PROPHECY – Receive the Holy Spirit – be at Peace – don’t look back –

The Holy Spirit is saying…

Receive His Spirit and be at Peace… Behold He is making everything New… the former things shall not even be remembered any more… your struggles, your pain… all is a sweet  incense of love to me that you have offered up… your tears are in my vials and I shall hold you and reward you for all your efforts of Love for me.  Be not afraid my children, I Am your Father and your Savior, I Am your everything. See this and be glad!  Let go of the things of this earth. Love is all that matters now… see Me in everything you do… in all those I have put around you… open your eyes and I will anoint them with Living eye salve!  I bless you my children… children of the Most High God… This is your identity now… realize it… get a Revelation of it and be glad!  Don’t look back at the onions and the leeks but look ahead to the future… look ahead to the Joy that is set before you… Look forward to your Heavenly Reward, to be with me your Lord and Master forever more  Amen.

Love from my darling Silver Persian “Angel”



6 responses to “PROPHECY – Receive the Holy Spirit – be at Peace – don’t look back –

  1. Thank you for coming Deb… faithful one of the Lord… my encourager!
    Love from Susan


  2. Many blessings to you Paulette… and let’s move out even more in the powerful, prophetic anointing of the Lion of Judah… with no fear! Gentle as lambs and pussy cats but wise as serpents!


  3. Thank you , sweet Susan , for passing on His word for us today! God bless you as you continue to witness to His glory.
    love, deb
    p.s. please scratch Angel behind the ears for me! 🙂


  4. Amen. Thank you Susan. God bless!



  5. That was a very quick response Audwin! I’m so glad you are open to the Lord’s Spirit of Love.. .”Love is all that matters now”…:… Amein!
    Blessings from Susan.


  6. Amein. Holy Spirit, I receive your Word!!!


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