PROPHECY re YHWH’s Love for Israel, Bride, Church, Jerusalem, Zion, Return, Restoration, Jews & Gentiles

By the Spirit of prophecy…

Yea says the Lord, I will defend Israel – my heritage in the last hour when all nations shall come against her – as it is written by my servant that her warfare is complete & she shall surely be established in the tops of the mountains as a mighty nation – a righteous nation – as a light set on a hill shall she be – & the fear & the dread of all nations shall be because of her & her worship of the Holy One –

She shall be the apple of my eye in that day & those who speak against her shall be put to shame – for they blaspheme!
To speak against Israel is to speak against her Lord & G-d.

Those who don’t identify with Israel are not my people – no matter what they call themselves. They are arrogant & ignorant of my will & purposes for Israel, for here – in Israel is where all MY hopes & dreams are centered for peace on earth – here is where I have desired to abode on earth! Have I not said this before?
The fact that my spiritual presence – departed from the Temple when Jesus died on the cross was only to be for a time – for soon I shall again return in glory & abide in my Temple – on the Temple Mount.  My love for Israel knows no bounds – it is stronger than death – nothing that Israel has done can turn me against her – I am her husband – Even though she has gone astray – even though she rejected my only Son – yet I shall show favor to her once again – again I shall call her home to me with cords of loving kindness – Nothing shall hinder my will from being done in this hour – says the Lord. This is my family, my wife, my child – I am her Father & spiritual husband.

She has been in bondage so long – you cannot possibly know what I have seen – the grief – the pain of all the years –
The longing for Zion. The drawing in their hearts by my spirit. Let NONE in Christendom say the Jews are not saved nor despise them as a race or individual people.
But let them come & learn of THEM!
Let them stand with my people in this hour.
Let the walls of hatred & division be broken down between Jews & Christians as they see that they are both my people – I am their G-d & Jesus is their Messiah.
You each have a different purpose – the CHURCH  is my Beloved but Israel is my chosen, my 1 st born – Despise her not – for you shall all be one in that day when I come to take my chosen away –

(my note: they are His faithful remnant who are waiting & prepared by the Holy Spirit at that time)

& there shall be wars & famines & pestilence as I said until the DAY OF REDEMPTION when I come back with power & great Glory in the clouds of Heaven & I will set up a Kingdom on earth that shall never end – I will be magnified in Israel  in that day & my Church shall see me & understand why I have called them into my fold – to be my sheep – my Beloved ones – for it is by my grace that I have reached out to the gentile nations & called them into my people Israel – to set an example to them – to even make them jealous!
Remember my will is for all who love me – to be as one – one in their love for me!

This is the crying need of the hour – for Christians to reach out to the Jews & share their faith in their G-d & proclaim that Yahshuah is their Messiah. For now is the time – & time is growing short unto my coming for my BRIDE – all those from Jewry & Christendom who are waiting for me! Yes! Now you see the Bride is made up of both Jew & Gentiles! Those who have called upon my name YAHWEH. Those who trust in ME for their SALVATION. There will be Jews in the resurrection – there will be Jews in the Bride – for the promises were given to them FIRST – It is the Gentiles who have come in last – & are still coming in!

The eyes of the Jews – the Houses of Judah & Israel, will increasingly be opened as they see you – the gentiles – proclaiming the Messiah to them – for this is what they long for & cannot see clearly – That I have already come to them as their savior & will yet come to them as a Nation to be their King in the last days – & then all nations shall come up TO ME at Jerusalem as Isaiah said – to be taught of the Lord –

For there shall be no night there in the city for I will be the Light of it – & you shall go in & out & find pasture in my presence says the LORD for I am the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep – & I will truly lead them to living springs of water – for water shall go out of Jerusalem in the last days – a Holy Stream of Love & Wisdom – & many shall drink of it & say Come let us go up to the mountain of the LORD – & He will teach us of His ways – for this is life to the soul – even the WORDS of the LORD – words which the Jews have kept alive for many years – & now it is time for them to come alive to it – to flow with it – to return to the LORD & the Land – as many are doing – This is not to be scoffed at & judged as a mere fantasy – though many get disillusioned when they arrive for things are not as thy expect or anticipate. Still I would ask my people to see with the EYES OF FAITH. See that you have been brought here for such a time as this – to be a part of this! To be a participator in the greatest EXODUS of my people from all the lands that they were driven to.

They are not HEARING my voice! My calling to come home. THAT IS THEIR PROPHETIC CALLING so say not that they “don’t have a prophetic mandate to return to their land” Judge not whether they have repented or not. That is a personal issue between each soul & me says the LORD – Judge not that you be not judged. Take the log out of YOUR eye before you pick at the speck in your brother’s eye – THEN & ONLY THEN – when you have thoroughly grieved for & repented of your OWN sins – you may be used of the LORD to KINDLY help others to see their own sins. But forcing & judging others is only religious vanity & pride. How do you know how others are thinking? I alone know the thoughts of the heart – & that is what I judge by says the LORD

The “Father” is your common denominator… YHWH is my Name… worship me & leave the outworking of Jew & Gentile to me – some believe – some don’t



Blessings from Susan /prophetic psalmist, Qld. Australia.

Please share this as you are led… even to unbelievers… for God is speaking to His people… and will even speak to the hearts of unbelief by the Word of Prophecy from His Holy Spirit! All prophecy should be tested but not despised.

(Note: this prophecy, like any others, are not to be taken as doctrine, so please discern against the revealed scriptures. It is one of quite a few I have received, by the Gift of Prophecy from the Holy Spirit during times of Bible study, prayer and worship over many years. Some, like this focus very much on the Bride of Messiah, Israel, the Church, Jews and Gentiles. It is still an unfolding revelation to me especially as I started to seek God’s will about  bringing forth the website.

 I have struggled about publishing them but I must finally obey the Holy Spirit. If they are truly of the Lord then I pray they will bless someone?)



One response to “PROPHECY re YHWH’s Love for Israel, Bride, Church, Jerusalem, Zion, Return, Restoration, Jews & Gentiles

  1. I loved the picture added to this! Thank you for being faithful to the call He has put on your heart!
    love and prayers,


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