Psalmist Susan – Holy, Holy, El Shaddai –

From my “Celestial Revelations” Youtube channel… I love singing of God’s Holiness… and the Angels cry Holy… and your people cry Holy! Just a spontaneous song to test the microphone and camera. Sorry sound is out of sync!


4 responses to “Psalmist Susan – Holy, Holy, El Shaddai –

  1. Where would I be without you Deb?…still umming and ahhing no doubt.
    It is I who needs to thank you for your many loving comments. You are a female Barnabus… an encourager of the bretheren. Godly praise is like fertilizer to a plant… it may be able to do without it.. but it sure helps to bring on more growth! You have surely helped me…
    Love from Susan.


  2. I am glad you came too! Praise the LORD… Holy One of Israel and His Beloved Son Yeshua…
    I had actually seen your comment over at Deb’s Blog today and looked up your profile. Let’s keep in touch sister.
    Blessings from Susan.


  3. Hello Susan,

    Surely our God is holy! There is none like Him! He is El Shaddi, God Almighty! I give Him praise, glory, and honor! He alone is worthy, bless His holy and righteous name!

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m glad I visited your site! God bless you!



  4. Susan . . thank you so much! I’m crying just because of His witness in you. It is strong and beautiful. God bless you as you obey and follow Him.
    love, deb


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