PROPHECY for the Bride of Messiah… from the Holy One of Israel

Prophecy for the Beloved Bride of Messiah…. a faithful remnant who will pray for the Peace of Jerusalem…

I will have a Holy People unto myself in this last day says the LORD – A people whom I have brought through the fire of their soul’s affliction – who grieve for the pain & sin of the world – A people of FAITH & HOPE who look for a New world of Love & peace on earth – of goodwill towards their neighbor. War & terror will end when the Messiah appears. He will put an end to pain & suffering for man & beast alike –

He will make even enemies to be at peace with each other – to love & consider each other – to see each other with New eyes – as brothers & sisters in the Law of the LORD.

Don’t be dismayed at the state of the world. All is moving according to my plans says the Holy One of Israel – I WILL be magnified in this day – in Israel & elsewhere – I am calling forth a faithful Remnant who will PRAY for the Peace of Jerusalem – & then there shall be peace in the world – For Jerusalem is the apple of my eye – Do not touch it with an evil eye – for those who curse Israel – shall be cursed & those who love & bless her shall be blessed & rewarded – even with life ever more.

The adversary has planned to bring reproach on my people Israel & her good name – See through this – see my plans for Israel – & Her Restoration in Glory – She shall be the praise of the whole earth – There shall be great REVIVAL there soon – & joy in her streets as their eyes & hearts are opened & my Holy Spirit fills their hearts – Pray for this – THAT THEY MAY RECEIVE what you have been given –

The JOY of the LORD is your strength – So stand firm in me your LORD & Savior – YESHUAH – Let none take your crown of rejoicing – your inheritance in the things to come – Abide in me & my WORD & you will not be deceived in the days to come. I will bring all my people through the Fire – the testing of their faith in me & I will make them to stand WITH ME on Mt. Zion in that day when I come for my Holy set aside people.

This is the Word of the LORD to your heart – share it on my website – I am calling my people into my BRIDAL CHAMBER OF LOVE – Prepare your hearts for me & do not be distracted & perturbed by what the enemy is doing, His deeds are UGLY & DARK & OBVIOUS for all to see – But I am protecting my Faithful people. Those who have a heart after me & a heart after MY LAND & MY people ISRAEL. That Faithful REMNANT who know my voice & hear my CALLING INTO PEACE & VICTORY –

Be at Peace my Beloved people – My Dove – My Bride – I love you so intensely – so intently – your concerns are my concerns – TRUST in me with all your Heart & I will bring you forth as GOLD TRIED IN THE FIRE!

Yahshuah Ha Mashiach! AMEN

I AM he that liveth & was dead & behold I Am alive forever more Amen – & I have the keys of hell & of death

End of Word.


This was received during prayer, worship and Bible study in 2007… yet is even more relevant now. May it bless those who wish to receive it.

Please share to encourage others who are the faithful,  remnant, Bride of Yeshua… the Body of Christ… the Great Nation of Israel by birth or spiritual adoption… the LORD’S Flock who are coming home to the Good Shepherd of our souls!

Love from Susan… Prophetic psalmist ministry, Queensland, Australia,


2 responses to “PROPHECY for the Bride of Messiah… from the Holy One of Israel

  1. God bless and keep you too Barbee… thank you so much.Susan


  2. God bless you for this beautiful prayer 🙂


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