VIDEOS – Persecution for Christians witnessing in India, attacks and church burning

Radical Hindu groups in India oppose the spread of Christianity as they want to make India a Hindu country. They are particularly angry as the Daliths (the “Untouchables” caste whom they treat like dirt and make to do all their their dirty and undesirable jobs) are converting to Christ and the love and acceptance of Christians and being told they are worthy Children of God… whereas the Hindus give them absolutely nothing to live for. Their religion offers them nothing but the doom of reincarnation. They are very poor and cannot drink out of the same tap. Their lives are a misery.

We can understand the resentment against Christian missionaries in “their” country but Christ commanded us to take His Gospel into all the world. Should we leave them alone to be polite and not offend? No, they are lost in the darkness of this Satanic religion. The true LORD God of Israel… is our Loving Heavenly Father and not one of the millions of Hindu deities or ugly idols and statues that millions bow down to.

Looking at just these few videos… we see the courage of Christians in the face of persecution, even unto death. How would the average Western Christian who has freedom of religion, cope with this? Hundreds of Christians are being verbally abused, mutilated, tortured and murdered every day. How long before growing anti-Christ hate attacks on individuals and church buildings happen all over the world?

See other videos in this Category on Christian persecution, (coming!) about how Christian freedoms and moral standards are eroding away as things like laws about prayer in schools and gay relationships and marriages have changed. Christianity is being de-valued, even in so-called Christian countries, due to the influx of other religions and the growing secular godlessness and consumer / entertainment orientated  lifestyles.

We live amongst a majority of untaught “unbelievers” born of unbelieving parents who… if asked, would denigrate Christianity as old fashioned and irrelevant to their lives and some would even state the world would be better off without us. (What a demonic viewpoint that is… that they would be better off without people who don’t steal, kill, lie, commit adultery etc? Mhhh.. so they would prefer to live amongst theives,murderers and people with no moral values? This is the spirit of anti-Christ in the world)

The Hindu and Muslim religions are perhaps the religions most opposed to Christianity. They also practice murder, wars, massacres, persecution and internal fighting within or against their own sects, militia groups and caste systems which run the whole gamut from shooting, stoning, burnings and infanticide to be-headings and amputations. We should not be surprised to see these attitudes spill over against Christians in their midst as well. At least we do not see violence from Buddhists because that is against their teachings!

There is shocking persecution against Christians by some Muslim fundamentalists! I will also put up links to videos about Christian persecution in China and elsewhere soon.

Even Israel is unfortunately not without it’s religious radicals and fanatics who try to control other people’s rights to free will. There are some Ultra Orthodox Jews strongly opposed to Yeshua / Jesus,  Christianity / and Gentiles in general. They are even against Jewish converts who become Messianic Jews (believing in Yeshua as their Jewish Messiah) but whom they call traitors to “Judaism”. There is also Israeli Police brutality against their own people at times, Rabbis and settlers etc. who will not obey orders, not to mention the callous treatment at times, by some of the I.D.F. soldiers against Palestinians civilians. (look up the “refusenicks”… Israeli soldiers, men and women,  who have refused to obey orders which meant mistreatment of Palestinians and have been put in prison for their stance. This is not to criticize the majority of the IDF but some Jews have been influenced by hateful, superior teachings from the Talmud and that obviously effects their attitudes in positions of power.)

“Blessed are the peacemakers” Lord Yeshua NEVER taught his followers any kind of violence… only that forgiveness, love and goodwill be practiced between them and out to others in the world as an example of Godly living and attitudes…. that they might know us by our Love. The eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth has been superseded by “Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you”… go the extra mile etc. Only God is the judge and rewarder of Good and evil.

This is an article you may like to read…

VIDEO LINKS: There are many more Youtube Videos listed on the side bars… some are older but the situation is probably much the same. Please send me any other more recent Links! So let us pray for our precious brothers and sisters in India to be the True Lights in their world and to be given courage and Angelic protection against their oppressors in Jesus Name!

The Reality for Christians in India

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Ethnic Cleansing by RSS of Christians

Hindu Extremists Burn to Death Christian Priest and his family

Persecution in India  (showing Messiah’s Bride as Indian Christians in a Church service take Communion and little children sing about Jesus)



2 responses to “VIDEOS – Persecution for Christians witnessing in India, attacks and church burning

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your well written article. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you so much for sharing about the persecuted church. There is something so compelling about the untouchables coming to Christ. It makes me cry.
    I support Open Doors, an organization that helps those persecuted around the world. They have helped open my eyes to more of what is happening . . .and my heart.
    God bless you as you continue in your work with Him!
    love, deb


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