language is also given for you. Make sure to cut off any computer print out at the bottom or top with the website address on it!  Their address is given to send it to… and that’s it! AMAZING. (To add an extra message in English you could copy and paste it to a Word type program and print it out from there?)

Be sure to read the article at the top of the page called “WRITING TO PRISONERS” …so that you know what to say or not to say as any criticism of their Government may make it worse for them. It is very important not to mention any organizations like Prisoner Alert of Voice of the Martyrs… again they could be accused of being connected with them or trying to make trouble. It is best if the letter looks like it is coming from an ordinary person. Guards will probably read them first… but that may touch them. Also they say if the authorities realize people from other countries are showing an interest and know what is happening to that person it may help their case.

They also advice what to do about families of the prisoners replying and asking for money… which is advised against.

This is an easy to do but wonderful ministry… especially for any Christians who want to pray for them as well as write letters. One would have to be prepared to write back if the “prisoner” replies as it would be so disappointing if they felt abandoned because you didn’t respond again. If the Lord lays it on your heart, you could make such a difference to one Christian in prison… or maybe many?

We can all do it now and again but I pray someone will take it up if the Lord leads them to after seeing this website ?????

QUOTE from the website…

You may select from the various phrases and Scripture verses we have provided. These will be translated in the appropriate language. We also encourage you to write a few simple lines in English. The prisoner or one of his or her cellmates may be able to understand it.

(NOTE: When writing additional lines, please do not state anything negative about their government.)

We also invite you to personalize your letter with a postcard or family photo. Attractive Christian greeting cards are especially cherished.


2 responses to “HOW TO WRITE TO PERSECUTED CHRISTIAN PRISONERS! A ministry of hope and encouragement.

  1. God bless you too Debbie… Blessings from Susan.


  2. Thank you, sweet Susan! I have done this through another organization called Open Doors. You have reminded me it’s time to do it again! 🙂
    God bless you as you make time to do for others and follow Jesus always!


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