HELL IS REAL – LISTEN to this AUDIO MESSAGE by MARY BAXTER – She went there with JESUS CHRIST to see and warn us!

THIS IS A LINK TO A WEBSITE where you can hear a free Audio message in Mary Baxter’s own voice… her testimony explaining, from her book, how Jesus / Yeshua appeared to her one night. She said he looked Jewish with a Jewish hair cut and about 6 ‘ 3″ with broad shoulders and He told her to come with Him. Immediately she went to Him yet her body was still lying in the bed next to her husband! This is called an OBE or out of body experience.

For the next 40 nights he took her into the horrific abodes of hell… to see, hear and smell the fate and screams of the damned… all because He had chosen her to speak and write and tell the world about these things… to warn them and show them the way NOT TO GO TO HELL. If we don’t know about it… and if we don’t call on Jesus Christ as our Savior right NOW then we shall surely go there forever. And I’m talking constant pain.You think you have pain, depression and stress now? This world is like Paradise compared.

Who knows when we will die from a sudden car accident? There is no end of life… no soul sleep… it’s here in the physical Universe or hell or heaven in the spiritual realm. We live in a visible dimension of matter but once our body dies our soul and spirit goes into another dimension. That dimension is aware of us but very seldom are we ever aware of it and those in it… that is not until straight after death as thousands have said after coming back from the other side.There are all sorts of stories going around… some are deceived by new age spirits that all is light and wonderful. Others meet Jesus Christ and go to heaven for a little while but are sent back to do something. Some feel heat burning them as they are dying and plead with doctors to save them. Some see angels or demons coming into their room to get them. Don’t you think this needs to be looked into?

According to Mary, Ian McCormack, Bill Weiss and many others… (see YouTube) HELL IS A NIGHTMARE that is real and there is no end and no way out… even with tears of repentance. No one else to help you, no money to pay or bride a way out. They’re all screaming too and still stuck with their sinful desires and behaviors. Completely alone and helpless with grotesque demonic hairy beings groping at you, pushing and ordering you around. Fire constantly BURNING and no water or ointment or comfy bed. It is beyond comprehension. How can flesh be burnt off constantly? It is surreal. How can one’s eyes be hollow if one doesn’t have a body?

She tries to explain a spiritual place that defies our concepts of what is normal… As Yeshua / Jesus said when He was on earth… there are “worms” there that don’t die either. I will let her describe all that. Remember what Mary is saying is not the same as being there. How could it be? But one has to accept it or not. Either it really happened to her or she is a liar. She is not the only one whom the Lord has taken there. See videos on Youtube yourself. Just Google “hell”. YOU have been warned and I pray anyone reading this who doesn’t trust Jesus as their Savior will pray for mercy and forgiveness and receive His Holy Spirit to dwell within them. It’s not just a matter of accepting Christ so you don’t go to hell… that is still self seeking behavior that won’t last because it won’t change you inside. It’s about feeling genuinely sorry for your sins against God and other people… then receiving His forgiveness, Love and Peace into your heart and a new nature of Righteousness. It’s about being forgiven and spiritually cleansed and starting a new Life!

(Most people probably only cry out to God for help and forgiveness when they are desperate and in need… and that’s OK. Better late than never. But the Holy Spirit of the Lord is always trying to “woo” us into a Love relationship with God… to be One with Him through His Son. It’s not all about everything being perfect and how we want it all the time. There are still problems as a Christian. Trials and tests of Faith… as an ongoing growth process… which needs our ongoing co-operation and faithfulness. But that’s a whole different subject)

In the spirit realm we have no control over ourselves as we do here on earth in physical bodies… It’s a prison.. there is no freedom… no pardons… no treats for being good. Mary said Jesus cried as they went through hell but even He couldn’t help anyone… He says “It’s too late… I tried,  I sent you warnings… you should have believed… you should have changed, it’s too late now” That is just how it is. What if you are thrown in there one day and remember reading this. PLEASE don’t scoff “The fool says in his heart there is no God” Listen to these audio messages right now and see what you think. Please pray to the Lord for mercy. I prayed today with tears for an old friend I used to try and witness to to be saved. Oh that she might arrive one day and say…  “I wanted you to know I have become a Christian!” Pray for those you know are not Christians. The truth that Hell is real and souls are right now suffering there is hard to believe in while we are walking around on earth. I know that… but don’t you sense deep down there could be something else after you die… a different level of existence? Don’t pretend it can only be good… or you’ll worry about it when it happens… or all your friends will be there. That’s not a wise attitude!

PLEASE open your heart to hear this eyewitness account of the horrors of souls in hell… even of Christians who fell away from their Faith and are so sorry now. There’s no truth in “once saved always saved”… or “I can do what I like and still go to heaven”. Multitudes are falling into hell constantly… a steady stream… hundreds, thousands… millions… billions. As fast as they’re dying here… about one per second?… most are going straight into that black hell hole. Worse than a nightmare because it is a real place, albeit in the spiritual realm. There are far more in hell that in heaven. Hell was made by the LORD GOD of Heaven and earth… for Satan and his rebellious angels. They and the false anti-Christ and his false prophet praising him up and making the world worship him… (who are still to appear on earth and bring in an evil Totalitarian World Government with control over humanity) will one day be thrown into that “Lake of Fire” But all humanity is headed there as well as punishment for being sinners UNLESS they repent and ask forgiveness for their sins.“All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”“The wages of sin is deathe but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ”

Once the Israelites were called and chosen to be a Holy Nation… created through Abraham and Sarah, their son Isaac and grandson Jacob (Israel) and his 12 sons. As God’s special people on earth they were given a way of forgiveness… a way to be His holy, set aside people…  by a special Priesthood YAHVEH set up. They had to sacrifice animals in the Holy Tabernacles set up by Moses and then in Jerusalem by David and Solomon. The blood was shed on “behalf” of the sinner. Since then  Yeshua was sent to make a New Covenant with the Houses of Judah and Israel.. by giving Himself as the sacrificial Lamb of God. As He prophesied the Temple came down in 70 AD and God did away with the animal sacrifices as the way of forgiveness. Now the Bible says… none of us, Jews or Gentiles have anything or any way of forgiveness or way into the Most High Father’s Holy Presence accept through Faith in His Beloved Son… who gave Himself ON THE CROSS at Golgotha, the “Place of the Scull”, as the blood sacrifice for our sins. YAH – SHUAH is our way of Salvation.

UNLESS we personally repent of our sins and ask Father God for forgiveness… we can’t go to where He dwells in Heaven… the ONLY other place is HELL. God has shown me this in the prophecy called “The Message of Love… a Call to God’s Throne in Heavenly Places ” (look under “Prophetic Words and Messages Susan has received” in the Categories section) that there is nothing else to chose from… there is no where else… only Heaven or hell and He appoints where to go! Those souls with un-confessed sin who haven’t been spiritually born again and filled with the HOLY SPIRIT cannot dwell in Heaven and would drop dead in God’s Presence anyway. “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living god” … but Yeshua promised that those who are pure in heart will see the face of His Father God… as their Father God!

To God there is a distinction between the holy and the unholy, the clean and the unclean… ONLY He can make us Holy… we cannot make ourselves acceptable to God by self works and efforts.  God is utterly Love, Light,  Holy and Righteous. He cannot stand sin which is rebellion against His Holy Love Laws that automatically operate in heaven. There is NO leaven of sin in Heaven. It was a covering Cherub called Lucifer / Satan who was supposed to be a humble, worshiping  servant of God, who rebelled and sinned by disobeying the 1st Commandment by NOT loving the LORD GOD with all his heart and mind and strength… but wanted to get all the praise and glory and sucked the human race into doing the same. Religious pride is the worst thing in God’s eyes.

The Heavenly Father loves us… He does not want anyone to perish. He sent Jesus/ Yeshua to die and go to hell for us… what more can they do… the rest is up to us. Each person is responsible for their own soul. Just think where YOU will be after you stop breathing. You will feel exactly the same yet without your physical body. You will wonder where you are and what’s happening and what is the feeling of evil around you. What is the encroaching darkness and sence of evil foreboding and the searing heat? What a shock as it gets worse! At what point would you realize where you are? It is a place of constant screaming. How dreadful!

The Good News is that there is a way out… an alternative dimension in the spirit world… called Heaven where God offers us a place to dwell with Him for all Eternity. It’s not a fairy tale it’s reality. Jesus taught about God, angels, Satan as real beings and the dwelling places in the spirit world where He had come from… heaven and hell… as FACTS. We cannot cut “hell” out of his teachings… or call Him a Liar.


This is the Link to Mary Baxter’s Audio… may it revive and bless your faith in our savior JESUS CHRIST… YESHUA THE MESSIAH OF ISRAEL

(*This is not the same woman called “Betty Baxter” who had a miraculous healing and Near Death Experience, NDE, in heaven from Jesus Christ)


3 responses to “HELL IS REAL – LISTEN to this AUDIO MESSAGE by MARY BAXTER – She went there with JESUS CHRIST to see and warn us!

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  2. Thank you Debbie for your comment… I am VERY concerned at the REALITY of all that is going on with humanity as a whole… and the end results here and in the hereafter. I feel stirred up to YELL but know it’s like in the days before the flood… most will just laugh at me. Nevertheless we have to WARN anyway.
    ONLY WHEN PEOPLE ARE DESPERATE AND UPSET MIGHT THEY LISTEN… even if it’s too late… as those who find themselves in hell do!
    Only Christians have the answers to what is happening… and why the uprising and anarchy that is for America soon is all part of Satan’s plan to change the world monetary system. People turn on each other as ferals and bite and devour each other at any excuse when under pressure. Americans are under enormous pressure. Many living in camper homes on the streets. No hope. Going broke and hungry. I feel it… man’s sin.. arrogance, rejection of Christianity, embracing immoral and indecent values… and God’s Righteous anger and judgement on America is ripe. “Come out of her my people” Prepare or move away from America if possible. She who said she was rich and increased with goods is falling. The Dragon is rising. China? Blessings and love, Susan


  3. I read a book or too about this, stories like Mary’s. Thank you for sharing it and doing all you can to convince that it isn’t a joke. I can’t stand to think of anyone being there or going there. Thank you for renewing the urgency to share the truth to as many as I can!
    love , deb


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