PROPHECY…a Word on Spiritual Marriage… drawing aside into the prayer closet with Yeshua

How is Lord Yeshua / Jesus Christ going to prepare His Beloved Ones… the Bride of Christ…whom He has redeemed from all nations?

We, all the men, women and children who love Him as our Lord, Savior, Friend and Spiritual Husband … need to talk to Him! Are we longing for His coming? To see and be with Him forever? Unless we yield ourselves we will not hear His Voice… and our hearts will not feel right. Are we too busy or secretly rebelling… are we afraid? He says break this fear of intimacy, which may be effecting our natural marriages as well, with prayer. We have learned to “guard” and protect ourselves because of past hurts and rejections so it is hard to trust another. But the Lord wants to BE our Guard and Protector, as a Perfect Father and Husband should be to us. When we are ready… He is waiting…

It is a pleasant thing… not to be dreaded… for I will cover you with my mantle of glory and my spirit will simply “OVERSHADOW” you… There was no taking of her liberty, but a deep impartation of my word into the depth of her spirit…

He says we need to come aside…  alone with Him and let His Spirit “come upon us”… as when the Holy Spirit came upon the virgin Mary… this is not of the body but of the Spirit… the willing yielding of our selves to God in Love. His Love makes us One in the Spirit… Echad… One with the Godhead as Elohim…the  Bene Ha Elohim, the Sons of God.


My spirit is beginning to move on many in this land… calling them aside into that “bedroom” experience with me. Yet many do not know how to respond to me… or what it is I require of them.

As in the natural, so in the spirit says the Lord!

But I would say unto my people that all I require of them is their co-operation – and their availability unto me. “The Lord loveth a cheerful giver (11 Cor. 9:7)… and so it is in the prayer closet. I love to draw aside with those who long to draw aside with me. Not unwillingly but desirous of being with me. Not timid… but willing to make the first move… daring even to call me to their side!

These are the ones I long to be with… those who will openly share themselves with me. Holding nothing back.

For a spiritual “frigidity” has so taken hold of my “body” that she cannot respond to my touch. I say – break this in prayer! First in the natural and then in the spiritual!

For until my bride – my body, will trust me in this way – with complete surrender and trust in my wishes, I cannot do that complete work in her. There must come a consummation of our marriage says the Lord.

Sweet surrender to me, her Lord of glory. She is called to be my Queen – to sit beside me on the throne of the universe and still she persists in all her other pursuits. Making excuses why she cannot be with me.

For fear still holds my body from the true knowledge of my ways – but I desire to show them unto you says the Lord…

Trust… let go of fear – resist it in my name and I will truly bring you forth, out of that closet as a TRANSFORMED WOMAN. As a mature son of God… who has tasted of the good things of the Lord.

There is not so much a “putting off” that is required of you, to come in unto me – so much as a “putting on”, which I will do for you. For I have prepared our marriage bed, says the Lord – with spices and aloes. That place of our union in spirit. It is a pleasant thing… not to be dreaded. So fear not to be exposed… for I will cover you with my mantle of glory and my spirit will simply “OVERSHADOW” you… as He did when He came upon the virgin Mary.

(Luke 1:34-35… “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee, therefore also , that holy thing that shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God”)

There was no taking of her liberty, but a deep impartation of my word into the depth of her spirit. Such was her joy… that she cried, “My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour.” (Luke 1:46-47)

And the “outworking” of this joy – this sword (of my word within)… will divide your soul and spirit, preparing you for my coming – to be revealed at the last time. (1 Peter 1:5)


All praise to God our Father for His Mercy and Kindness… through His Beloved Son and His Holy Ruach Spirit!… Come soon Messiah, we’re waiting for you… Blessings from Susan… a psalmist for the Lord…


4 responses to “PROPHECY…a Word on Spiritual Marriage… drawing aside into the prayer closet with Yeshua

  1. You are so blessed and a blessing to me already! A wise virgin… a beautiful Bride of Yeshua because you love Him. What better definition is there of who the Bride is but those who love Him? Men, women, children, Jew or Gentile. Such Glory yet to come. We have hardly begun. Love from Susan.


  2. Wisevirgin3d3n

    Refreshing and exhilarating are your words springing forth from a deep well inside of you Susan. I believe the (soul) is like a well where the “Living Water” the “Spirit” of the Living God resides. When I feel His Spirit come over me or overshadow me…I get an incredible feeling of His power, authority, humility, and skin is electric..chill bumps and hairs stand on end! Thank you for reminding me how deep the love of Christ is for His bride. And how deep mine should be for Him.


  3. Thank you precious friend…the Holy Spirit anointed me quite strongly as I put this one up today. May it go forth in Yeshua’s Holy Name, wherever He wants. We have to be doers of the Word not hearers only. This means me too. Very challenging. Blessings Susan.


  4. Thank you so much, Susan, for your faithfulness to receive His word and then your obedience to share it with the body! I know that this is not an easy thing or a light thing that you do, in His name. Praying with you for all He desires!
    God bless you and keep you encouraged!
    love, deb


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