PROPHETIC WORD from the Lord – encouragement for His Bride & this website

I want to share this precious Word I was given recently by the Gift of Prophecy that those who are the worshippers of  YAHWEH are the RESTORATION of the Tabernacle of David and they are prepared to follow Him as the “mystery of iniquity” is worked out on earth in the future. This Word is not just for me and my ministry on the internet but for all of us who love the Father and His Son Yeshua / Jesus. The work is the same… to share our faith and build up the Body of Messiah / the Bride of Christ into wisdom and maturity by the Giftings of the Holy Ruach Spirit. I was praying and was inspired by the Holy Spirit to stand up, lift up my hands and start praising and declaring what He was saying… so wrote it down as I did…

Holy is He – Holy is He & Greatly to be Praised –
& He is raising up a people  of praise
& He is raising up a people of power
a people who know their God!
Halleluyah – a people who truly Love Him – from the depths of their hearts – a people who have been tried in the fire of affliction – who have been tested & proven in their faith – who have come forth as pure gold –
Halleluyah – Praise His Name –
The Lord Liveth & Blessed be our Rock & let the God of our Salvation be exalted –

Then the Holy Spirit of Prophecy started to bring forth the Word of the Lord to me…(see below) I humbly share just as given… what He wants to do in the earth with His Precious Bride… and some personal advice about bringing forth this and other websites. He truly has already putting many of my posts on the big search engines first few pages sometimes an hour after posting! I have battled the world, the flesh and the devil to get this far so appreciate prayers of support to release more prophecies and songs of the Lord to the Body. May you be encouraged… for my heart’s desire is to help do that! Time is short… be seeking Yeshua / Jesus… dedicating yourself to whatever work the Father has called you to do… if not He will raise up someone else.

I don’t want to be ashamed at His coming… it’s all for His Glory! I am just a servant… a handmaiden of the Lord and I have wasted so much time. Father please forgive me… stir me up to do more while we have the freedom… for the night is coming on fast. We are in a war for our souls… the earth and humanity are heaving, groaning and will be desperate as they see worse things coming upon the earth. The “mystery of iniquity” is working, though still held back by God from full manifestation and Satan’s servants who control humans and Government through lending them MONEY $$$$ that can’t be paid back… plan to wreck nations financialy, buy up all the earth’s resources and corporations, (like Monsanto seeds and food production etc), create fear about “terrorists”, divide and control Israel, establish World / Global Government, brand and control all citizens with their seal / mark / acount number and kill those who won’t oblige.

Our Elohim YAHWEH is already judging with DAILY earthquakes, tornadoes  and all manner of signs of the last days. They are warning to repent of sin. How many notice? The rich and powerful will hide in their underground bunkers / dens as in Rev.6:12-17. The Most High Elohim has His plans and all this is being allowed to fulfill His Divine purposes and dealing with the Heavenly rebellion of Lucifer!… so do not fear. (Ephesians 3:10-11 Halleluyah.We have not been given to the “wrath of the one who sits on the throne and from the Lamb”… but to ultimately rule and reign at His side. So I encourage you to be faithful with eyes only for our Beloved Lord Jesus / Yeshua… pray…“Not my will but yours be done”… and do it!)

  • (At Tabernacles /Rosh Hashanah in September – Oct. 2011 the UN was pressurring Israel to make a “Peace Covenant” with the Palestinians. In 2014 it continues with attemps to make Palestine a state. This entails dividing the land in favor of Arabs who worship Allah. This will cause the Lord’s anger and even more worldwide weather catastrophies as His WARNING, especially in America! I’m not saying the “Rapture” is soon for we haven’t seen “the man of sin” revealed yet who will exalt himself above all that is called god… claiming that he is god by sitting in the re-built Jewish Temple. 11 Thess.2 When a mutual  agreement is reached (or a war?)  the religious Jews and those who provide the money etc. can establish a Temple on the Temple Mount very quickly as so much has already been prepared. Daniel chapter 9 says “he” will make a 7 year covenant… which probably will also be the start of the 7 Trumpets of Judgement on the earth as prophesied in the  Book of Revelation. WAKE UP AND BE READY BRIDE OF MESSIAH!)



For this is the restoration of the Tabernacle of David – a people who will sing my praises – who walk in the power of my Spirit of Truth – a people being made RADIANT with my Glory – my Love & My Power! A people of Spirit – of courage in the face of the impossible – treading a way they know not – a way they have not gone before –
But a people who know their God  – who trust in Him & can do great exploits in His Name – for they are aware of their own weakness & failings but are determined like Yeshuah who set His face towards Jerusalem – to do the Father’s will –
A people who will not be daunted by the scoffers & mockers & those who don’t understand – or care less –
A people who are empowered through prayer & Faith to keep going with their vision – for it is not their own – else they would give it up!
But it is my Spirit’s Vision within them – to will & to do of His Good Pleasure within them –
To do the Father’s work within them
So do not be afraid my people – do not look to the right or the left or behind you for the “good old days” but keep looking straight ahead – set your heart on me alone – keep your eyes on the goal post – the prize of your High Calling in Christ Yeshuah – the Messiah of Israel –

For He has prepared you for such a time as this – to bring forth your heart’s desire with the pen of a ready writer – to speak of Him through the website – to speak of your love for Him – to share your love songs for Him & many will be challenged in this hour – many will be saved & brought to a knowledge of the Holy One & the Joy of following Him
I recognize your struggle dear one – I have waited patiently while you have sought to apply yourself – I have seen your pain & frustration & I am alongside you now to help you reach that goal – to present your website to me for the Father’s Glory – to bring many souls into Glory – to help prepare my bride in the earth for the advent of my coming in Glory – when your faces will shine – when when your bodies will be changed & glorified to be like my body – A GLORIOUS RESURRECTION Body – & all the chains shall fall off –
Everything of the old carnal nature shall be no more – only Glory & Power –
Only to be raised & seated with me in Heavenly places as you already possess it by your FAITH –
And your faith is the substance of things hoped for – the reality will come – for I will come & receive you unto myself as I promised my disciples so long ago – The Father waits so that more shall be saved – more shall return & come into His Glorious Kingdom of Light & Joy
The Father’s Heart is heavy to see so many of His children so unprepared – so nonchalant about the times they are living in –
They need the LIGHT of your website – a guiding Light – as the Lighthouse ministry it shall be for those who are floundering in the waves of denominationalism – the delusion of the church as it is presented to the gullible – for those who can’t swim & are going under with no one to help them they will look to the internet for counsel & advise – for wisdom & guidance as to what they should believe in –
Tell them to believe in me, to trust in me – give them Hope & Encouragement in simple words such as these – That’s what they long to hear – to have someone CONFIRM their faith – to strengthen their knees – to lift them up out of the rough rocks & draw them into a safe place – a Haven of Peace – a place to pause & reflect on my Love & all I have done for them –
There is an urgency – but do not become flustered or disturbed – just come to me & I will surely prepare the table before you – filling it with all the Good things you have already written & thought about. So much to encourage other souls –
It is in MY HANDS –
Do not be afraid – it shall come forth – & go forth in my power –
My Spirit will supervise the search engines – & guide it through for my purposes.
Just be faithful to me – love me – work with me – talk to me – I admire your tenacity to stick at it – day after day – but now it must come into ORDER – Ask me to breathe upon it … to bring that ORDER out of CHAOS – to produce the good fruit from your efforts –
All is in my hands – my plans are being worked out for you & your friends & your husbands & families –
It is not my will to break families up but to unite them according to their faith – even when one in a family is faithful & strong in their faith – it sets a precedent to the others –
Bless them – Love them dearly – kiss them for me!
Love from your Lord & friend Y’shuah


Praise the LORD GOD our Heavenly Father of Mercy and Grace… may He bless you all,  from the Lord’s Psalmist Susan… (Qld. Australia…





2 responses to “PROPHETIC WORD from the Lord – encouragement for His Bride & this website

  1. Thank you Deb for your continual encouragement… My Angel… without you this may not have happened… hope you do realize the Lord uses you?
    May you too never tire of speaking about your Beloved one to encourage others on your sweet daily Blog. When we feel we can not do any more.. we rest… and pray and cry and go on in His strength. Souls matter to Jesus. He cries over us.
    Love Susan.


  2. Thank you Susan for your faithfulness and willingness to listen and obey, to share and to pray! God bless you and give you even more strength to carry out your work!
    love, deb


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